March 2020
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Candace Smith, Vice President - Kim Gates Flick, Secretary - Jen Shuey, 
Treasurer - Leslie Dyer, Newsletter Editor - Jill Foster, Webmaster - Anna Crane
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members
From the President's Easel
March Madness Month

March has always struck me as an odd month. It’s not really Spring even though the Spring Equinox is the 19th and it doesn’t really seem like true winter even though the Great Blizzard of 1993 began March 13. And then Daylight Savings Time begins March 8th and the 9th is National Napping Day

It’s also a month full of odd celebratory days. St. Patrick’s Day seems to be mainly for elementary and college kids – definitely an odd split!

But I found out that March (probably like every month) has a whole lot of National “Something” Days for every date.

Here’s a small selection of “Days”.

 1st – Fruit Compote, Pig, Peanut Butter Lover’s
 2nd –Banana Cream Pie, Old Stuff
 5th – Absinthe, Cheese Doodle
 8th – International Women’s Day, Peanut Cluster
 9th – Get Over It 11th –Worship of Tools, Oatmeal Nut Waffles
13th –Open an Umbrella Indoors, Blame Someone Else
16th – Everything You Do Is Right, Panda
20th – Ravioli, Kick Butts
22nd –Goof Off,
23rd – Near Miss, Puppy
27th – Scribble, Spanish Paella
30th – Pencil, I Am In Control
31st – Crayon, Equal Pay

As an art teacher, March was also “Youth Art Month” and I am hopeful that we could develop some type of outreach to middle or high school art clubs or classes about pastel. Something to put on a back burner, perhaps?

No matter how March goes for you, remember the 3rd of March is “I Want You To Be Happy Day”!

Editor's Notes
By now everyone should have received and read through the Call for Entries for our first online juried show.  If you didn't receive it, (or know of someone else who didn't) look in your inbox, spam folder or promotion folder on February 17th as that is when it was sent out.


"Pastel Treasures
An Online Juried Show
Of Small Works

Entry Forms, Images and Fees Deadline      Friday, May 8, 2020, 11:59 pm, EDT      
Notification of Accepted Work                     First week of June 2020
Show Dates                                                   June 7-August 31, 2020
  • Anyone who is willing to post flyers in their area to help advertise the online show, please contact me:

Current News
The annual CPPS Paint In will be held at the Harris Township Community Center on Saturday, March 14th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lunch is brown bag and if you wish to bring something for the group to share that would be most welcome, too.  

Please come early or stay late to help Susan set up and clean up, if you are able.

For those of you new to the organization, the Community Center is an old church that is also the home of the Lions Club on Academy Street in Boalsburg, PA. The Lions Club sign is in the yard.

At the light by the church and cemetery on Rt. 45, turn to enter the village of Boalsburg
At the stop sign on the village square, turn left onto Main Street
Go straight until you see the Academy St. sign on your right
Turn right
Go straight until you see the church/community center on your right
There is parking all around the sides and back of the building and the 2 side doors will be open.


