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ASI News - June 2022

2022 Annual General Meeting

On 22 June, ASI convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) via an online webinar for our globally distributed membership.  Presentations and discussion covered key results, governance highlights and progress on ASI's strategy.  The session brought together a total of 96 attendees, from 60 ASI Member organisations plus other participants, across 29 countries.

The session featured reports from the ASI Board Chair, Anita Roper, and CEO, Fiona Solomon on ASI's achievements in the last 12-18 months as well as the priorities ahead.  A live panel with the ASI Board discussed the growth in sustainable finance, the nature and climate crisis and evolving stakeholder expectations, and the Board’s role and activities.  

An overview of key changes in the recently launched 2022 Performance and Chain of Custody Standards was then discussed by ASI Director of Standards, Chris Bayliss, followed by a Q&A on standards and general ASI matters.

A lot was covered in the 90 minute session, and we are sharing the recording with all stakeholders in the interests of transparency and insight into ASI's ongoing journey.

Watch a recording of the 2022 ASI AGM

ASI Sustainability Priorities


ASI's AGM discussed key challenges in the aluminium value chain, and how ASI is addressing them.  Find out more about ASI's four priority sustainability issues.

Our four headline priorities for the aluminium value chain to 2030 are:

  • climate change,
  • circularity,
  • nature positive, and
  • human rights.

These are high-level and urgent challenges for our global future, with critical inter-dependencies between each. Ultimately, they are going to require transformation - of industries, economies and societies - not just incremental change.

For climate, the aluminium sector must decrease its emissions intensity by 95% by 2050.  For circularity, collection rates must near 100% for aluminium, but there are also large scale waste streams to address and broader resource efficiency efforts needed.  Global goals for nature include being net positive by 2030 and full recovery of natural systems by 2050.  Protecting and respecting human rights continues to be critical alongside these shifts, in the quest for a more just world.

Learn more on each of these issues and how ASI works to drive change: both through its Standards and Certification program, and beyond.

First Movers Coalition – aluminium procurement

Last month’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos saw the First Movers Coalition announce an aluminium sector specific commitment for purchasers of low carbon and recycled aluminium.

The First Movers Coalition (FMC) is a global initiative focused on seven hard to abate industrial sectors that currently account for 30% of global GHG emissions: Aluminium, Aviation, Chemicals, Concrete, Shipping, Steel, and Trucking; as well as the development of Carbon Removal technologies.

It aims to affect change by securing corporate purchasing pledges for low carbon materials and services, accelerating the development of technologies that are not yet competitive with current carbon-intensive solutions, but which must reach commercial scale by 2030 to achieve net-zero emissions globally by 2050.

More than 50 companies (worth around $8.5 trillion) and nine governments (covering over 40% of global GDP) have joined the Coalition, launched by US President Biden and the World Economic Forum at COP26.

ASI members Apple, Ball Corporation, Novelis and Trafigura have joined Ford Motor Company and Volvo Group in signing up to the new aluminium commitment to source at least 10% (by mass) of the primary aluminium they procure every year as low-carbon aluminium by 2030.

Find out more

Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum – Bauxite Exploration and Mining Workshop

This month, ASI held the second in a series of workshops about bauxite exploration and mining in Cairns in North Queensland Australia, with over 40 Indigenous community representatives from across Western and Northern Cape York Peninsula.

The aim of these workshops is to share information which can be used to help prepare Indigenous peoples and clan leaders to participate in discussions with other stakeholders about developments on their traditional lands (Country). Discussions at the workshop addressed the need to better understand bauxite mining and exploration, new ideas that incorporate Indigenous perspectives about mining, and ways for Indigenous people to get support and information to make informed decisions for their Country and families.

The attendees for the workshop included Indigenous people with a broad representation of age and gender. ASI and guest speakers from indigenous organisations, including Nawa Nawa Consultants and Gulkula Mining, also contributed to the discussions.

A clear message has come from the workshops and associated discussions that confirmed that Indigenous people want further information and more ASI workshops to be held on their Country, in multiple communities of Northern Australia.

Find out more

Vicky Tran joins ASI Secretariat as Assurance and Accreditation Manager

The ASI Secretariat is excited to welcome Vicky Tran to the position of ASI Assurance and Accreditation Manager.

Vicky is based in Bonn, Germany. She has almost ten years of experience working in ethical and sustainable certification systems from Fairtrade to Forest Stewardship International at a global level with experience with standards development and auditing.  She is passionate about sustainability, circularity, and social responsibility in value chains and product certification.

Originally from Melbourne, she holds a Master's in International Development (Swinburne) and a Bachelor of International Business (RMIT). She is fluent in English with a sprinkle of Vietnamese and German.

Find out more about the ASI Secretariat 

3 top banks partner with RMI to create the Aluminum Climate-Aligned Finance Working Group

Last week RMI announced that three of the worlds biggest lenders to the Aluminium sector - Citi, ING, and Societe Generale - will be partnering with RMI’s Center for Climate-Aligned Finance in an effort to help decarbonise the aluminium sector.

