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Breakfast Club
a weekly run from lake temescal
Congrats all you, Boston finishers! It looked like a warm, tough day out there. Way to fight it out to the finish!
And big congrats to Amy Streeter, who finished tenth at Lake Sonoma last Saturday!  Woo hoo!

Upcoming Events

I've learned how to make GIFS. Fear me.

Salomon Run Club: SRC runs start at Skyline Gate in Redwood Park at 6:30pm. You don't even need to bring your running shoes! Demo shoes provided. More info.

Tilden Tough Ten: The TTT is the first in the three-part East Bay Triple Crown challenge. It's an idiosyncratic race with 8 miles of rolling asphalt from Inspiration point and a gut-busting descent-and-climb at the turnaround. Info here.

That's Fine Fridays continue Friday mornings at Edwards Track in Berkeley for glorious lactic-loving laps. Warm-up starts at 6:45am. Workout starts at 7:15am. Details here.

Find more runs and races at the East Bay Strava Runners Club.

The Details

No surprises here: Breakfast Club is back this Thursday at 6:30am! Known for its weekly early morning run from the shores of Lake Temescal, Breakfast Club features rolling routes and early miles through the Oakland-Berkeley borderlands.
Most routes include 6-8 miles. Pace averages between 7:00 to 7:55 per mile but most loops involve a few hundred feet of climbing. You can see data from recent runs here and here. The parking lots at the Lake are closed in the early mornings, but street parking is available on Broadway near the park's northern entrances. We meet at the north side of the lake, at the porta johns near the northern parking lot. (See above map). The group ALWAYS runs one clockwise loop around the lake before heading out.

Culture File

Running media to help get you out the door.

Watch: “The (North) Korean Chronicle.” This fascinating video follows an Aussie ski bum into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (or North Korea).  It’s a wild look inside the reclusive totalitarian state by an outdoor enthusiast. There are also some really pretty shots of freestyle skiing.

Read: “The IUD Is the Most Important, Underrated Outdoor Gear I Own” by Heather Hansman.  There is, unsurprisingly, a huge blindspot in the outdoor industry to the needs and issues of women athletes. Kudos to Hansman and Outside for tackling the matter in this month’s issue. You can also learn more about how public policy has affected contraception access in this week’s policy podcast on Vox. Unwanted pregnancy rates and abortions have plummeted in the past decade. Why? Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage mandate. #ThanksObama

Read: “Shoe-String Theory” by UC Berkeley News. For you science geeks, a new study by mechanical engineers at UC Berkeley finally shows why your shoelaces keep coming untied. The knot mechanics evident in shoestrings provide a model for understanding other microstructures, like DNA. This makes me feel a bit better about all the hours I spent learning how to tie knots when I raced sailboats as a kid. I can still tie a bowline knot like a motherf*cker.

Volunteer: "Earth Day at Diablo Foothills." Any interest in joining for some volunteer work removing invasive plants in the East Bay? Sign-up sheet here for 3.5 hours this upcoming Sunday.

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