November 2017
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President -Virginia Belser,  Secretary - Peggy Klinger, 
Treasurer – Anne Kenyon, Newsletter Editor – Jill Foster, Resource Officer  – Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members

Letter from the Editor

Remember to pay your dues at the November 12th meeting and definitely before December 31, 2017. Dues are currently $30.  Make your checks out to "CPPS".   If you can't attend the meeting, mail your checks to: CPPS,  P.O. Box 246, Lemont, PA, 16851.

On November 1st, be sure to check out the slideshow on our website.  Featured are pieces from the Abstract Challenge that took place during the first week of August.  Participants had a lot of fun sharing their work with each other and every day provided not only an interesting collection of abstract ideas (some were "way out there"!), but each artist also received feedback and encouragement from the group. Think about joining our next challenge, which is coming up in January.  Some of the details about the challenge are below in a separate column.

The slideshow theme on the website for December will be Winter Holidays and Holiday Decorations.  If you have any paintings depicting holidays and/or decorations,  please send them to Anna now and indicate "Dec. slideshow" in the subject line.  The theme for Jan/Feb is Snow/Winter.  Be sure that your jpegs are at least 600-800 pixels in height. (Anna's email is always at the bottom of the newsletter.)

Reminder: News deadline is the last Saturday of the month.  


Current News

Education Committee Tentative 2017-2018 Schedule

  • November 12, 2017 - Quarterly Meeting SAMA Altoona Pa / Member Crit
  • January 2018 – Member Paint – In Boalsburg, PA / Member Crit
  • February 2018 – Quarterly Meeting  Paint-a-Round before Meeting (1:00)
  • March 2018 – Painting Event – 2-4 hour artist led event.
  • May 2018 – Rochester Pastel Sale – Quarterly Meeting
  • June 2018 – Paint – Out @ Arboretum Penn State University
  • August 2018 – Quarterly Meeting / Member Crit
  • September 21, 22, 23, 2018 – Workshop / Possible Instructor Demo evening before.
  • November 3, 4, or 5 Road Trip to DC. Survey to be distributed to membership to determine final date.
  • November 11, 2018 – Quarterly Meeting / Member Crit/ Trip review

The upcoming November Quarterly Meeting will be at the Southern Allegheny Museum in Altoona, PA.  See the Meeting column below for details and links.

January  Challenge

to be
A Personal Challenge

A new challenge is being planned in the hopes that many of our members will want to take part.  This challenge is going to be all about setting goals for ourselves as artists.  Now this is a Personal Challenge and everyone's goal will be what they decide they need in their artistic life.  For instance, choices might be: experimenting with different color combos in a landscape; trying out different kinds of paper or pastel brands; getting a better handle on value or perspective; etc.  Whatever you select will be your focus for the challenge. 

When we work in our studios, we miss out on companionship and the sharing of ideas.  Taking part in a challenge combines the "alone" time in the studio with the "sharing" period at the end of each day.  Artists from past challenges found that they looked forward to the sharing time and that they missed the daily dose of "art talk" when the challenge was over.  Also, members who participated in past challenges discovered that they not only appreciated, but found invaluable, the level of support and encouragement given by the other challenge members. 

The challenge being planned is going to take place during the month of January---the month for new beginnings.  The challenge will have many options from which to choose.  Hopefully, the schedule being offered will meet most members' needs regarding time, stamina, and interest.
  • 7 day challenge     January 1 through the 7th
  • 14 day challenge   January 1 through the 14th
  • 21 day challenge   January 1 through the 21st
  • 31 day challenge   January 1 through the 31st
If interested, sign up here.


by Stacy Mayou

Participating in a CPPS daily painting challenge is worth overcoming whatever obstacles you have in order to be able to spend a few minutes at the easel everyday.

If you have not had the opportunity to participate in one of these challenges, I am challenging you to participate in the next one. The benefits for participation can not be overstated.

Daily Painting - You are a member of CPPS because you enjoy the pastel medium. Thus, I will assume you use pastels to create images. I will also assume that when you are creating or finished creating you conclude to paint and create more often because it feels so good and you know that practice makes perfect.

Camaraderie - Participating in a challenge brings you closer to other CPPS members. You begin to recognize and appreciate participants artwork and their insight and suggestions. You share the struggles and joys associated with making art. You connect with each other.

Safety - These closed group challenges are safe places to share your work. Art isn’t shared openly without permission. Participants are supportive of each other. Everyone understands the challenge of daily painting and the struggle of creating.

Accountability - As a participant you are expected to post a daily painting with insight into how it was created and your thoughts on the piece. You are also expected to give feedback to others on their daily painting. Feedback can be questions or thoughts and suggestions. Knowing that your participation is expected and desired drives you to be present.

Uplifting - Challenge participants want to hear from you. Beginner or professional, participants want to see what you have been able to create, hear your thoughts on what you created and perhaps most importantly want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on their creations. It is as close to working together in a studio daily as you can get without travel!

Inspirational - Viewing participants daily work, hearing them discuss technique and best practices will inspire you to try new things. Challenge participants encourage experimentation both technical and stylistic. 

Camaraderie - Yes, this one needs to be repeated! After completing a challenge you feel you belong to a group you can reach out to if you need feedback, suggestions or technical help. Participants continue to encourage each other and are hopeful for each other's success. 

Get information about the upcoming challenge above and please join us in January. As a member of CPPS, I personally would love to know and experience each of you by your work. I would appreciate your feedback, technical advice and artistic touch. 

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear from you
Was this column useful?  Do you have any suggestions for future columns?  Please write me at .


Artist Spotlight

Jeanne McKinney's painting, "A Season of Grace" has been accepted into the Degas Pastel Society Twentieth Membership Exhibition. The Exhibition runs November 2 through November 29, 2017 at the Louisiana State Archives, 3851 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA.


Thoughts from the Studio

When Considering Colors For Your Painting

Use color schemes to:
  • generate new color ideas
  • find harmonious color combinations
  • incorporate dynamic accents
  • discover foolproof color combinations
  • establish color dominance
  • express your personal reactions to color
  • create unity in your artwork
Confident Color by Nita Leland


Future Workshops and Classes

"Petal Sky" by Lisa Mitchell


Lisa Mitchell selected
 2018 Workshop
September 20 (demonstration)
September 21, 22, 23 (workshop)
See more of  Lisa's work at

Starting In January 2018

A Pastel Premiere Primer
The Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

Kim Flick is designing an 8-week CPPS sponsored pastel class that will start in January at the Art Alliance.   The Art Alliance is very excited about adding a pastel class to their art schedule.  Every week through the winter schedule, a member from the Pastel Society will teach one 3-hour session based on their own strength and interest (landscape, portrait, underpainting, etc.)

At the present time, Kim is looking for artists from the Society who would be interested in teaching one of these sessions.  If you would like to be part of this exciting class, contact Kim at 

Registrations will be taken by the Art Alliance.  Keep watch on their website for days and times of the class, which have not yet been determined at this mailing.

Meeting Dates

November 12  at 1:30 pm
Altoona, PA

The meeting will be held at SAMA Altoona located at 1210 11th Ave Altoona, PA 16601.  The meeting will be at 1:30pm  followed by the viewing of Deb Bunnell's show and Art In Common's "Artist In Our Midst" show. 
Here is a link for Deb's show

If you need a ride, contact Virginia Belser:

Art Shows to Enter

Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Inc. - For Women Only - deadline November 3, 2017 - prospectus at
 Check out.the OnlineJuriedShows website for many possibilities

Quote of the Month

"There is a logic of colors, and it is with this alone, and not with the logic of the brain, that the painter should conform."

Paul Cézanne
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