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     Can you believe it's October already?  The air is getting cooler and folks are enjoying the fall leaves and getting excited about pumpkin spice everything! 

     This month, we will be reading a book that the members have really been looking forward to. The book has been published by some of our favorite authors, most of which are Titanic Book Club members! This month's book is "Titanic Solving The Mysteries" by Tad Fitch, J. Kent Layton, Mark Chirnside, Bill Wormstedt, Steve Hall, Samuel Halpern, and Ioannis Georgiou. If you are interested in the book, you will only find it on

     As the world opens up, Titanic related events and happenings are coming out, too!  Be sure not to miss our calendar section, lots of great events going on!

      I also want to point out that the Titanic Book Club for Children has decided to have their own book of the month schedule. These young people are pretty amazing!  We find them so delightful and engaging and can't wait to see where their future takes them!


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"Titanic: Solving the Mysteries." by Steve Hall, Mark Chirnside, Ioannis Georgiou, Sam Halpern, Tad Fitch, J. Kent Lawson and Bill Wormstedt

The sinking of the RMS Titanic on 15 April 1912 is one of the best-remembered, and most-scrutinised, moments of the twentieth century. Yet ever since the disaster, there have been lingering mysteries, questions that seemed utterly impossible to answer.

In recent years, a string of allegations have also been made to the effect that the Titanic was suffering from a fire in one of her coal bunkers during the maiden voyage. Televised programmes, media broadcasts, and even a new book would have the public believe that Titanic was all but a blazing inferno before she even struck the iceberg, and that it was the fire that actually doomed the ship.

Then there is the question of the time difference between ship’s time and time on shore on the night of the disaster – a complex navigational mystery that has a direct bearing on understanding key aspects of how events played out on that fateful night.

Now follow an international and world-renowned team of Titanic and maritime historians and researchers as we attempt to solve two of the most important, and most publicized, mysteries of the Titanic disaster.
Get yours today
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well, one of the authors!

J. Kent Layton

I am a maritime historian and author. Some of the books I have authored or co-authored include "Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography", "On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic", "The Edwardian Superliners: A Trio of Trios", "The Unseen Mauretania [1907]: The Ship and In Rare Illustrations", "The Unseen Aquitania: The Ship In Rare Illustrations", and Conspiracies At Sea: Titanic & Lusitania".

 "Titanic: Solving the Mysteries", available via Blurb, and co-authored with Mark Chirnside, Tad Fitch, Ioannis Geogiou, Steve Hall, Samuel Halpern, and Bill Wormstedt.
Titanic: Solving the Mysteries has drawn me in ever since page-one. Many topics within the book are extremely  interesting. The time adjustments and how adjustments are estimated is a completely new factor for me regarding titanic. I have never been familiar with the Magneta clock system aboard the ship. Not only has my knowledge base expanded but I understand how all of it works. The authors (there are seven of them, and they are all seasoned experts in the field of the Titanic) explain rather clearly and thoroughly how this clock system works. As I continue reading. I sense the scope of Titanic knowledge grow more and more.

The team of researchers behind this publication (all very laid-back, friendly and knowledgeable people) destroy the assumptions made by conspiracy theorists. They not only apply logic but also present concrete evidence that is easily accessible to researchers and others in the Titanic community.

Would I recommend this book to others? The answer: a resounding YES. Anyone in the Titanic community who reads this will go away more enlightened and convinced that the conspiracy theories are not based on facts whatsoever. Conspiracies are not completely shut out; there based on old assumptions that have been carried down through the years and are somehow considered factual. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for EVERYBODY, whether they are researching to do a book or not. Future readers will not be unrewarded.

- Mark Hopkins

One of the "must haves" for your bookshelves. If anybody wants some well researched work which cuts through a lot of nonsense as well as the usual ambiguities which creep into history, you've gotta have this.

-Michael Standart
New book coming out next year, by some of the authors of this months book! Reserve your signed copy now!
We've been busy adding events to our calendar as well as author pages, we hope you'll be able to enjoy some of them!

Ends Sunday!

North American premiere of James Cameron 

Ends Sunday October 3rd! 

