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On checking in with yourself

In Ryan Holiday's book, Stillness is the key, one of his actionable tip is to schedule in some time each week to go on a walk on your own, without any distractions. No audiobooks, no podcasts, no music. When I first read about this, I remember vividly setting an hour-long appointment in my iCal every Wednesday afternoon. But when that day arrived, 4 out of 5 times, I ignored it.

I said I was too busy. Or that it was too cold. Or that I was walking enough to Sainsbury's and back.

Regardless of whether it's walking, or any other habit, if you find yourself using similar excuses, it's not a reason to stop trying. It simply means you should try a different approach. In my case, I scaled it down to a 30 minute walk, and decided to do it first thing in the morning. This turned out to be perfect - half an hour was less intimidating (often times I'd walk longer anyway once I was out), and doing it first meant I had no excuses later on when the day got busier.

What I've found is not only the importance of trying different approaches to make routines stick, but also the joy of going on a solo-walk. From Aristotle, Kierkegaard, Steve Jobs to Charles Darwin, many of history's greatest thinkers had walking as part of their routine. This isn't the kind of walking with the aim of getting somewhere, but rather, to ponder, muse and reflect. Despite having more time now from the lack of commute, many of us are probably still in the go-go-go mindset; moving from one thing to another. Unless you make an active choice to spend some time alone with your thoughts, you probably won't ever do it. It's only in retrospect that you realise how much you needed that check-in with yourself.

Big Bold Changes

The Circular Economy Action Agenda

On February 4, 2021, the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE), Resonance, and a global network of business, government, and civil society leaders launched the Circular Economy Action Agenda. This Action Agenda is a rallying call to accelerate the transition to a circular economy to achieve a better future for people and nature. The Action Agenda is made up of five reports, focused on plastics, textiles, electronics, capital equipment, and food.
Learn more about the agenda here

Here come the Sea Cleaners

The brainchild of French skipper, adventurer and ecologist, Yvan Bourgnon, The Manta, described as a ‘revolutionary factory ship’ is based upon a massive purpose-designed, plastic collecting vessel with four hulls. They have a prototype in the works for 2024, aiming to remove a third of the ocean's waste.
Visit their website here

Start-ups on a Social Mission

The Future of Walking

What if walking could help solve pollution? Although we might not think about air pollution often since it's an invisible problem, in cities like London toxic particulates are all around us. Long term continued exposure to highly polluted air can damage our organs and lead to health problems down the line. That's why The Future of Walking (TFW) have designed shoes that filter air. The shoes are fitted with a one-way valve and layers of filter that ejects clean air with every step. Although it's still a prototype, they have been featured at the London Design Week, WGSN lifestyle report and Sic Mulher. 
Learn more about the company

A call to Actio - the app that'll make you take action

Actio is a unique live-coaching app that helps you start, and stick to new habits. Have you ever found that it's much easier to stick to workout plans or any other lifestyle changes if you're doing it together with someone else? An accountability partner? Well, that's what this app is all about. Before you even get the chance to make excuses, your coach will ring you up for a scheduled live-coaching session to make sure that you show up - even just for a quick 10 minute meditation. Behavioural change can only happen when you experience the right set of motivational factors - they can all be found on Actio.
Start your new habit now

Noteworthy News from our Network

The Haut new trend

Started by two Physics students from Imperial College London, Haut lets you log and share your skincare routine, helping you to keep track of what’s working, and see first-hand what might be helping others. They recently received $125k from Y Combinator and have just launched their app!
Visit their website here

Tuune into your own health

Tuune is looking to help women deal with contraceptive health and choose what's right for them. Depression, weight gain and acne are only some of the problems that women have to deal with daily. They hope to find the best fit based on everyone's unique physiology.
Join the waitlist now

Seeking all Year 11 -13 Change makers

Do you have a sibling or know someone in year 11, 12 or 13? Are they the kind of person who is passionate about making social impact? Do they have talents that can be applied to something beyond academics?

Look no further. Moonshot is bringing Hack for Humanity Hackathon to schools.  We'll be introducing the FIRST UK SOCIAL ENTERPRISE HACKATHON, organised by university students from Imperial College, UCL and LSE. 
Sign up here!

For those who are even more ambitious, we've also got the Moonshot student ambassadors program!

Sign up here!
Quote of the week

“How does walking get us closer to stillness?…it is repetitive, ritualized motion. It is deliberate. It is an exercise in peace.

- Ryan Holiday

Our team recommendations

Monami Miyamoto (Co-Editor)
Podcast: Unlocking Us by Brene Brown
Listening to podcasts is always such a great incentive for me to get out of the house and go on a long walk. This series by Brene Brown has been my recent favourite. She interviews a diverse group of people, from Melinda Gates, Roxane Gay, to Reese Witherspoon to draw out honest, unfiltered conversations about personal, social, global challenges. Insightful, eye-opening, and witty at times, it's bound to leave you thinking about what it really means to be a human (messy yet magical). I'd highly recommend anyone to give it a try!
Akshit Goel (Co-Editor)
Ten years after its release, 808s & Heartbreak is an absolute. Its influence never really ceased reverberating, and its imprint still appears with some frequency across hip-hop (and pop music writ large). Kanye Wests's fourth studio album raised an entire generation: wide-eyed child actors, hardened Atlanta drug dealers, elusive bedroom producers. Somehow, the Chicago artist’s most experimental and idiosyncratic work became his most groundbreaking. One of my absolute favourites!
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