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Happy New Year! 🌟🍾

As 2020 comes to pass, everyone's hopeful for a break in the spell of bad luck we've all had. We're all looking forward to seizing the new beginnings 2021 has to offer, but just before we do so, let's reflect on the year so far! What was the best part of 2020 for you? Have these exceptional circumstances helped you develop new skills? How have you grown with the challenges we've faced?

Remember to reflect, evolve, and grow. Wishing all our readers a great year ahead!

The 2020 Overview

Black Lives Matter

2020 has seen a huge movement towards racial equality. The flurry of posts comparing the recent Capitol Hill riots to BLM riots is only testament to the eternal changes inspired. Where do these differences arise from? Where do we go from here? Stanford University provides an extensive guide of articles and information.
Click here to delve deeper!


1.88 million deaths. Over 81 million jobs lost. Over $16 trillion lost in economic disparity in the US alone. Apart from the immediate health consequences, the pandemic has allowed social inequalities to manifest in a way they could never before. The WEF has made concerted efforts in creating the COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs which has already impacted over a billion people.
Read more here!

Start-ups on a Social Mission

Carbon Craft Design

This architectural company based in India views carbon-based pollution as a valuable resource. They're using carbon soot as a pigment to create monochromatic tiles that could eventually compare to the costs of conventionally used ceramic tiles.
Read more about their journey


This enterprise based in Peru produces a line of trendy ethical fashion - but that's not it. The enterprise trains and employs survivors of domestic violence, women who are incarcerated, and low-income single mothers, to create their line of clothing and accessories. They build a community that supports victims and provides them with a sustainable future.
Visit their website!
Quote of the week

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”
– Paul Valery

A Guide to Reflection

Reflection and introspection are one of the most important steps for success. Take a minute to think about your achievements, setbacks and memories of 2020. Think about your own opinions, actions and habits as a person. In the words of Søren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
  • In six to eight words, describe who you are when you’re most proud of yourself 
  • In six to eight words, how would you like your life to be summarized on your tombstone? (curious about this exercise, listen to Vanessa's podcast recommendation)
  • A gratitude list (Bonus: add why?)
  • Rate the day out of 10 (What would make it +1 higher?)
  • Describe the day in one word (Try not to re-use the same adjective)
  • Q&A a day 365 Questions x 5 years
  • “If I were to re-live today again, what 3 things would I change to make today better?”
  • On a particularly challenging week:
    • How do I feel?
    • What is the trigger?
    • How can I handle it?
Here are some reflections and new year goals from our team!!

Karyshma: I would like to be able to do a handstand and a sub-50 10k. And I’d like to finally master the art of the roast dinner! 

Kyling: It's okay to put yourself first!

Vanessa: In Moonshot, we have a monthly family reunion, we put names to faces, we catch up, we laugh, we discuss a new topic every month from networking to personality, from team building to reflection. This is probably the initiative that I am the proudest of in 2020!!
Watch this TEDx talk on self-awareness

Our team recommendations

Vanessa Tang (Co-Founder)
Podcast: Tim Ferris & Dr. Loehr on Mental Toughness, Energy Management, the Power of Journaling
Not only was the story of Olympic speed skating champion Dan Jansen inspiring, mind-blowing and just wow... Jim also talked about the secret of coaching and the power of inner voice. If your internal private voice is broadcasted to an arena with thousands and thousands of people, would you be embarrassed or proud by it? Worth a thought...
Akshit Goel (Co-Editor)
Movie: The Trial of the Chicago 7
Think about the current situation of the US democratic system. For a figurehead like the soon-to-be ex-president to squabble for his position is unheard of. Is it his own charisma that inspires these events or is the political system to blame? This movie highlights faults in the justice system exploited by the US government long before Trump's ascension.
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