You've only got a few days left to get to this amazing exhibit at the Durham museum in Omaha, Nebraska. (It will be leaving on October 3rd)  The exhibit will be moving on to Canada.  This author had to keep reminding herself that she wasnt at a Robert Ballard Exhibit, with all the deep diving info! The museum itself is housed inside an old 1920's art deco train station! 

October 4th!

The Six" comes to the Vancouver film festival! 
October 4th!

"The Titanic sank in 1912, leaving only 712 survivors. Among them were six Chinese men whose stories were forgotten until now. Unlike other survivors, they were denied entry to America due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, Lee Bing, Fang Lang, Chang Chip, Ling Hee, Ah Lam, and Chung Foo’s stories were lost to history. Director Arthur Jones leads his crew through years of fact-checking and meticulous research to uncover the untold lives of these men. The film shifts its focal point from the fascinating facts regarding their escape from the Titanic itself (James Cameron, an executive producer, admits they inspired the iconic rescue in his 1997 blockbuster), to the generational legacy of their families and lives built in its wake.

Masterfully intertwining the history of American immigration policy at the time of the Titanic to contemporary views on race and citizenship, The Six uncovers the sacrifices and discrimination these men suffered, finally granting them their rightful place in history."

-Vancouver Film Festival



Watch our Chinese New Year event, when we met with Steven Schwankert, one of the producers!

October 9th!

*** LIVE! FREE! ***

Titanic Museum Attractions
Second Titanic Authors’ Virtual Conference

Saturday, October 9, 2021

For the second time, avid readers and collectors of books focusing on the Titanic will be able to interact with the authors, live, during a fan-requested, Virtual Conference, announces Mary Kellogg, Titanic Museum Attraction’s President/CCO and Co-Owner.

Among the books and authors featured in this free private forum are:


Two Pennies: A true story from the Titanic 
by Susie Millar

 The Two Pennies tells the true story of the Millar family in the lead up to Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912. It is a unique insight into how the tragedy affected ordinary lives, in particular those of Thomas Millar’s two sons. The story continues to describe the aftermath of Titanic’s sinking, using the voices of several different characters.


For the Sake of the Children 
by Joan Adler

In 2007 a file of letters between University of Heidelberg roommates and lifelong friends, Otto Frank and Nathan Straus Jr., was found in the archives of YIVO: The Institute for Jewish Research. The letters revealed for the first time that Otto Frank, diarist Anne’s father, tried desperately to get his family out of war torn Holland in 1941, fifteen months before they went into hiding in the now famous attic at Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam.

Diving into the Deep 
by Lowell Lytle

A young man rejects fame and fortune for a life of Christian service and experiences the heights and depths of swashbuckling adventure over and under the high seas. A gripping true story of risk and spiritual quest that takes him 2 ½ miles beneath the North Atlantic to Titanic’s resting site.

Titanic Behind the
by Campbell Cloar

As an Original Crew Member at Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN, I enjoy bringing the Titanic to life for our visitors. I especially enjoy the children. Brimming with excitement and ready to embrace the experience with open arms, they often surprise and delight all of us with their unique perspectives. Much of Titanic Behind the Scenes is devoted to the fresh perspectives of these amazing children.

My Autistic X-Factor 
by Brynjar Carl (Titanic Lego builder!)

Brynjar Karl is a 10-year old boy with autism. His dream is to build a replica of his favorite ship, the Titanic, out of LEGO bricks, stretching 6.33 meters in length. This task takes him on an amazing journey where he has to overcome various obstacles. He gets his grandfather and mother involved to help him. With belief, a supportive team and determination, Brynjar finally reaches his dream goal and eventually much more than he had expected.

Register Here!

October 9th!

Meet the author, William Elliot Hargrove on Saturday October 9th at noon eastern time.

Learn about the book: One Hundred and Sixty Minutes: The Race to Save the RMS Titanic eBook : Hazelgrove, William Elliott : Kindle Store

Register in advance for this meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Dave Gardner, New York City's very own Titanic Tour Guide is back in business!

His next tour is scheduled for October 17th!  This is a great tour and there are many many Titanic connections in the Big Apple!
Get to know Dave here, as he took us to pier 54 earlier this year.
Learn more about the 10/17 event
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October 28th

Meet the author, Peggy Wirgau  on October 28th at 5pm eastern time

Peggy is the author of "The Stars in April"

Based on the True Story of Twelve-Year-Old Titanic Survivor, Ruth Becker

"Sometimes we have to go a long way to find out who we are."

