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I am an inspiration speaker, author, wife, mother, friend, volunteer and observer of life. Welcome to the second edition of my monthly newsletter.  Every month I will let you know what's happening with me, share information I think you'll enjoy, give you opportunities to contribute to the newsletter and win copies of my books in i-book format.

This month I had the opportunity to visit with some good friends and reminisce about adventures we'd shared. I'd love to hear about some of your favourite memories with friends.Pictures of your adventure with a few lines of description are also appreciated.  One or two will be chosen to go in the next newsletter.  Send them to by September 10th.

Each month I'll let you know about some wonderful Canadian authors. 

Refer a friend to this newsletter.  Both of you will be entered into a draw for one of my books in e-book format.

This month's quote: "Life has taught me so many lessons, it's hard to decide which one is of the greatest value, but one of the most important is this: Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself."  ~ Liberace, Pianist ~

My August schedule took me to Surrey, BC where I enjoyed doing a book reading for the residents of Clayton Care Home. In the picture above I'm reading to one of my favourite people, my Aunt Evelyn.

September 23rd at 7 pm I will be doing a book reading and discussion at Good Earth Coffehouse in Airdrie.  This is part of a 16 day celebration of the arts known as Artember. All are welcome!

September 24-26 I will be attending the InScribe Christian Writer's conference in Edmonton.

The evening of September 26 I will be doing a book reading and discussion in Edmonton.  If you are interested in attending, please email me at for details.
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Bits and Pieces

I have been to several of these retreats and highly recommend them.
Healing Hearts Retreats for women will recharge and refresh you, and will give you insight about yourself, so that you can be an even better YOU!  Visit today for more information or to register.  Give yourself a gift!

This months featured Canadian Author is Ann Edall-Robson.  Ann's book  Moon Rising was released last December.
Through photographs, verse, insightful musings, anecdotes, and short stories, Moon Rising takes a luxuriant ramble over a broad range of human emotions, evoking lightning bolts of empathy and recognition. 

You can connect with Ann and find out more about her work at

My mother listened to music on a gramophone.  My grandchildren listen to music on grandma's phone!

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Last month I asked you to share a summer memory.  The one being shared this month comes from Ann Edall-Robson.  Ann is  an author and photographer.  One of her photos graces the cover of my book Inspirations From the Everyday.  After you read her words, take another look at the picture above!

Up early to watch the sun warm the meadows and mountains, is the best part of the day. In the early morning light, the sound of birds from the pond and beyond starts to fill the air.
Watching cattle feeding their calves, softly talking to each other as they move lazily through the tall grass. 
It’s times like these that are inspiring and often create awe-struck moments that embed themselves in the mind. 
Thoughts come easy during this quiet part of the day; and, visitors making their way along the tree-line are a welcome surprise to the morning. 

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