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ASI News - July 2022

Latest ASI Chain of Custody data indicates significant increase in CoC Material Flow year on year


In data collected from ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Certified Entities, ASI continues to record an increase in volumes of ASI CoC Material along the full value chain with substantial increase downstream. In 2021, flows of CoC Material (ASI Bauxite, ASI Alumina and ASI Aluminium) and Eligible scrap accounted for almost 20% of total global bauxite and alumina supply, 6% of primary aluminium, 1% of semi-fabricated products, and 2% of pre- and post-consumer scrap. Less than 1% of the aluminium in finished goods was ASI Aluminium.

This data, representing the third year of data collection, showed an increase in volumes of CoC Material moving through the value chain and the number of CoC Certified Entities reporting. Previous years’ data showed around 50% attrition of CoC Material at each successive supply chain activity. However, in 2021, the “loss” of CoC Material flowing to non-certified Entities at each supply chain activity has decreased. While CoC Certified Bauxite Mines produced 103 million tonnes of ASI Bauxite (over 25% of global bauxite production), only around 70% of this material was supplied to CoC certified Alumina Refineries (making up 19% of total supplied Bauxite globally). In turn 85% of the 27 Mt of Alumina produced by CoC Certified alumina refineries was shipped as ASI Alumina to CoC Certified Smelters, to produce ASI Aluminium.

After smelting, only around 1/3 of the primary ASI Aluminium available continued under ASI Chain of Custody through semi-fabrication and downstream. (Note: Some Entities retain a Positive Balance of CoC Material to be carried over to the next reporting year.)

The ASI Chain of Custody Material Flows visualisation (a tool based on the International Aluminium Institute’s “AluCycle”) has been updated with the 2021 data and is published on the ASI website. The continued year-on-year increase in CoC Material flow along the value chain can be attributed to the growing number and duration of CoC Certifications, and the steady pull-through to customers interested in purchasing ASI Aluminium coming from CoC Certified sources.

The 2021 data shows that the early uptake of CoC Certification at the bauxite mining and alumina refining stages has now flowed through to aluminium smelters. We anticipate that this will continue to extend through to successive supply chain steps in future, as downstream sourcing and procurement strategies continue to mature.

>> Read the full article with infographics on the ASI website

For more information on ASI CoC Material Flows, contact Klaudia Michalska.

ASI publishes German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations of the 2022 ASI Standards

ASI is pleased to announce that German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations of the 2022 ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards are now available to access on the ASI website.

The 2022 versions are the outcome of ASI’s first major revision since the launch of its Standards and Certification program in 2017. The 2022 versions are now available in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, with other language translations coming soon.

>> Access the German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations.

Sector data, pathways and uncertainties shared in Climate 101 online session

During a well attended "45 minutes on..." session this month, ASI CEO, Fiona Solomon, and Director of Standards, Chris Bayliss reviewed the aluminium sector's greenhouse gas footprint today, its required trajectory under a 1.5 degree aligned pathway and ASI's role in driving change. These are just some of the highlights. Watch the full recording via the link below.

ASI is committed to a 1.5 degree aligned aluminium sector and has built into version 3 of the Performance Standard the need for Certifying Entities along the aluminium value chain to develop strategies and targets and to track performance in line with this pathway. As discussed on the call, the sectoral scenario is based on the International Aluminium Institute's 1.5 degree scenario , broadly aligned with IEA's net zero emissions scenario (NZE).

This scenario shows the importance of increased recycling (as well as mitigation technologies and decarbonized power) but also the need for Entities all along the chain to reduce their direct and indirect emissions by up to 95% over the next 30 years. Mitigation technologies differ by location, process stage, company maturity and legacy and thus pathways for individual Entities will differ in their trajectory - hence the need for Entity level methods for target setting and for a focus on the future as much as on baseline performance .

The gap in such methods is clear (and clearly articulated in ASI's Performance Standard Criterion 5.3 which recognises that they are not yet available). This is why ASI is working with stakeholders (including those from the financial sector) to develop such methods for delivery in 2023.

Another gap is the way that carbon footprint data moves along the value chain, accruing as Scope 3 (category 1) emissions for customers downstream. Chris referred to Chain of Custody Criterion 9.3 as a small step towards this data communication, as well as an ongoing project within the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). There is a clear need for work to develop standardised methods and processes in this space and ASI will be part of these ongoing discussions, which go beyond the aluminium value chain.

Watch the recording of the "45 minutes on...Aluminium and Climate 101" to hear more.

AUDI future rollout of ASI compliant material shared in latest online session

In our second popular session for July, Josef Schön, Senior Manager Corporate Strategy at AUDI and responsible for sustainability and ASI matters worldwide, was joined by Fiona Solomon, ASI CEO, to introduce AUDI's plan for the sourcing of ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) material in almost all car components that contain Aluminium.

Josef discussed the role and importance of the ASI standards in Audi’s sustainability strategy, and provided an overview of how AUDI and their suppliers will work towards their sustainability targets.