The aim of the Aluminum Climate-Aligned Finance Working Group will be to create a collective climate-aligned finance (CAF) framework that defines how lenders can support the decarbonization of the aluminum sector.

ASI is part of the new Working Group that intends to create consistency and transparency in both reporting and measuring progress against climate targets.

Find out more

Driving end-customer demand for responsibly sourced aluminium

Customers increasingly seek assurance that the materials they transform and use, including aluminium, are responsibly sourced. In 2020, ASI Aluminium (Performance Standard + CoC Certified) material represented 15% of bauxite production but represented less than 1% of the aluminium in final products. If responsible production and sourcing are becoming business-critical for many, what steps can the aluminium value chain take toward achieving 100% responsible sourcing globally? 

ASI Impacts Analyst Klaudia Michalska participated in the Euro Mine Expo ’22 earlier this month and shares her observations on the multi-sectoral discussions on these issues.

Key takeaways

  • Sustainability issues for mined materials are complex and need to be tackled systemically and by all stakeholders
  • Voluntary standards and regulations are tools that are both required to drive change
  • Transparency is a key aspect to speed up the process towards 100% responsible sourcing globally
  • End-customer demand for ASI Aluminium produced and transformed under the ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards is expected to grow
Find out more about driving end-customer demand for responsibly sourced aluminium

Watch our latest webinar recording


Business relationships as a driver for circularity with Dr Shyaam Ramkumar

Introducing his research on the role of embedded relationships and inter-firm business networks in the adoption and diffusion of circular economy eco-innovation, Dr Shyaam Ramkumar explores how investors, corporations, and startups investing in and developing circular economy innovations can identify ways to scale them more quickly and to generate wider impact and growth. 

>> Watch the presentation by Dr Shyaam Ramkumar

Did you miss it?


Not to worry! Each of our 45 Minutes on... webinars is recorded and publicly available

Since April 2021, ASI has held a monthly 45 Minutes on... webinar, and each of the sessions is available to all stakeholders to watch online. The topics to date include:
  • ASI’s approach to CoC: Certification scope, Inputs/Outputs & mass balance
  • Decarbonising shipping
  • Addressing modern slavery in the ASI Performance Standard
  • Crunching ASI Certification data with the new Public Dashboard
  • SBTi's Net-Zero Standard
  • Future demand for ASI Aluminium, with CM Group
  • GHG Emissions with Atmolite
  • Chain of Custody Material Flows
  • Increasing transparency along the value chain
  • OECD Due Diligence Guidance
  • ASI's Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum
  • Standards Benchmarking and Harmonisation
  • ASI's Oversight Process
Find all the previous '45 minutes on...' webinars


In June, ASI Members achieved 3 new certifications, with several more in the announcement pipeline. 

  1. Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI) has achieved ASI Performance Standard (2017) Certification for its extrusion and related processes at the HAI Extrusion GmbH facility in Ranshofen, Austria. HAI received Performance Standard certification at two remelting/recycling/casting operations in 2020, in Ranshofen, Austria and in Santana, Romania. Consult the media release.
  2. Golden Aluminum has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification at its Fort Lupton, Colorado rolling facility. The rolled products manufactured at the facility are used in downstream packaging, automotive, building and construction, and electronics sectors. Consult the media release.
  3. Qatalum has achieved ASI Performance Standard (2017) and Chain of Custody Standard (2017) Certification for primary aluminium smelting and the manufacture of foundry alloys and extrusion ingots. Qatalum is a joint venture owned by QatarEnergy and Norsk Hydro ASA. and is located at Mesaieed Industrial City operations in Qatar. Consult the media release.
See updated data on what we've achieved so far on our outcomes and impacts page. Consult our certified members page for a full overview of certified members, or the certification map to see where certified facilities are located.


In June, ASI welcomed seven Production & Transformation members, and two Industrial User members, bringing the total number of ASI members to 239.  

Statistics on the current ASI Members (among other data) can be accessed in a new interactive graphic on our Outcomes Dashboard.

Read more about our new members below, and for more information about ASI membership, please visit the Join ASI page on our website! 

Guangyuan Linfeng Aluminum & Electricity Co., LTD

Guangyuan Linfeng Aluminum & Electricity Co., LTD., established in December 2018, is located in Yuanjiaba Industrial Park, Guangyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company covers an area of... Read more.

“ Improving its own governance to meet lean management, responsible production and sustainability requirements is also combined with creating a green factory. Certification is not only a purpose, but also a process and tool for improvement, which is beneficial to reduce risks and obtain current and long-term benefits. Under the general social background and the rule of law where the country emphasizes the ecological environment, business environment and social responsibility, enterprises must improve compliance construction and fulfill social responsibilities, show their response to sustainability in key materials, and in industrial products and consumer goods market to enhance company reputation, social impact and company brand value. ”

– Huang Keqin, Deputy Chief Engineer.

Find more information on Guangyuan Linfeng Aluminum & Electricity Co., LTD on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.


Capral is Australia’s largest extruder and distributor of aluminium products. Capral has a national footprint of world class aluminium extrusion plants, comprising of... Read more.

