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A strong start to 2021

In our last newsletter, we talked about the importance of reflection. Now, it's time to set the trajectory for the new upcoming year. Are you someone who enjoys setting goals? How do you do it? There are plenty of resources out there that might inspire you, including this article on the importance of micro-habits, this video on the importance of setting a goal in the 'flow' level of difficulty, or maybe, you don't need goals but instead you need a 'theme'.

At Moonshot, we like to share our goals and intentions as a form of keeping accountability. Even if you might not be talking to someone about yours, you can always write it down somewhere as a mental note to yourself. 

So what are your big visions for 2021?

Big Bold Changes

A Meat-y Problem

Livestock farming alone is responsible for 5% of global emissions, but how does the odd fourth-generation farmer make a difference? With increased social pressure, meat producers are being pushed for transparency; investors are getting cold feet; the industry is at the forefront of change. Here are some initiatives that we think might set the ball rolling:
Here's an FT article must read!

Start-ups on a Social Mission


Allplants is a London based vegan food delivery service, with delicious meals sent straight to your doorstep. Even just shifting to a plant based meal for a few nights a week can make a substantial positive impact on the planet. Not only is Allplants a convenient simple solution, but their range of 30+ meals have all been designed by nutritionists to ensure that they're balanced and fulfilling. You can get 6x double servings of food for £5 per meal. If you don't get their service, at least check out their hilarious #tryingtoveganbut confession section on their website!
Check out their range of vegan meals

Greater Change

Despite the cold rainy winter months of London, most of us still have a home to stay in - maybe even a warm cup of tea, some cozy blankets and a functioning radiator blasting through the night. 

But this isn't the case for many of the homeless people in London. Greater Change offers a solution - an intimate community with a great degree of transparency, you can see exactly who and how you're helping with your one-off/monthly donations. Why not offer a gesture of kindness this month?

"I’m sure you have felt the same way, wanting to do something to help someone out of their situation, you feel unable to help. I was determined to build a solution, so this generosity didn’t go to waste, so that thousands of people could leave homelessness behind for good." -Alex McCallion, Founder of Greater Change
Learn about their work and donate

Noteworthy News from our Network

Xampla - An exemplar plastic alternative

Xampla, a Cambridge-based start-up, has joined stead with multiple start-ups hoping to create alternative plastic solutions such as Sulapac and Vegware. Their clear, flexible, plant-based alternative meets the needs of many in the food packaging industry. They've now raised over £6 million in seed funding and look forward to a more sustainable future.
Read more about their journey & tech

George Katzaros on the IB Green Minds Podcast

Listen to George Katzaros, founder of solar energy company Verditek and co-founder of sustainable housing provider Zero Watt Homes, talk about his career to date. He discusses developments and trends in the clean technology and housing markets, revealing his experiences. As he says,

"The green space is probably undergoing the single biggest wave of positive growth. There are so many different subelements and subfactors involved; it's just a bubbling cauldron of change."

Listen to the podcast here
Quote of the week

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.”  
– Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Make an Impact Today

The UN World Food app Promotion Video
ShareTheMeal is the official UN World Food Programme app, that allows you to donate meals to children in need. For just $0.80 per day, you can provide an entire days worth of food. 

The WFP reaches more than 86 million people every year spread across 83 countries - so far they've managed to provide 94,643,878 shared meals through donation. You can also be a part of the change. Watch the video or click the link below!
Download the App now

Our team recommendations

Monami Miyamoto (Co-Editor)
One month challenge:
Yoga with Adriene
During the most recent Moonshot meeting, I was really excited when I found out that two other members on our team were also doing the 30-day yoga challenge on the Youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene. If there's anything that can bring some light and joy into these eternal months of lockdown, this is it. With the friendliest personality in the world, Adriene will introduce you to the calming, wholesome routine that is a daily yoga practice.
Kyling Saw (Marketing)

Lunchclub is like if Hinge and LinkedIn had a baby. They match you with different people around the world that have similar interests to you, whether that's entrepreneurship or design or sports. All you have to do is pick a slot when you're free and they'll set up a short call with you and another person in their community!
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