In an active Q&A session, AUDI's approach to carbon footprint and emissions reductions at the product and production level, some of their strategies for recycling and circularity, the stepwise rollout of ASI requirements for different types of aluminium components based on weight/unit and model volume, and more, were addressed.

Overall, the session highlighted the value of downstream pull for, and implementation of, ASI Certification, along with the need for a collaborative approach to sustainability transformations along the supply chain.  If you missed it, you can catch up below. 

>> Watch the session with Josef Schön

Find all the previous '45 minutes on...' webinars

Watch now: Data quality in hard to abate aluminium sector

Chris Bayliss, ASI Director of Standards joins Lavan Mahadeva, CRU Group, Bruce Alway, Refinitiv, Charlie Durant, CRU Group to discuss why we need to get behind all efforts to standardise and build trust in ESG data, and to illustrate the power of good quality ESG data. 

>> Watch the recorded session on Brighttalk (registration required).

ASI Governance ranked in 'leading position' by new comparative study of sustainability standards systems

In a comparison of eleven mineral resources sustainability initiatives, German Government Research body Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) has highlighted ASI’s leading position with respect to governance, supply chain coverage and standards issues addressed.

While among the youngest of the assessed sustainability standards systems, ASI is one of only two ISEAL Code Compliant members in the cohort and scores the maximum “high-level” in six out of the seven governance criteria assessed – the only scheme to do so. These 6 areas covered ASI’s multi-stakeholder governance structure, ISEAL Code Compliance, audit approach, level of third party verification, auditor accreditation requirements, and complaints and whistle-blowing mechanism. ASI’s coverage of the whole value-chain and comprehensive range of sustainability issues were also noted.

The BGR study “Sustainability Standard Systems for Mineral Resources, A Comparative Overview – 2022” was conducted to support advice and information on issues of sustainability in mining and mineral supply chain. It is a follow-up analysis of the study “Sustainability Schemes for Mineral Resources: A comparative Overview” (Kickler & Franken, 2017).

ACT Initiative announces the release of the aluminium road test report

The ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon Transition) Initiative, a joint initiative of ADEME and the Carbon Disclosure Project, aims to drive climate action globally by companies and to help them align their strategies with low-carbon pathways designed to achieve the Paris Agreement mitigation goal.

An ACT assessment provides companies with a feedback report outlining best practice and opportunities for improvement and a rating to track progress. The ACT team has developed assessment methodologies for 11 sectors so far, including Retail, Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transport and Cement.

Latest developments on a specific assessment methodology for the aluminium sector were presented to ASI Members in a "45 minutes on..." session in July 2021.

Since then, ACT has been focused on road-testing its methods with aluminium companies and a report (technical and laypersons) of the findings was published earlier this month.

The ACT aluminium methodology is currently under quality control process and is due for release in September.


In July, ASI Members achieved 2 new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline. 

  1. Metra Holding S.p.A. has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification at its Foall S.r.l. (foundry) and Metra S.p.A. (extrusion) production facilities in Italy for the re-melting of primary and secondary aluminum and manufacture of aluminum alloy extruded sections. Consult the media release.
  2. Groupe BEL has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification with a focus on Material Stewardship and ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard V1 (2017) at its Sablé-sur-Sarthe plant in France.  Consult the media release.
See updated data on what we've achieved so far on our outcomes and impacts page. Consult our certified members page for a full overview of certified members, or the certification map to see where certified facilities are located.


In July, ASI welcomed six Production & Transformation members, and four Industrial User members, bringing the total number of ASI members to 248.  

Statistics on the current ASI Members (among other data) can be accessed in a new interactive graphic on our Outcomes Dashboard.

Read more about our new members below, and for more information about ASI membership, please visit the Join ASI page on our website! 

Cervejaria Masterpiece

Cervejaria Masterpiece is a microbrewery based in Niteroi, Brazil. It is one of the most sustainable breweries of the world and has won 28 competition medals in the last two years. It is also B Corporation certified... Read more.

“Cervejaria Masterpiece decided to join ASI because we believe that it is an important addition to our road map on sustainability. We hope to add the ASI Performance Standard to our list of certifications, like B-corporation and Kosher."

– Andre Valle, CEO

Find more information on Cervejaria Masterpiece on their ASI Member page in the Industrial Users Class.


Yinbang Clad Material Co.,Ltd, was established in 1988. The IPO time is July, 2012, and the stock code is 300337. Over the years, Yinbang has always been committed to the R & D, production and... Read more.

“As a practitioner of China’s “green low carbon aluminum” development, joining ASI is our firm commitment to adhere to the green low carbon development path and a new opportunity for us to improve our “capable, responsible and sustainable” company image. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with ASI and its participants to contribute to the sustainable development of the aluminum industry."

– Shen Jiansheng, General Manager

Find more information on YINBANG CLAD MATERIAL CO.,LTD on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Nemak S.A.B de C.V

Nemak, S.A.B. de C.V. (“Nemak”) is a leading provider of innovative lightweighting solutions for the global automotive industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of aluminum... Read more.

