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On cats, chess, and choices

Have you ever heard about the thought experiment of Schrödinger's cat? It's a concept centered around quantum mechanics expressed in the form of a cat that is both alive and dead at the same time - because there are supposedly multiple parallel universes operating at any one time.

So what if, maybe in another universe there was a version of you different to that sitting in front of your phone or laptop reading this newsletter? What would that version of you look like? What would they be doing? How has their life unfolded? The truth is, there's probably an infinite number of possibilities.

Which of these possibilities manifests, comes down to just one thing: the choices that we make. Like a game of chess that begins with a pre-determined position, but opens up 9 million variations after just the first 6 moves, and 88 billion after 8 moves, the possibilities keep expanding and the course of the game keep shifting. Likewise, every day life is filled with seemingly trivial choices and decisions, but each ever so slightly altering the trajectory of your life.

Where you are and who you are right now is a result of the decisions made by your past self. But more importantly, who you become in 5, 10 years time will be the result of the choices you make today, tomorrow and the rest or your life. How will you move the pieces on your board? Which of the infinite possible outcomes will you choose?

Big Bold Changes

Uber makes a tough choice

After a long 2 years of legal battles, the Supreme Court in the UK finally rules that Uber drivers deserve 'worker' rights. Uber has now released a statement that over 70,000 drivers in the UK will now receive minimum wage, vacation pay and access to a pension plan. These actions may threaten the nature of the Gig economy, with Lyft already feeling similar ramifications.
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Start-ups on a Social Mission

Does this BUG you?

We all know that changing our diet is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change. But how can we reduce meat consumption without sacrificing key macronutrients like protein? Aaron and Leo, co-founders of BUG believe that eating insects is one viable solution. Although the concept might sound odd, it's all about making it a familiar part of your diet. That's why BUG provides complete kits and recipes to make our favourite meals like burgers, risotto, pancakes and fajitas. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for our next newsletter where you can read our  exclusive interview with Aaron! 
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Creating the Future with Futurize

Futurize is a start-up with a mission very similar to Moonshot. They are an innovation studio that 'designs virtual innovation programmes to connect businesses to the brightest and most creative minds to think beyond what's possible, together'. If you enjoyed any of our hackathons or want to check out topics that we haven't been able to get around to, check out Futurize's previous case-studies, ongoing projects, or better yet, plan your own hackathons with their support!
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Noteworthy News from our Network

CalidiScope - looking out for pressure sores

CalidiScope, founded by Imperial College London graduates Anna McGovern and Luthfun Nessa, aims to produce mattress toppers that can detect and predict pressure ulcers. They also hope to monitor patient movement and automate documentation to prevent them in the first place. They recently won the Venture Catalyst Challenge 2021 taking home £30,000.
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Track Carbon provides an emissions management software tool and consultancy service to help companies set targets for carbon emissions reduction. This LSE spin-out has gained traction after passing through the 2020 Lean Accelerator.
Visit their website

Get Involved

The TechX Ideas Club

The TechX Ideas Club is a space where participants can ignite concepts and develop business ideas like never before. It aims to empower females of all ages and backgrounds to invest in themselves to grow their business ideas. They hope to challenge the status quo to close the gender gap in the energy sector. TechX Ideas Club aims to create high-potential Cleantech start-ups that will ultimately close the technology gap and gender gap within the UK energy sector.
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Quote of the week

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"

- Nelson Mandela

Our team recommendations

Written by Jacqueline Novogratz, the Founder & CEO of Acumen, a non-profit impact investment fund, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution is an inspiring read about what it takes to change the world for the better.  The book masterfully weaves together real entrepreneurial journeys with lessons on values-led leadership and is sure to strike a chord with aspiring social entrepreneurs.
Akshit Goel (Co-Editor)
I've never come across anyone on the legal advisory side of climate change; I've always come across those campaigning for change and looking to innovate. Maria Duvall gives an interesting perspective in the fight for green laws and government investment amongst different geographical regions spanning Europe, US and New Zealand. 
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