December Family Update 2015
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Our family hopes you all had a wonderful Christmas season and are looking forward to what 2016 has in store. Thank you for being a part of our support team and our first year in Germany! We have tried making (some successful and some not so much) our own traditions for the holidays as we have never been away from family for this time of the year. We have enjoyed visiting Christmas markets and celebrating Christmas with friends. Charlie is working full time with the maintenance team over the break, but has taken a few days off to enjoy time with the family. We look forward to how God will use us in the new year. 

Most of our updates have been about Charlie and the work he does here, so I thought this month we would update you on the rest of our lives! 

Outside of work, Charlie enjoys going to game nights and traveling with us to new places. Over the summer he did an amazing job  being full time dad while I was in Belarus. He took the kids to the animal park and even went to the German play group! He really enjoys trying new foods and drinks. The community here really suits him. I am very proud of the way he has jumped into being an active member of the school and community.
I, Alyson, have enjoyed getting more involved with different things this school year. Tuesday evenings I co-lead a small group of Sophomore girls. Wednesday mornings Sealey and I participate in CBSI (community Bible Study International) at the local German evangelical church. We just finished studying the writings of Solomon and will start Hebrews in the new year. The small group I am in is English speaking, but a mix of Americans and Germans. We also go on Thursday mornings to the German play group. This is a stretch for me each week as it is in German, but a good way to practice my German and develop new relationships. Thankfully the other moms are very patient with my slow learning of their language! I feel a sense of accomplishment each weak when I understand something I didn't the week before. This school year, I am also taking a German language class that is proving to be very useful. On Sunday mornings I teach Sunday school (3-5 year old class)! Next semester I am coordinating it and teaching less. I must say I will be grateful for Mrs. Cherry to come back next year from home assignment! It is fun to teach the little ones about the Bible, but is definitely work! Besides these scheduled things, I enjoy getting together with other moms and their kids for play dates and talking! We are very blessed to have an active community that likes to do life together.
For those of you who know Tempey, she is still very dramatic and full of life. She loves making new friends and playing. In September she started German kindergarten and loves it. Her class is half German speakers and half English speakers, but she is learning the German language. At times this can be difficult as she mixes English and German together when talking to us. She also started Cubbies (AWANA) this school year. So wonderful to hear her memorize God's word! It is fun getting to watch her experience so many new things. Her worldview has expanded so much in the year that we have been here. .
Sealey is developing into his own little person. He enjoys his mornings alone with mom, going for walks, visiting the stork sanctuary by Tempey's kindergarten, playing, and working the DVD player. As he learns to talk, he is picking up on some German too. He loves new adventures as long as he doesn't have to be in the car or stroller too long! When experiencing new things he makes the most precious faces (which never seem to get captured on film). Both kids love going to parks and walking in the forest.

Blessings to all of you,
The Adams Family

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