The year is 1912. When doctors in India are unable to treat her baby brother’s illness, Ruth’s missionary parents decide there is one solution: move her mother and the children across the world—to Michigan.

But India is the only home Ruth knows. In a matter of days, she must leave Papa and all she loves behind, abandon her dream of one day playing violin in the Calcutta Orchestra, and embark on a rollicking, four-week journey across the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas, followed by the voyage to New York aboard the luxurious, ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Ruth’s story is one of courage and self-sacrifice as she earns her sea legs and faces the unknown, culminating in a desperate, tragic night she will never forget.

"I feel as though I’m sitting in Ruth’s apartment and she is sharing her life story with me … so very well-written … one can hardly stop reading.”—Floyd Andrick, former Titanic Historical Society member and personal friend of Ruth Becker.

This event is being held on Ruth Becker's birthday! All are welcome to join!

Regsiter below!
Register Now!

Open Through February 2022!

Catalina Island Museum!

Modeler Thomas Nicolai-Vargas; Titanic background actress, Ellen Mower; Titanic Book Club President, Jill Carlier; Titanic historian. Don Lynch, and Titanic background actress, Judy Prestininzi visited the Catalina Island museum this summer and enjoyed it very much!   We had a fantastic two days at the Titanic exhibit at the museum!  If you get a chance to visit, it's an easy 90 minute (and beautiful) ferry ride from Long Beach.
[Note: On April 19, 1912 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle published a brief article describing the aftermath of the rescue of Mrs. John Jacob Astor. It describes lifeboat #4’s attempt to return to the sinking Titanic to take Mr. Astor and other male passengers on board after they were refused permission to board the lifeboat during the earlier loading process.]

     In the face of many conflicting rumors, the statement came with positiveness from the home of Colonel John Jacob Astor, at 540 Fifth avenue, today, that Colonel Astor was either actually in the lifeboat which saved Mrs. Astor or was about to enter it when, in company with nearly a dozen other men, he obeyed the order smilingly that only women and children were to be taken away, and left the boat to go down a few minutes later with the Titanic.

     This statement, which came from a source so close to Mrs. Astor as to warrant the fullest credence, also disclosed the amazing fact, borne out by the word from scores of other survivors of the Titanic, that Colonel Astor’s life and that of the men who yielded place with him in the boat which carried Mrs. Astor was needlessly sacrificed.

     It showed that after Colonel Astor and the others had obeyed orders and had calmly given up places in the boat, the small vessel pulled away from the sinking steamship and that then the quartermaster discovered that he had accommodations for sixteen more passengers.

    This startling statement of the facts connected with the separation of Colonel Astor and his wife asserts also that after those in charge of the boat to which he had been refused admittance had found they had needlessly abandoned the dozen men who had sought to go with them, they rowed back toward the sinking Titanic. Their effort, however, came too late. As they neared the steamer it went down. The small boat’s crew felt the suction and again pulled wildly away from the place. The information from the Astor household recites that they barely escaped being dragged down by the suction.

     This word came after Mrs. Astor, her personal maid [Rosalie Bidois], and her nurse [Caroline Endres], both of whom had been with her in the disaster, had been taken from the Carpathia to the Astor residence at Fifth avenue and Sixty-fifth street. They had been met at the Cunard Line piers by three of the Astor automobiles, which carried Vincent Astor, Miss Katherine Force, Mrs. Astor’s sister; Raoul P. Kimball of 135 East Fifty-fourth Street, Manhattan, the family physician, and another doctor, Nicholas Biddle, a trustee of the Astor estate and Colonel Astor’s private secretary.

     The party had been prepared to find Mrs. Astor in serious condition. Instead, they stood by while she walked practically unaided down the long piers and got into the waiting limousine without assistance. She took with her in her personal automobile, beside Vincent Astor and her sister, the maid and the nurse who had been her companions in the disaster.

