November 16, 2022

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ཊོ་རེཨད་ཐིས་ཨརྟིཅླེ་ཨིན་ཨནོཐེར་ལངུཨགེ༔  ༡.་Cལིཅཀ་ཨོན་“Vཨིཨེཝ་ཐིས་ཨེམཻལ་ཨིན་ཡོཨུར་བྲོཝསེར”  ༢. Cལིཅཀ་ཨོན་“ཊྲནསླཏེ”  ༣.་Cཧོཨོསེ་Lཨངུཨགེ 


Dear Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Community, 
This is our week! Give to the Max 2022: As one of only two main fundraisers for SHPA, Give to the Max is an excellent way to show your support for the Seven Hills community. We invite you to partner with the PTA to raise at least $8,000 for our school.
A special thank you to those families and friends who have already donated as an Early Giver! We’re on our way to achieving our goal. The money raised will be evenly divided between the two campuses and will be used to update the sound system at our Richfield campus and expand our musical instrument selection at the Bloomington campus.

Parents, family and friends are encouraged to support their student’s school community by donating through the Give to the Max website on Thursday, November 17th (and any time this week). Visit our
fundraising site now to schedule your donation.

On Thursday, Give to the Max Day, Seven Hills is participating in a Golden Ticket sweepstakes as part of our campaign. If you donate on November 17, your donation is entered into a drawing to win an additional $500 or $1,000 for Seven Hills! Each hour is an opportunity to win! If you’d like to, you can
sign up here to show that you are donating at a specific time on November 17. This way we can coordinate our donations and maximize our chances of winning a Golden Ticket! 

Additionally, we welcome you to spread the news to your family and friends outside of Seven Hills! Give to the Max allows anyone to donate from anywhere, and if every SHPA family encouraged one other family member or friend to give a small pledge, we’d exceed our goal! Invite family and friends to give using
this example message, and let’s see if we can hit our goal together!

When you choose to donate through Give to the Max, more than 93% of your donation goes directly to Seven Hills! No other fundraiser produces that high of a return.  You can decide to give in any of these ways:

  1. Submit a one-time donation, or
  2. Schedule a regular payroll deduction through your employer.
  3. Does your employer match donations? If so, you can place your donation now, then request your employer match to GiveMN, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy. 

Your consistent engagement and support remains a source of strength for our award-winning school community. Thank you for participating in Give to the Max on behalf of Seven Hills!



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