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Rodney is pleased announce a series of upcoming group exhibitions that will feature his work, the first of which will occur at the Loft Artists Association in nearby Stamford, CT. Please join us at the gallery on Thursday September 8th, from 6-8pm for an awards ceremony and opening reception.

The show, titled "Lost + Found", will feature a vibrant wood panel painting from a series Rodney created in 2014. The piece was selected by juror Larissa Bailiff, who is a New York-based art historian, educator, and writer. For the past 15 years, she has been active in teaching and arts programming, predominantly at the Museum of Modern of Art, but also at The Morgan Library, the Brooklyn Museum, the National Academy of Design, Cooper Hewitt, F.I.T., and Pratt Institute. 

The expression Lost and Found can spur a whole host of associations: a repository of objects and their attendant histories; feelings of loss and displacement; and notions of recovery, return, even redemption. What is worth holding on to? What does it mean to find someone or some thing? Where do you find yourself now? In 1964 Yoko Ono composed the one-line score: “Draw a Map to Get Lost,” suggesting that the goal lies not in finding an exact destination, but rather in getting lost or losing oneself within the process or journey.  Allow this theme of “lost and found” to take you where it will.

But most of all, we hope it will take you out to the show! 

Loft Artists Association
Stamford, CT
Twitter: @LoftArtists | Facebook: /Loftartists


Upcoming| Art VOTES

                                                  The MadDness of Trump! (3), 2016
                                      Mixed Media Collage and Photo Transfer on Paper
                                                                       13 x 16 in                            
As many of Rodney's followers may already know, he has been recently creating work around the 2016 election, focusing specifically on the subject of Donald Trump. This work was selected for inclusion in the upcoming exhibition,
"Art VOTES: Visualizing the Democratic Process" at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ. Fellow West Chelsea resident, Arlene Rush, owner of Rush Arts Gallery, will also have a piece of her artwork featured in the show. 

The current process to choose nominees to be our next United States President, as well as recent debates around immigration crises and race-based violence, provide rich sources of social commentary by artists and more directly satirical cartoonists alike.  

Gallery Bergen, about just 45 minutes NW of mid-town Manhattan invites works showcasing the role of creative vision in depicting governmental structures and the democratic process through procedures including; exaggeration, critique, satire, comedy and drama.

Works in all media pertinent to the U.S. political process, current social issues, and current 2016 election cycle including painting, drawing, prints, photographs, posters, cartoons, graphics, sculpture and video will be on display.
Please join us on Tuesday September 27th at Gallery Bergen at Bergen Community College for an opening reception from 6-8pm. Please contact the studio if you need suggestions for transportation and directions. 

  Gallery Bergen| Paramus, NJ


Upcoming| On Democracy


                                                         Disconstructing Trump (1), 2016
                                  Handmade Photo Assemblage Enlarged as an Archival Print
                                                                       22 x 34.5 in

In addition to "Art VOTES", Rodney will also be participating in a politically themed photography exhibition titled "On Democracy" at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, OR. There he will be showcasing two pieces from his latest series, Disconstructing Trump.

The photography based works in the show will respond to the question, "what does democracy look like in 2016?".  Selections were made by Claartje van Dijk, Assistant Curator at the International Center of Photography, New York.

If you will be in the Portland area, please join us for the opening reception at the center on
Friday October 7th from 6-8pm.

 Newspace Center for Photography| Portland, OR

Instagram: @newspacephoto | Facebook: /NewspacePhoto 

Around Town| BOFFO

                                Rodney's work from "The MadDness of Trump!" pictured bottom left

Another recent accomplishment of Rodney's includes being selected by the jury of BOFFO's In Politics We Trust online project. BOFFO, a nonprofit arts organization, created this project to provide an opportunity for artists, illustrators, and designers to create & share political campaign posters for the 2016 American Presidential Election.

Posters can were submitted for, or against (or without) any particular stance for a candidate, or address an important political issue. BOFFO hopes to create a nation-wide dialog about the upcoming election and political climate in America by giving artists a platform to share their thoughts, not only on the candidates, but also the many important issues facing our country at this time. The posters were shared on BOFFO’s
Instagram, @boffo_ny, and on Tumblr at A jury of institutional leaders and artists from across the country selected their favorite posters, which will be shared with the presidential candidates’ campaign offices, and might even have the distinction of being featured in their campaigns.

Rodney was excited to be selected as a favorite of the jurors, and to be featured alongside the other talented artists and designers in the project. Take a moment and check out these brilliantly clever and creative posters! 

                                                          Jury selections:

BOFFO | Bowery
85 Kenmare Street #22
New York, NY 10012
Instagram: @boffo_ny | Facebook: /boffo.ny | Twitter: @boffo_ny

Community Spotlight| Brad Greenwood

                                                                                     Greenwood in his TriBeCa studio

Brad Greenwood is a painter who mainly works in acrylic and mixed media on wood panels and has been living and working in New York City over the last 20 years. Following the footsteps of many other great artists such as few Jeff Koons, Sol LeWitt, and Robert Mangold, Greenwood began his professional arts career at the Museum of Modern Art. He was first hired as an arts administrator, which would unknowingly lead Greenwood into a 10 year stint as first the Development Manager for MoMA then the Director of Development at MoMA PS.1. He now works full time as a fine art painter out of his studio in TriBeCa. His work includes many personal, favorite iconic references from childhood and popular culture, as well as nods to art history. Greenwood's work lies on the border between painting and drawing, transforming wood grain on panels into theatrical scenes of images and figures using a technique that renders the acrylic paint into a unique state between opaque and transparent.

