June 10, 2022

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ཊོ་རེཨད་ཐིས་ཨརྟིཅླེ་ཨིན་ཨནོཐེར་ལངུཨགེ༔  ༡.་Cལིཅཀ་ཨོན་“Vཨིཨེཝ་ཐིས་ཨེམཻལ་ཨིན་ཡོཨུར་བྲོཝསེར”  ༢. Cལིཅཀ་ཨོན་“ཊྲནསླཏེ”  ༣.་Cཧོཨོསེ་Lཨངུཨགེ 

2021-22 Lisa Carlin Teacher of the Year award!

The Lisa Carlin Teacher of the Year Award is an annual award given to one Bloomington Campus teacher, one Richfield Elementary Campus teacher, and one Middle School teacher. It is a great way to honor the hard work and dedication of our teaching staff.

An exemplary teacher will exhibit the following qualities:

Hill 1 The Teacher exemplifies and demonstrates the passion of a life filled with learning both in the classroom and outside in the great wide world.

Hill 2 The Teacher embodies and showcases the core values at Seven Hills (CARES/TORCH) with parents, staff, and most of all...students.

Hill 3 The Teacher shows commitment and grace when taking on the new challenges of the day and remains humble and positive despite the struggle.

Hill 4 The Teacher demonstrates leadership in service to the school and supports our developing teachers in their improvement.

Hill 5 The Teacher holds high expectations of self and balances personal needs with what is best for the community.

Hill 6 The Teacher models disciplined thinking, robust debate, and the joyful pursuit of a hard-earned wisdom.

Hill 7 The Teacher has demonstrated commitment to the profession through their years of service to students and/or Seven Hills.

Now announcing, our Lisa Carlin Teacher of the Year Award winners:

Bloomington Campus: Jack Whitebread

Richfield Elementary Campus: Ruth Hansen

Middle School Campus: Molly Doyle

Congratulations to our award winners. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the teaching profession and for demonstrating excellence in education.

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