“ As a business Capral recognise that in a world profoundly affected by global sustainability issues, from climate change to biodiversity, we must act wisely to protect the environment and community whilst working for stakeholders and customers. Achieving high sustainability standards is no longer optional, we are excited to become members of ASI among like minded business peers striving for best practice in sustainable aluminium processing and transformation. The added rigor of ASI standards and auditing processes will enable Capral to confidently and transparently report to the market on its progress in this space.”

– Michael O’Keefe, General Manager - Marketing & Technology

Find more information on CAPRAL ALUMINIUM on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd

Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is a Non-Ferrous metal recycling unit, producing different grades of Aluminium Alloys as its final product. We form an integral link between the scrap collectors, processors, recyclers, and manufacturing industries; thus completing the circle of Recycling... Read more.

“Sunalco Alloys, an aluminium alloy manufacturing unit, aims to have its footprint recognised globally.”

– Mr Sandeep G. Jain, Director

Find more information on Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

SuperAlloy Industrial Co., Ltd.

Today, SAI is the largest manufacturer of forged aluminum wheels for luxury and sports automobiles. With its long-standing customer base including some of the world’s most recognized and reputable automobile brands, SAI has... Read more.

“We are devoted to studying a renewable and greener business cycle in aluminum manufacturing industry. Thinking how to elevate the efficiency of energy usage and to reduce pollution in our environment are the major topics we have been focusing on. By joining ASI, we believe to take more responsibilities on CSR and to accelerate the development of sustainability to better present the result of CO2 reduction. We are highly anticipating to cooperate with other ASI members to continue walking into a more energy saving, CO2-free, high-end and intelligent future, and to lead more corporates to fulfill their carbon-neutral objectives.”

– Steven Kuo, Director

Find more information on SuperAlloy Industrial Co., Ltd. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.


Since 2019, Etem Group and Gestamp Group have entered into an agreement concerning the creation of a joint venture focused on the extrusion and processing of aluminum profiles in the automotive industry. Gestamp, with presence in... Read more.

“The aim is to support the initiative of a more Sustainable Aluminium sector in the future.”

– Anastasio Nikolaidis, Quality & Sustainability Manager.

Find more information on ETEM GESTAMP ALUMINIUM EXTRUSIONS S.A. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Gestamp Etem Automotive Bulgaria S.A.

Gestamp Etem Automotive Bulgaria S.A. is a leader of Machining of extruded aluminium profiles. Gestamp Etem Automotive Bulgaria S.A. is certified for the production of CRASH RELEVANT aluminum PROFILES and is... Read more.

“The aim is to support the initiative of a more Sustainable Aluminium sector in the future.”

– Anastasio Nikolaidis, Quality & Sustainability Manager.

Find more information on Gestamp Etem Automotive Bulgaria S.A. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Shanghai Unison Aluminium Products Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Unison Aluminium Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 with expertise in the application of aluminium alloys. Since 2007 Unison has been dedicated to become a professional solution provider of automobile lightweight. Our values... Read more.

“As a global aluminum product supplier for the automotive industry, Unison is committed to sustainable development. We are proud to be a member of ASI and shall spend ourselves in promoting reasonable production and reasonable business management. We shall accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy together with our customers and suppliers.”

– Paul Luo, General Manager

Find more information on Shanghai Unison Aluminium Products Co., Ltd. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.

Jiangsu Alcha Aluminium Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Jiangsu Alcha Aluminium Group Co., Ltd. (“the Company” or “Alcha”) is an advanced manufacturing enterprise integrating new materials and precision machinery manufacturing, a provider of comprehensive solutions for... Read more.

“We are honored to join the ASI family of Aluminum industry management initiatives. Under the guidance of the concept of continuous innovation and creating value for customers, Alcha will strive to become a world-famous company that is sustainable, green and low-carbon.”

– Mr Zhu Zhendong, GM of Alcha group

Find more information on Jiangsu Alcha Aluminium Group Co., Ltd. on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.


Yunnan Sunho Aluminum Co., Ltd is one of a holding subsidiary of Sunho shares. It is a green hydropower aluminum project with production capacity of 900000 ton. In 2018, this green, low-carbon, clean and sustainable development project was... Read more.

“We aim to improve our corporate image and increase our positive impact on a good society by responsibly producing low-carbon hydropower aluminum responsibly while continuously learning and self-improving. At the same time, we hope to establish a reliable, responsible and sustainable aluminum industry chain with all other members.”

– Meng Xia, Deputy General Manager

Find more information on YUNNAN SUNHO ALUMINUM CO.,LTD on their ASI Member page in the Production & Transformation Class.


Upcoming ASI Secretariat event participation

ASI Secretariat members are participating in several upcoming events with virtual or in-person presentations. Details on dates, times, content and info on how to join the sessions will be published on our events page when they become available. 

  • Chris Bayliss, Director of Standards | Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing | June 29, 2022 at 9AM CEST | Main Auditorium | More information
  • Marieke van der Mijn, Director of Partnerships | IBAAS-JNARDDC 2022 Conference and Exhibition | September 14-17, 2022 | More information


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