There seems to be many borders or binaries within Greenwood's work: painting and drawing, opaque and transparent, high brow and low brow, human and animal, among others. In addition, the artist heavily relies on our image filled culture as well as fantasy to be the fuel for his creative process. 

"I have so many images around me, I'm printing out, I'm photographing, I'm collecting...There's always things scattered all over the studio."
While striving to define his voice as painter, he first used drawing as a creative outlet before experimenting with more popular abstract techniques. Greenwood eventually arrived at his current aesthetic with the series "If David Hockney Was My Boyfriend". Greenwood came upon the idea for this series with a quote from Hockney that is roughly "I paint what I want, where I want, whenever I want." To Greenwood, this became a liberating thing to say to himself when he felt pressure to do something more 'current.' This was a time when it seemed like no one was doing figurative work.  

                                       if david hockney was my boyfriend by Brad Greenwood

In this first career advancing body of work, he explored themes from the (imagined) conceit, "If David Hockney was my boyfriend..." Greenwood has stated about the series, "The works incorporate imagery and stylistic approaches reflective of the well-known artist as a starting point of free-association. These daydreaming drawings of an idealized relationship replete with the opulent color of travel, museums and pools belie the melancholy remove of longing."

Greenwood found another aha moment in his work when he stumbled upon John Singer Sargent's saying, "I look for the animal in the sitter," which he heard after he had been seeing animal or 'spirit animals' in certain people or even paintings. Greenwood then started to find himself often drawn to people who looked like animals, and a recurring image in his paintings became the hybrid wolf man. The title and inspiration of his next body of work, Eat the Wolf, was derived from the Italian saying “Into the Mouth of the Wolf” (In bocca al lupo), which is a saying for good luck in the theater. This accurately sums up the content of Greenwood' work, whose paintings are similar to theater in that his many subjects are constantly entering and exiting the stage (the painting surface). 


                                                  untitled (the wolf) by Brad Greenwood

"In this work, the wolf and a host of other cultural symbols, embody the narratives we tell ourselves to explain happiness and heartbreak. Greenwood’s work integrates these compelling tales with references to literature, poetry, myths and classical paintings, creating a super-narrative that examines contemporary experiences alongside the myths of our collective past; our familiar selves, alongside the darker aspects of personality. The inclusion of references to the great works of art history and personal symbols allows these works to speak not only to the artist, but also to a much larger audience."
                                                  St. Cloud (I and II)
by Brad Greenwood

Because Greenwood often uses the imagery strewn about his studio to create storyboards of sorts for his paintings, he was naturally led to his third body of work, titled Star Maps. This body of work was about contemporary culture being viewed through a possible historical lens. By remapping the night sky, he was charting a moment in time. 

"In these images of high art and low, old masters and new art stars emerge and recede as if floating in the sky.  Pinocchio looks to Lichtenstein’s Girl with Beach Ball, as The Land o’ Lakes maiden connects with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Hockney’s male swimmer rises from the path of comets, while Vermeer’s “pearl earring” becomes a new North Star."

Greenwood received his BA from Ursinus College in 1989 and his certificate in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia in 1996. His New York City solo exhibitions include Eat the Wolf in November 2012 at La MaMa Galleria and Unauthorized Biographies at Mixed Greens Gallery in November 2013. He returned to La Mama Galleria with the solo exhibition Star Maps in October, 2015. His most recent solo show, Partly Fiction, featured ten years of works on paper and opened at New York’s Steven Amedee Gallery in May, 2016. Greenwood has also shown in numerous group exhibitions in New York and Philadelphia, and has curated multiple shows for HERE Arts Center in New York. Greenwood is also featured along with the artists Cindy Sherman and Francesca Raft in Martyn Thompson's, “Working Space: An Insight into the Creative Heart.”                                                                                                                                             

Brad Greenwood | TriBeCa
New York, NY 10001


Upcoming| Shows in London, England

Upcoming in October, Rodney will also be showing work in London at Brick Lane Gallery and then Parallax Art Fair. He will be traveling to London to install at the fair, and partake in the weekend events. 

His most recent work from the series Disfashionate will be on display in the exhibition "Works On Paper" at Brick Lane Gallery from September 27th to October 10th, then they will move to the Parallax Art Fair the weekend of Friday October 21st. Brick Lane Gallery will have an opening reception on
Wednesday September 28th from 6:00-8:30pm, and the Parallax Art Fair is open to the public on Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd from 11:00am-5:00pm

                     Brick Lane Gallery                                           Parallax Art Fair         

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