Greetings Friends, Family, Clients and Colleagues!
I hope this email finds each of you well and in full swing for 2015. Let's make it a great year!
I've decided to do something new this year. It's certainly "new for me"...and in a way, I hope new for you as well. 
A newsletter.
Now, newsletters are certainly nothing new. We all get them and many head straight to the trash bin for a variety of good reasons. I push the delete button pretty quickly myself when something is simply not relevant to me.
I've always thought people would enjoy and could really benefit from a legal newsletter written in "plain English." One that speaks to laws and legal issues affecting their day-to-day world. As a liability lawyer for 30-plus years, I'm routinely involved with state and federal laws that have tremendous effect and relevance to us all. And I'd simply like to share some of that with you.
I'm launching a newsletter I hope each of you will find interesting, informative and most of all, relevant. The first edition of Legal Waters...navigating the currents will hit your inbox in a couple of days. It will include short legal and medical/legal articles of interest that generally inform on real-life issues. Many articles (but not all) will be about personal liability matters. Knowing how liability laws create personal liability can help make your world a safer place...and help keep you out of legal crosshairs.

I plan to send an edition of Legal Waters each quarter. Your feedback will always be welcome. I so hope you enjoy the read!

-Charlie Waters
Representing the Seriously Injured and Victims of Wrongful Death Since 1981

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