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Merry Christmas Moonshot Fam! 🎄

It’s almost that time of the year - a time for celebration, good food, good drinks and just being present with your loved ones. How are you spending your Christmas this year?

In the lead up to the Christmas, this edition of Moonshot Bulletin will include a special section with creative ideas for you to give - not just material objects, but also support to our community, through gifts that make a difference 🎁

Remember to be merry, be happy, and be COVID-free!

Big Bold Changes

The race towards a COVID-19 vaccine

The massive cash injunction into the race for a vaccine hasn't been unwarranted: vaccines are some of the most sustainable preventative measures out there. Now that we've started to see a few successful candidates, the challenge becomes analyzing different communities, isolating risk and delivering the vaccine in an effective manner.
Here's a look at how hard this process can be

Start-ups on a Social Mission


Mootral is an agri-tech start-up that develops feed supplements for cattle and other ruminants to reduce the methane that they produce. The supplement is made from a combination of garlic and citrus-based flavonoid and has been shown to inhibit methane emission in vitro by up to 38%. As climate change and greenhouse gas continue to be a major crisis for the future of humanity, companies like Mootral are making inspirational stories in the right direction.

Read more about their mission and technology

Noteworthy News from our Network

Agave Networks

Fellow participants and winners of the last Hack4Humanity hackathon have gone on to pursue their idea and make it a reality. They hope to mitigate waste management of surplus goods by creating a circular economy in the manufacturing industry.
Here's an interview with the co-founders

The Global Circular Challenge

Got a bit of extra time and have an idea you want to pursue? The Department of Geography and Environment at LSE and Experience Labs are hosting a competition to drive innovation in the circular economy. They plan to use Design Thinking with a specific outlook on fashion to help reimagine its future. 
Find out more and sign up!
Quote of the week

“The whole world is beautiful. The art is in the seeing.”  
– Camille Pissarro

Moonshot's Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 101

For the coffee lover – Pact Coffee (£) 

Pact Coffee purchases beans directly from farmers and pay 25% - 125% above Fairtrade rates, ensuring that growers actually make a profit. The entire process is extremely transparent, meaning you can trace back all your purchases to the person who grew it. Most importantly, their 100% specialty grade fresh coffee beans are absolutely delicious! 

For the chocolate lover – Chocolate Tree (£) 

The chocolate industry is one of the most harmful industry when it comes to sustainability, with huge environmental impacts and millions of underpaid workers in developing countries. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Chocolate Tree, you can enjoy your chocolates and hot chocolate guilt free, because their business model protects biodiversity and rewards farmers with a high price for their cacao. Their packaging is also sustainably sourced, and production operates with minimal waste. Oh, and they are a member of 1% for the planet, meaning that they donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental non-profits. 

For your vegan friend – Cake or Death (££) 

Cake or Death is an independently owned vegan brownie store based in East London. Katie, the owner, delivers ridiculously fudgy brownies (bound to be a luxurious treat) which are dropped off through the letterbox, making it a wonderful, hassle-free, surprise treat. Plus, who doesn’t love brownies? 

For your homebody - Wax and Wick Workshop (££) 

Wax and Wick Workshop sells candles in jars made of 100% recycled glass. Their wax is made of only two ingredients (sourced locally in the UK) – oils and soy wax, without any chemicals that are not only harmful for you but also for the planet. Finally, with every online order, the company donates 5% of your purchase to a social cause or charity of your selection.  

For anyone who cares about social impact – WEARTH / KingsCross (£ - £££) 

If you didn’t find anything in particular on this list that you fancied, be sure to check out WEARTH and KingsCross. WEARTH is an online store partnering with hundreds of sustainable brands, bringing you a wide range of ethical and eco-friendly gifts; with entire sections dedicated to ‘personalized gifts’, ‘food & drinks’ and more, you'll be sure to find something special on this website. KingsCross also provides a comprehensive list of all types of gifts that make a positive social impact. There are plenty of affordable options too. 

Our team recommendations

Vanessa Tang (Co-Founder)
Website/Newsletter: Sifted
Startups are cool. But there are way too many of them, and the landscape changes too quickly to keep up with what's happening. Endless LinkedIn scrolling to find the perfect startup news had just been another form of procrastination for me. Until one day I found Sifted - it's like the FT but for startups (in fact, it's actually backed by the Financial Times). About time to be more informed on the European startup space.
Monami Miyamoto Co-Editor
Hosted by Marina Schmidt, an advocate for food innovation, this podcast is all about sustainability in the food-tech sector. Each season explores a specific topic, such as clean meat or plastic pollution, and goes in-depth about the science behind it, some common misconceptions (eg. that recycling is a viable solution to our waste crisis) and ways we can all make a difference. If you’re curious about the latest topics in food sustainability, this podcast is perfect for you!
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