“As sustainability is becoming a top priority for Nemak, we see joining ASI as an integral part in our commitment to make sustainable mobility possible. We are excited to have the chance to implement the highest sustainability standards, constantly improving ourselves and learning from top aluminum industry experts. We see our ASI membership as an important step towards making the difference in our ESG performance as a large, multinational corporation and being able to address global sustainability challenges.”

– Marc Winterhalter, VP Purchasing & Sustainability

Find more information on Nemak S.A.B de C.V on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Triangle’s – Cycling Equipments, SA

Triangle’s is a pioneer in the production of robotized frames. The company is equipped with innovative technology geared towards the transformation of aluminum, in which the fully robotic... Read more.

“Triangle’s is an aluminum e-bike frame manufacturer. Our raw material is 100% aluminum. We want to be the best in class to assure sustainable ways of production from our suppliers to our customers."

– Luís Pedro, General Manager

Find more information on Triangle’s – Cycling Equipments, SA on their ASI Member page in the Industrial Users Class.

Dicastal UACJ Bolv Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

Dicastal UACJ Bolv Automotive Components Co., Ltd.. (hereinafter referred to as: DUB) was established in September 2019, a Sino-Japanese joint venture, headquartered in... Read more.

“As a growing automotive parts supplier, we are dedicated to being part of the development of aluminium and relevant alloy. We are committed to pursue sustainable development. Meanwhile, we also wish to demonstrate our support for the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. ”

– Liu Yang, General Manager& Sustainability

Find more information on Dicastal UACJ Bolv Automotive Components Co., Ltd. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Raviraj Foils Limited

M/s Raviraj Foils Ltd. is an Aluminium foil manufacturing company, mainly in pharmaceuticals and flexible packaging industries products. Raviraj Foils ltd., with its 22 years of... Read more.

“As a responsible Aluminium Supply chain manufacturer, it is our commitment to work and contribute to the sustainability Initiative to save the mother earth.”

– Mahendrasinh Chavda AGM QA

Find more information on Raviraj Foils Limited on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Maxion Wheels

Maxion Wheels, a division of Iochpe-Maxion S.A., is the world’s leading steel and aluminum wheel supplier. Our low-carbon expertise and energy-efficient designs help cars, buses, trucks and trailers achieve... Read more.

“Maxion Wheels is committed to the decarbonization of mobility, including in its global supply chain. As a wheel supplier of aluminum and steel wheels, we believe by tackling the challenge with industry partners we expedite progress. As a member of ASI, we join in the important stewardship work of fostering the sustainable production and sourcing of aluminum.”

– Giorgio Mariani, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Maxion Wheels

Find more information on Maxion Wheels on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

ALG Aluminium Inc.

ALG Aluminium Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a modern state-owned joint-stock company invested and controlled by Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd.... Read more.

“ALG Aluminium Inc. has always adhered to the management philosophy of “honesty and law-abiding, respecting human rights, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, health and safety, and harmonious development”. For ASI, we insist on improving corporate governance to meet management requirements of responsible production, procurement and sustainable development, reducing risks in the aluminum supply chain, fulfilling social responsibilities, and aim to make our own contributions to promoting sustainable development of the aluminum industry. ”

– Li Jian, General Manager

Find more information on ALG Aluminium Inc. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

V Global Manufacturing Limited

V Global Manfacturing Limited is located in Chengdong Industrial Park, Dehua County. It is invested by Meitu Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Singapore... Read more.

We look forward to developing the applicable sustainability practices to meet the ASI Performance Standard and material Chain of Custody Standard for aluminum.

– Wu Lixia, General Manager

Find more information on V Global Manufacturing Limited on their ASI Member page in the Industrial Users Class.

Ningbo Asiaway Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Asiaway Automotive Components Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 30 million. The company, currently covering an area of 93 mu, is located at... Read more.

“As a manufacturer of aluminum automotive components, we are honoured to join ASI. We will spare no effort to respect and implement ASI Standards to achieve sustainable development of production, which is also consistent with our company’s management policy.”

– Ms. Kathy Zhou, representative of Asiaway.

Find more information on Ningbo Asiaway Automotive Components Co., Ltd. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.


Upcoming ASI Secretariat event participation

ASI Secretariat members are participating in several upcoming events with virtual or in-person presentations. Details on dates, times, content and info on how to join the sessions will be published on our events page when they become available. 

  •  Chris Bayliss, Director of Standards | Fastmarkets Aluminium Conference | 13-15 September, 2022 | More information
  • Marieke van der Mijn, Director of Partnerships | IBAAS-JNARDDC 2022 Conference and Exhibition | September 14-17, 2022 | More information
  • ALUMINIUM | September 27 – September 29 | Register for the event
  • Fiona Solomon, CEO, and Chris Bayliss, Director of Standards | AZ Global Aluminiun Conference | 8-10 November 2022 | More information 


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