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VOL. 4 | JANUARY 2016

Around Town | Brass Elephant Gallery


                Evil Fly Head, 2014.                                     View of Evil Fly Head at
   Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper, 17x14"                     The Brass Elephant Gallery
                 SOLD for $900.00.


One of many recent sales, Evil Fly Head sold a few weeks ago at the Brass Elephant Gallery in Summit, NJ. Currently, Rodney has more work available at the gallery, including paintings from two of his series, Signs of Gratitude and Pineapple Head. Just a short train ride from NYC Penn Station, via NJ transit, the gallery is located less than a block away from the Summit Station. Stop in and have a look around!


The Brass Elephant Gallery | Summit, NJ
Instagram: @thebrasselephant 


Events | Studio Blue Gallery Show

       Rodney's painting Divide By Five creates                Another highlight from the show,   
                a lovely accent to this interior                      Hi There, is shown here in the left
                                                                              center of this installation shot

Rodney's solo show, A mix of many things, hosted by Studio Blue Gallery in Charlottesville, VA, has been extended to January 8th. A closing event attracted around 30 guests to the gallery on Monday, January 4th for one last chance to view his works before they move back to the West Chelsea Arts Building in New York.

It has been a pleasure to work with Camille Cooper, who is the owner and gallery director of Studio Blue Gallery, and we hope to plan additional exhibitions with her gallery in the future. 

  Studio Blue Gallery | Charlottesville, VA
Instagram: @Studiobluegallery | Facebook: studioblue210    


Launched | Etsy Store


In conjunction with the recent holiday, we have launched a new Etsy store featuring fine art collage greeting cards by Rodney Durso Studio. His fine art greeting cards not only provide a unique and special way of communicating with someone, but they also make it possible to own an affordable piece of original fine artwork.  

Rodney Durso Studio Etsy Store

Coming Soon: Stay tuned on updates for a new E-Commerce store  for Rodney's large scale fine art works.


What's on the Wall? | In the Studio


New additions to Disfashionate Series
House Paint, Plaster, Mixed Media & Photo Transfer on Plywood box

8 x 8 x 2.25 in

In his recent series #disfashionate, Rodney has begun to move beyond the 2D surface by working with Plywood boxes. Not only is he experimenting with semi-transparent photo transfers, but is now beginning to create his own unique style by incorporating house paint into the mix along with embedding his go to, occult-like signs and symbols into the surface. By covering all viewpoints with intriguing content, these bold paintings become an immersive experience rather than just an image. 

Along with Rodney's continued progress with his #disfashionate series, he has found new inspiration from an piece that was previously discarded, which now enjoys a second life in this mini series based on the theme of "American Roadtrip". Sometimes the road not taken can open up new paths to fresh, imaginative ideas. "As we enter the new year, I keep myself open to new discoveries," Durso says.


Follow Rodney on Facebook or Instagram to see what he'll create next!


Community | Artist Spotlight

Janet Nolan is an accomplished multimedia artist working in installation, assemblage, sculpture, and works on paper. Her works have been shown throughout New York as well as around the country over the last 30 years. Harvard University commissioned her work for two permanent installations on campus, "Nightingale", 57 x 11.5 ft and "Beam", 25 x 2 ft. She has installed temporary sculptures outdoors in Manhattan's East Village community garden and at the Art Center in Truro, MA. 

"My sculptures are made from post-consumer objects using serial methods of construction. When I see objects repeatedly discarded, I begin accumulating them--such as hundreds of discarded umbrellas, lost gloves and wire coat hangers to thousands of colorful plastic bottle caps and plastic six-pack holders. I have no preconceived sculpture in mind when I gather these objects rather the nature of the object itself suggest to me form and content.

Through experimenting with the physical properties of the materials being used, structures and patterns often emerge which are similar to those basic growth systems found in nature. Meaning lies in transformation of the objects into something beyond themselves, something surprising and often amusing."

-Janet Nolan, 2015

When Nolan first moved to New York in 1976 after receiving her MFA in painting and drawing, she was curiously captivated by NYC urban detritus such as vast numbers of umbrellas discarded during rainstorms. The shape of the umbrella reminded her of the geometrical shaped paintings and prints she made in graduate school. So on the very next windy, rainy day, she gathered 57 broken umbrellas and took them back to her studio. These mundane discarded objects were the catalyst for her expansion into three-dimensional artworks.

She began making artwork from urban detritus before "green" entered our contemporary lexicon and has exhibited in numerous shows featuring art made of recycled materials.  

Her latest work, as see in the photo above, is an assemblage of 6,123 cans found in New York City. Her process is quite unique - rather than collecting cans that are already flattened, Nolan acquires the cans intact and proceeds to lay them in the street outside her Tribeca studio where they are flattened by the city's traffic. In this way, the city does not only provide the materials for her work, but also aids in the process. 

Janet Nolan

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