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On busy-ness and productivity

Being productive is a critical skill in the modern age when we all have multiple commitments, tasks, assignments, and are also trying to make time for self-care and hobbies. It's why many of us either

a) constantly feel like our brain is a chaotic mess (but its become so chronic we don't realise it) or
b) resort to creating extensive lists, schedules and ahead of time and trying to control time.

There's nothing inherently wrong with either approach as long as you're finishing what needs to get done. But with lockdown in place, many of us may have noticed a change to our working patterns. Have you found yourself being able to work better? Or are you struggling to stay motivated? You might be overworking more now that you've got extra time, or beating yourself up for feeling productive enough. 

But whichever group you fall in (or inbetween depending on the day), it can be immensely helpful to go back and think about why you want to be productive. Often times, it's not just to tick something off a list - it's to create more time to spend on the activities or with the people that you care about. Remembering this might remind you to be kinder to yourself for not going over that lecture, if you chose to spend some quality time chatting to a loved one. Or, it might bring about a better source of intrinsic motivation to get things done.

Big Bold Changes

Denmark's quite literally blown it out of the water

Denmark is building an artificial island in the North Sea that will eventually be capable of meeting all the nation’s electricity needs - a history-making 10 million homes. 2020 has seen record-breaking financial investments into the offshore wind market as Denmark joins China in faster growth. They plan to generate over 10 gigawatts of energy through their efforts, with a $34 billion investment.
Here's a WEF report in their technology

Start-ups on a Social Mission

Patch Plants to liven up your room

A nice potted plant is the best way to turn that lockdown frown upside down! Patch Plants is a one-stop online store to help add some green to your room. Using the filter function on their website, you can easily find plants best suited to your room conditions (eg. in the shade), and your plant-caring capacities (eg. 'non-killable' plants). They deliver plants straight to your door with a comprehensive guide on how best to look after it. 

Patch plants has already delivered over 250,000 plants to more than 82,000 customers. Why not liven up your room too?
Check out how their material works

Bond touch to connect with those you care

Valentines may have passed, but it's never too late to show your loved ones that you're thinking of them. Bond touch is a startup that aims to let people separated by long distances, feel close to each other. They sell digital wearables in pairs, and when one person touches their watch, the other persons watch vibrates. It's a simple yet gentle reminder that you're thinking of them. The watches come with an account in the Bond Touch app where you can set up a private chat with the other person, and see their status (eg. weather in their location). 
Get one for you and your partner/friend/family

Noteworthy News from our Network

Shining a light on eye screening - VUI Diagnostics

1.3 billion people suffer from avoidable blindness. The 2019 Venture Catalyst Challenge winners have pioneered a screening tool that is more rapid, accessible and cheaper than conventional methods. Designed by two final year medical students at Imperial, their start-up has been featured by the likes of the Times.
Visit their website here

Keep your eyes peeled - Banana Scoops

Banana Scoops is providing healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream by using natural and plant-based ingredients and avoiding preservatives, artificial ingredients and sugars. Perfectly designed in mind for young families and healthy eaters, who are crazing healthier and nutritious desserts. It has been pioneered by Jess Salamanca, a business student at King's College London.
Look at their flavors here!
Quote of the week

"The teacher learns more than the student. The author learns more than the reader. The speaker learns more than the attendee. The way to learn is by doing"
-James Clear

Get involved

The Moonshot Hackathon

Date: 5th - 7th March 2021
Theme: Creating better cities
Price of admission: Free

Feel passionately about social issues? We're aiming to bring 100 students from the leading universities together to ideate and solve social issues based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

Topics up for discussion will include:
🍕Food systems & the climate crisis
🚚 Transport

Join humanity's greatest minds to solve humanity's greatest problems. Sign up now! Watch this space for updates.

Find out more and sign up!

Our team recommendations

Soren Vines (Co-Founder)
Building startups to make an impact is difficult. Ann Mei Chang, ex-Google, now USAID goes from where the lean startup ends and a new movement of social enterprises begins. Lean Impact follows Ann Mei Chang's loose methodology of how to navigate nebulous and unstructured jungle of social enterprise, avoid pitfalls of funding and observe how the the worlds funding models need to be adapted for the creation of social driven businesses. If I was going to recommend one book on social enterprise it would be lean impact.
Akshit Goel (Co-Editor)
The Disruptors for GOOD podcast is a great place to hear from founders dedicated to sustainable initiatives such as ethical fashion, impact investing, sustainable travel and businesses that impact the world in a positive way. This edition is about Cope Notes, an initiative to promote healthy thinking and treat disorders such as anxiety.
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