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ASI News - June 2015

ASI Incorporation

One of ASI's important steps for 2015 is to formalise as an entity, following several years as a successful standards-setting project co-ordinated by IUCN.

ASI is incorporating as a non-profit membership-based organisation, so it can develop and run its third-party certification program as a legal entity.  ASI will take a multi-stakeholder approach to governance with membership open to a wide range of organisations.  These include both the aluminium value chain (production and transformation, industrial users and other downstream supporters) as well as key stakeholder groups (civil society, indigenous peoples, associations and other general supporters).

A definitive ASI Constitution will be developed over the coming months that aims to implement good governance and operational practices.   An ASI Governance Handbook will act as a user-friendly companion document to guide participants in ASI governance at Board and Committee level.  ASI welcomes interest in this process, including from organisations that want to find out more about ASI membership.

Please contact us at:  

Indigenous Peoples Expert Workshop

In May 2015, indigenous peoples' organisations gathered over four days in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to review the ASI Performance Standard (version 1) and discuss appropriate indicators to measure implementation of the standard in practice.  

Input from participant organisations was drawn from India, Cambodia, Australia and Suriname, with additional advice drawn from indigenous peoples' rights experts from the Phillippines, Nepal and Bangladesh.  The meeting was facilitated by the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP) and the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP), in partnership with IUCN as the coordinating body for the preparatory phase of ASI.

The meeting resulted in a detailed set of recommendations related to appropriate indicators and associated guidance required for effective implementation and assurance of compliance, plus broader recommendations for continued engagement of indigenous peoples' organisations and support groups in ASI governance, and for the planned ASI-level grievance mechanism.  

ASI will work to integrate these recommendations into the development of its programs and develop formal structures for continued engagement with indigenous peoples' organisations and rights experts on these issues.

ASI Standards Setting Group (SSG) Meeting - Gland, July 6-9

ASI's multi-stakeholder standard setting group (the SSG) are meeting at IUCN headquarters in Gland in early July to discuss proposed indicators for the ASI Performance Standard  The meeting will also discuss the broader assurance and governance models being developed for ASI's future operation as a third-party certification program.


ASI Stakeholder Briefing Meeting - Brussels, July 13

ASI is holding a briefing meeting for interested stakeholders on Monday July 13, 3-4.30pm, kindly hosted at Intel Corporation's Brussels office.  The session will provide an overview of ASI's work to date in standards setting, and the development of its governance and assurance models.  Places are limited - if you are interested in attending, please contact info@aluminium-stewardship.org  


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