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Happy almost-December, Moonshot fam! 🚀 (An attempt at finding any reason to celebrate)

How have your last 2 weeks been? Being at home and not being able to see others, has probably made all of us a little more well acquainted with ourselves, right? When it comes to handling the pandemic, each of us are unique in what makes us feel good, but what matters is that you stay true to your own needs. What sparks joy?

Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you're supposed to." Stay home on New Year's Eve if that's what makes you happy. Skip the committee meeting. Cross the street to avoid making aimless chit-chat with random acquaintances. Read. Cook. Run. Write a story. Make a deal with yourself that you'll attend a set number of social events in exchange for not feeling guilty when you beg off.” - Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Big Bold Changes

Charities worldwide are giving in

Another sector that's taken a hit by the pandemic is the charity sector. A nationwide report in the UK showed that over 35% of charities didn't think they would last the year. Charities are forecasted to receive £12.4 billion lesser in donations with a demand greater than ever before. A huge push towards digitisation seems like the only saving grace in this economy.
Here's how digitisation is helping charities

Start-ups on a Social Mission

Waste not, want not

Confession: This is actually not a start-up, but still an extremely exciting endeavour by a group of young individuals making social impact. 22 Dutch students in Eindhoven have successfully built an electric car made entirely out of waste materials such as plastic from the seas and household garbage. Whilst many car companies are transitioning towards interior designs using environmentally friendly material, this was the first attempt at building the exteriors and the chassis from waste too. The students hope that their project will inspire more people to take on the challenge of seeing waste as valuable products that can be reintegrated into our lives.
Watch their interview

For Days

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world? Not only does it produce greenhouse gases, but the treatments and dyes used, the large amounts of water wasted, and the endless stream of clothes piled on waste land-fills all contribute to a pretty bleak future. But For Days aims to change that. They use a closed-loop production system, in which you can order their organic, 100% recyclable clothes, and send back any of your tattered old clothes. They'll take that and upcycle it so that nothing goes to waste.
Order from their store

Noteworthy News from our Network

Hands In

Hands In is making group payments easier. Instead of spending hours working out who owes you how much, their app calculates and settles your bill amongst your friends in an instant. With an ethical backbone, a portion of their revenue is dedicated for social causes.
Visit their website here

Donaco - revolutionizing the charity industry

Donaco, a social start-up aiming to fast-track the digitisation of the charity industry in a more efficient manner has gained steady traction over the last couple of years. They allow viewers to donate and take action while reading about causes they feel passionately about: be it on the tube, while reading the news or surfing the web.
Here's an interview with the sole founder Michael
Quote of the week

"If anyone can refute me, show me I'm making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective, I'll gladly change. It's the truth I'm after."
– Marcus Aurelius 6.21

Make an Impact Today

Flourish is a simple yet impactful app that allows you to pick a charity or cause that you wish to support, and donate through multiple creative approaches: like rounding up and giving the spare change from credit/debit card purchases, setting daily donations, giving one-time donations, and much more. You can also keep progress on how your donations might be making an impact!

Download the App now

Get involved

Showcase your artwork and support the circular economy

Have you heard of Mercato Metropolitano? It's London's first sustainable community market in Elephant & Castle, providing various food and beverage offerings as well as unique artisan products - all sustainably sourced, along with some stalls that operate on a circular-economy approach. They also run multiple urban projects to promote their values in sustainability. 

They're currently constructing a new branch at Ilford, and inviting everyone to submit their artworks. If selected, not only will your artwork be displayed around their construction site, but it'll become a permanent feature of the building once it's done!

Why not support this exciting, innovative cause whilst giving your creativity an opportunity to shine?

Submit your work

Our team recommendations

Jedidiah Cheung (Co-Founder)
Cause: One Life One Tree
As levels of carbon dioxide are on the rise, why not offset your lifetime's worth of emissions by planting a sequoia tree? An average UK person’s lifetime CO2 footprint is 520 tonnes, and the World’s largest Giant Sequoia has captured over 1400 tonnes. You can sign up to the project to become a Sequoia tree patron, and the organisation will plant your sequoia tree at one of their designated groces in the UK. You'll receive a slate plaque with your name engraved and the coordinates of where your tree is planted!
Kyling Saw (Marketing)
Working from home can sometimes make you feel like you’re on a constant treadmill to meet deadlines and expectations but the Balance app is something that has helped me separate work time from downtime, at least a little bit. Because Miss Rona is peskier than a clingy ex, the Balance app is giving out one-year memberships for free (no card necessary), providing instructional meditations, personalised to you. That, combined with M&S’s Calm scent makes the alone time something to look forward to.
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