     The automobile which carried Mrs. Astor went directly to the home of her father, William H. Force, formerly of Brooklyn, at 18 East Thirty-seventh Street, Manhattan. Mr. Force has been ill for some months, though not confined to his home. The shock of the Titanic’s loss, however, made his condition such that he was unable to go to the pier to meet his daughter. Mrs. Astor, therefore, made her first trip to the home of her father and mother to show them personally that she was in excellent health.

     After a stop of a few minutes at the Force home, Mrs. Astor went on to her own home with those who had accompanied her in the automobile. After she had arrived at the Astor home, admittance was refused to all inquirers except for one brief statement, given out to a representative of the Associated Press by Mr. Riddle, that her health warranted the assertion that she was in no danger whatever.

     This was borne out to the full by the brave way in which Mrs. Astor walked from her automobile up the steps of her home. And when she had gotten into the house Dr. Kimball spent a few minutes in consultation with her, to announce a few minutes later that she had apparently suffered absolutely no ill effects. His verdict was that she was merely tired out and in need of rest.

     So that she might be present to be of any service that might be required. Mrs. Astor’s sister, Miss Katherine Force, spent the night with her. Unnerved by the scenes through which they had passed, little else was told Vincent Astor and Miss Force by Mrs. Astor and her attendants than the bare facts of the catastrophe. Young Astor was still in such a highly nervous condition and overwrought, because he was finally prepared to abandon hope that his father might have been saved, that he had no word for anyone.
It was, however, made certain to him before his home was shrouded in darkness that the last seen of Colonel Astor had shown him, accompanied by his valet and by his faithful terrier, Kitty, calmly waiting on the decks of the Titanic for what might come.

[Note: The next day the Toronto Daily Star published a brief article describing how Kitty (Mr. Astor’s Airedale) happened to be on deck with him when the Titanic went down.]

     In the register of the Titanic’s heroes the name of [Viktor] Robbins should appear.  He was Colonel Astor’s old butler [sic], and like the Colonel’s valet, always travelled with him. He is numbered among the Titanic’s dead.
Faithful unto death was Kitty, Colonel Astor’s Airedale terrier and constant companion on land or sea.  Kitty was never far from her master’s heels, and the two were familiar figures on Fifth Avenue.

     When the crash came, Robbins went below and brought Kitty up on deck.  There, the most faithful of friends, she stood beside her master, while the sea embraced them, and now she shares his grave.
Books By George Behe
Happy Birthday to our October born

Titanic Passengers who share their birthday!

Jill Carlier

Titanic Passengers 

Joseph John Beattie
William Cahoone Johnson
Charlotte Caroline Collyer
Abraham Lincoln Salomon
Elisabeth Walton Allen
Emilie Kreuchen
Violet Constance Jessop
Gertrude Isabelle Hippach


Jennifer Sullivan

Titanic Passengers 

Alexander Oskar Holverson
George Richard Evans


 Mark Hopkins

Titanic Passengers 

Virginia Ethel Emanuel
Luka Čačić
Margaret Rice
Philip Francis Vigott


Author Walter Lord

Titanic Passengers 

Joseph Henry Couch
William Luke Duffy
Matthew Sadlier
Lucile Carter
Harriette Rebecca Crosby
Isaac Hiram Maynard
Emily Borie Ryerson


Richard Jones

Titanic Passengers 

James Marks
William Henry Marsh Parr
Jacob William Gibbons
Erna Alexandra Andersson
John Joseph Kiernan
Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm Myhrman
Sarah Roth
Bertha Chambers
Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund
Madeleine Newell


André De Lisboa

Titanic Passengers 

Henry Samuel Etches
Ernest Thomas Barker
Patrick Joseph Bradley
Tyrell William Cavendish
Kristina Sofia Laitinen
Philip Joseph Stokes
Mary Peebles Wick
Alfred Theissinger


Gerhard Schmidt-Grillmeier

Titanic Passengers 

Julia Barry
Elin Ester Maria Braf
Louis Auguste Dornier
George B. Goldschmidt
Charles Edwin Smith
Mariyam Tu'mah
William Loch Coutts
Percival Albert Blake


William Emil Lee Meyer & Titanic Historian, Phil Gowan

Titanic Passengers 

Wessel Adrianus van der Brugge
Lily Odell
Fred Hartnell
Spencer Victor Silverthorne


