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VOL. 1 | JULY 2015

In the Press | Sitting Down with Rodney Durso

In the June release of REVOLT MAGAZINE, Rodney Durso was interviewed about his journey to painting and his creative process.

Durso in Studio
Rodney Durso, painter, designer and entrepreneur. Durso’s paintings surprise many, but most of all, himself. For many years, Durso ran a successful graphic design and branding agency, creating a seamless thread from the clients’ thinking to final product: packaging, communications, brand and web design.

“My painting is a reaction to what was a very structured way of thinking (in graphic design), whereas painting is free.”

Signs (color)
Durso uses acrylic paint as his primary medium and works in collage on paper or canvas. “I think I’m little bit impatient (or a lot) and I like that acrylic dries quickly and I can paint over it right away; I can move and make changes almost as fast as I’m thinking.”

“Often my pieces will end up as a few things: [nonfigurative] self-portraits, some kind of flower, robot or insect…and then there’s just geometric work that’s very linear…When I create a piece, the narrative reveals itself as I’m working…especially with collage. It’s like dumping all the ideas into a coffee filter...the drops that come out become the story.”

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What's On The Wall? | In the Studio

RD in Studio

Rodney primarily paints on deep canvases or stark white paper hung by a single nail on the wall of his studio, however his recent works lie on a flat surface. Torn and cut snippets of magazines cover the table where he works.UntitledUntitled

Chop't SuzyLeisure Time
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Upcoming | Artist Residency

Patricia Wheeler, Rhythm Trance

Rodney will be retreating the city for two weeks at the beginning of July to spend time in the studio with the beautiful backdrop of North Carolina. At this Penland artist's residency, he will be surrounded by other creatives and led by Maine native and mixed media artist, Patricia Wheeler to explore the intuitive nuances of human interaction with place using unique materials such as limestone clay and wax. Rodney plans to return to the studio and apply these newly acquired techniques to his own work of painting and collage.

Events | West Chelsea Open Studios

RD-Open Studios

On Saturday and Sunday, June 13th-14th, the West Chelsea Arts Building opened their doors to the public.

This bi-annual event attracts many visitors from artists to buyers; locals to tourists. Here at the studio, we were happy to welcome over 200 people who stopped in to browse Rodney's work! If you were one of them, thank you. We are looking forward to many more successful events like this one!

If you have any questions about the artwork or are interested in purchasing, please reach out to us at

Community | Artist Spotlight

Photo by: Carol Dragon

In the West Chelsea Arts Building, artists have access to one another for inspiration. One artist who is playing a big role in the art-world at large is West Chelsea artist, painter and publisher, Scotto Mycklebust. Located only a few doors down from Rodney, Scotto's studio is packed full of paintings on large canvases. His desk, buried in the back corner of the studio, is where he creates his current masterpiece: Revolt Magazine.

"Over time it has become very clear to me that the medium is just a vehicle," he says. "I find that limiting yourself as an artist or staying within one particular field of art just does not cut it these days. As economic systems globalize and the media landscape becomes more complex, it's important to expand your practice. Multitasking is part of our nature today."

Revolt Magazine is currently engaged in a David and Goliath-esque battle over it's name, initiated by Sean Diddy Combs's new media venture, Revolt TV. Through Revolt, 
Scotto urges the art community at large to join his efforts in "generating positive social change through creative production and informed cultural critique." Please take a moment to visit and side with the support of sustaining this outstanding "community platform for independent, alternative voices in the Arts." Click here to read more and send a contribution: IndieGOGO

More on artist Scotto Mycklebust can be found on his webpage:

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