Maggie McEneny

Titanic Passengers 

Charles Robert Bainbrigge
Milton Clyde Long
John Brown Niven
Alexander Mellis Thompson
Mary Kezia Roberts
Thomas Threlfall


Kenneth Gerald Porter Jr

Titanic Passengers 

Harry Anderson
Anna De Messemaeker
Juliette Marie Louise Laroche
William Farr Penny
Lucile Polk Carter


Tony Graves & Kedar Meher

Titanic Passengers 

Carl Edgar Asplund
William George White
Lillian Gertrud Asplund


Crela Hughes Roberts & Federico Serrentino

Titanic Passengers 

Henry Ashburnham Bulley
John Garfirth
Victor Peñasco y Castellana
Anna Sophia Warren
John Collins


Gertrud Schmidt

Titanic Passengers 

Florence Thomas Donoghue
Frederick Tamlyn
Kate Walsh
Edith Eileen Brown


Will Kindler &  artist Ken Marschall

Titanic Passengers 

Ruth Elizabeth Becker
Hugh Walter McElroy
George Fox Hosking


Dr. Paul Lee &  Blessing

Titanic Passengers 

Owen Harris Braund
James Johnstone
Rose Amélie Icard

*Special thanks to Sonia Bera for gathering these dates. Thanks so much to the Titanic museum for sharing their records!

Happy Birthday, Walter Lord!

"Walter, I miss you and carry your memory with me every day. You were a great teacher, and a true friend."

-Charles Pellegrino


Happy Birthday, Walter Lord!

October 8th, 1917-May 19. 2002

Walter Lord became a Titanic researcher at a young age, and even sailed on the RMS Olympic!  We've read differing stories about what brought the family on to the Olympic. Some say his family just booked passage and some stories say that Walter himself asked his parents to book passage, because of his enthusiam in learning more about Titanic.  (I like to believe the latter!)   

When we ask our members what brought them to Titanic, many of them answer, "I was about 7 or 8 when I took "A Night To Remember" out of the library and found myself taking it out over and over."  One member even said his became so old and worn, that the librarian gave the book to him to keep!  


Happy Birthday, Phil Gowan

 October 17, 1952- May 1, 2018

The following message is from one of our members, who chose to remain anonymous.

Happy Birthday to Phil Gowan. 

     Although Phil never published a book, he wrote countless articles for magazines, newspapers, and online; his magnus opus was to be a book on each of the passengers but sadly this work was interrupted by poor health over his final years.  Phil was proud to have been born in Corsicana, Texas, and was descended from many of the early settlers in that town.

      He was able to speak Spanish like a native, always had a camera at hand, wrote more letters and emails than anyone I've ever met – and that included a 50-year pen pal friendship with Derek Rogers on the remote island of Tristan da Cunha (and he would note that it was pronounced like "who-na"), and was fiercely loyal to his friends and family.

     Phil's interest in the Titanic began early in life and never waned, and he corresponded with thousands in the pursuit of information about the ship's passengers and crew.  He traveled to three continents and had friends on three more!  Phil developed what are now called the Gowan Numbers to accurately give a count to the 2,208 passengers, 1,496 victims, and 712 survivors of the disaster – work that was independently verified by the world's other top passenger experts.

      Although he was given just a 6-month prognosis after being diagnosed with cancer, he lived over 65 months, dying on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 – not of cancer, but of the effects of rheumatic fever as a child.  He was 65-years-old, and although he had no family of his own, his many friends still remember and miss him.


*Hear Phil Gowan give a little talk in the video below, and another below that. Rest in peace, dear Phil. You're very much missed. I really appreciated you heping me with my Titanic passenger birthdays.

- Jill Carlier

Phil meets Titanic Survivor in Hawaii

Happy Birthday, Ken Marschall! 

Born on October 28th 

(we heard this rumor through the grapevine, and hope it's true!)
Hi Ken! We at the Titanic Book Club don't know if you will ever see this message. We hope, somehow, that you do!  We want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and we want you to know that not a day goes by that a book club member does not mention your name! (truly!). You are in our hearts daily as we discuss Titanic. We are filled with gratitude that you were able to bring her to life for us.  Thank you and we wish you all the happiness in the world!
-Jill Carlier
Some more messages from the newsletter team:

"Happy Birthday, Ken, have a good day! Thank you for creating your lovely artworks of RMS Titanic."
-All the best, Riley Harder

"Happy birthday Ken!"
- Kurt Nowak

"Happy Birthday, Ken"
- Terri Bey

"Happy Birthday, Ken, I love your art work!  Have a great month!"
-Mark Hopkins


"Happy Birthday, Ken!
I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. I want to thank you so much for blessing us with your beautiful illustrations of Titanic. Thank you for immortalizing Titanic into our hearts and for all time."

- Yvette "Betsi" Medina

Drawing by Sonia Bera (15)
Ken's talk with the Catalina Island Museum on August 13th
(Click for video)
Ken's website

Happy birthday to Titanic Survivor, Ruth Becker!
October 28th, 1899- July 6, 1990

From what we have heard and read, Ruth Becker was just delightful!

Come to our event on October 28th to talk with author, Peggy Wirgau about her new book, "The Stars in April". based on Ruth!

Register in advance for this meeting: 

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul Lee!

Born on Halloween! 

October 31st!

We are so grateful for Paul and all of his amazing research!  We are also grateful that Paul helps us out with the book club!  Paul is amazing at finding events to add to our calendar, and new books for our New Books page  on our website

Below is Paul's newest book is the newest book (click on the book to learn more)
You can also  see Dr. Lee's amazing reasearch if you visit his Titanic pages!

Happy Birthday, Paul!  We think you're great!

Dr. Paul Lee's Titanic Pages:


The Stars in April 

by Peggy Wirgau 

Based on the True Story of Twelve-Year-Old Titanic Survivor, Ruth Becker 

"Sometimes we have to go a long way to find out who we are." 

The year is 1912. When doctors in India are unable to treat her baby brother’s illness, Ruth’s missionary parents decide there is one solution: move her mother and the children across the world—to Michigan. 

But India is the only home Ruth knows. In a matter of days, she must leave Papa and all she loves behind, abandon her dream of one day playing violin in the Calcutta Orchestra, and embark on a rollicking, four-week journey across the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas, followed by the voyage to New York aboard the luxurious, ill-fated RMS Titanic. 

Ruth’s story is one of courage and self-sacrifice as she earns her sea legs and faces the unknown, culminating in a desperate, tragic night she will never forget.

"I feel as though I’m sitting in Ruth’s apartment and she is sharing her life story with me … so very well-written … one can hardly stop reading.”

—Floyd Andrick, former Titanic Historical Society member and personal friend of Ruth Becker

Meet The Author October 28th!

Lyam was happy to get back to school with his new Titanic backpack!

(submitted by his mother, Vanessa Ortiz)
Does anyone remember this book? I read it back in fourth grade. I just moved to America and barely spoke any English. I studied extra hard in ESL just to learn English so I could read this book. It’s a nice little novel, but in hindsight I feel the main character is a bit unlikeable due to the way he treats his young sister and mother, and the story of the Titanic takes a backseat to a fictional family melodrama, which is common with Titanic fiction. Also, the author places a cherub on the First Class D-deck landing instead of the famous candelabra, that little gaffe drove me insane even as a nine year old.

-Evgueni Mlodik
Titanic by Benedict from the Philippines (12)
Carpathia by Vienna from the Philippines (7)
White Star line logo by Riley Harder from the UK (13)
Today I want to share to you the Titanic interview with Simon Medhurst, led by Riley Harder. It’s a part of our documentary film, “The Unsinkable Voyage”, that my friends and I are working on. We hope you enjoy!

Also, below is a follow up from my article last month on the switch theory, thank you to everyone who reached out to me. 

-Benedict Rome

November 2021

We're going to read about the food served on Titanic in November, just in time for the holidays! We challenge you to make something Titanic related at your next holiday gathering!

RMS Titanic "Dinner is Served" 

by Yvonne Hume 


The Last Night on the Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining, and Style 

by Veronica Hinke  


Last Dinner On the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner

 by Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley


The Children will be reading

The Titanic Detective Agency

by Lindsay Littleson


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