***The activity for the May meeting will be presented by Anna Crane.  Anna  will lead a 45-minute  discussion/demonstration of how to photograph your art using your phone’s camera.  More information will be given in the April newsletter.  There is also more info in the minutes below.
February Meeting Minutes
Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society
February 9, 2020 meeting minutes
Attendance:  Susan McCartney, Anne Kenyon, Roxy Naydan, Milt Trask, Connie van Ogtrop, Candace Smith, Kim Gates Flick, Jill Foster, Anna Crane, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Denise Wagner, Brook Peters, Leslie Dyer, Jennifer Shuey, Mary Rohrer-Dann
Minutes from the November 10, 2019 were distributed.  Roxy motioned to approve, Brook seconded, motion approved.
Treasurer’s Report – Leslie
  • 51 paid up memberships as of February 9, 2020
  • The Board decided to do away with mailed membership cards each year.  If someone really wants one though, let Leslie know.
  • Leslie switched the BB&T account to online statements.  She hopes this will eliminate the monthly service charge.  She would also like to set up a separate savings account.
Workshop 2020 Update – Jen
  • Virginia has done a fabulous job organizing the workshop to date.  She is handing off the paperwork to Jen and Kim. 
  • The workshop is full.  Nobody is currently on the waiting list. 
  • Chicory Lane Farm is confirmed for the outdoor painting location.  No charge for our use of the farm.  The new barn may not be electrified and plumbed by August, so they suggested that we look to Green Drake or Bremen Town Ballroom for the first day demo by Karen and as the back up location in case of inclement weather.  Both are in Millheim, 6 miles away.
  • Jen will look into the Interpretive Center at the Centre Region Recycling and Refuse Authority for the Thursday night demo that is open to the public.
  • Other suggestions for the Thursday demo were Art Alliance in Lemont, Nittany Mall Community Room
Exhibit Committee – Susan NG
  • Candace reported that she talked to John at State College Framing Company & Gallery about an upcoming exhibit, but he was not enthusiastic
  • Foxdale
Online Show – Jill
  • The specs for this show are just about ready to go online and will be emailed to the members this week or next
  • Small works:  81 square inches or smaller
  • Show will run from June 7 – August 31
  • Sales will be referred directly to the artist
  • There will be a link on our website to view the online show
National Workshop 2021 – Kim and Jen
  • Jen asked for a volunteer to take her place.  Susan Nicholas Gephart volunteered.
  • We don’t need to start from scratch.  There are notes from this year’s vetting of artists that can be used as a starting point.
  • Request to look at other times of the year instead of mid-August.  June??
Winter Paint-In – Susan NG
  • March 14, 9:30 – 4:30, Harris Township Community Center
  • Potluck
  • Please come early or stay late to help Susan set up and clean up if you are able
Pre-meeting workshop – Anna
  • Anna Crane will do a 45-minute pre-meeting discussion of how to photograph your art using your phone’s camera
  • May 3
  • Bring unframed art to photograph
  • Anna may order several styluses.  Watch for her email to pre-order one for yourself.
  • Anna will be demonstrating how to use a free app.  She will send the details prior to the meeting.
  • We will not change our bylaws.  January 1 will continue to be the cut off for current memberships.  A warning email will be sent on December 1 (oops… did you forget to renew your membership?).  After January 1 another email will be sent (So sorry to lose you; please come back). 
Request for sponsorship of Best Pastel award in Images 2020 – Jen
  • Jen requested $250 for a CPPS sponsorship of the Best Pastel in the Images 2020 juried exhibition at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. 
  • Approved.  Jen will email an invoice to Leslie for payment.
  • Dakota Pastels First Annual Soft Pastel Competition:
  • Check out the latest sale at
  • Candace received a request to house someone coming in for the August workshop.  Nobody offered at this time.
Meeting adjourned
Kim Gates Flick then led an excellent workshop on Key Color Concepts – Identifying key concepts for building color relationships within a pastel practice.
Next meetings:
  • May 3, August 9, November 8 @ Best Western
Flick Member-Led Workshop
Kim Flick, MFA, taught a Color Concepts workshop for members of the Society after the meeting on Sunday, February 9, 2020.  Below are some photos of that event.
Online Adventures

Please Note:  Do you want this column to continue?  The Online Adventure column was started in the hopes of establishing a way for all members to be able to participate in some of the CPPS activities.   But there have been fewer and fewer contributors to the slideshow, newsletter, contests and challenges with each month.

If you would like the column to be continued, please send in suggestions of ways you feel you could participate actively in the newsletter and website content.   Send suggestions to:

Send March painting entries to:     

March  Slideshow Theme: "Motion" Paintings showing motion or action, such as dancers, windy days, etc.

April Slideshow Theme:  "Blue" paintings.  Paintings with 50% or more of the painting being blue tones

May Slideshow Theme: "Flower" paintings.  Flowers of any kind in any setting

March 2020
Online Art Shows Make Good Sense
Stacy Mayou
I was very excited to hear CPPS is having an online juried art show this summer. Online art shows are good for both organizations and artists, and it is important that we all submit a piece or three to this show.
In the past online art shows got a bad reputation for having poor quality work on display. That has changed as well-known art organizations have embraced online shows.
Online Art Shows make good sense. At the very onset of planning they save the organization the cost of a venue. Finding a suitable venue for a reasonable price can be daunting. As two-dimensional artists we need a lot of wall space uninhibited with windows, doors, corners, etc. in order to properly display every artists’ work in a manner they deserve. This requirement often causes organizations to have to find galleries that charge for their space. On top of that, organizations are often expected to help staff the show during gallery open hours, which is a huge strain on the organization’s members. Then, of course, physical shows require artwork receiving, hanging, receptions, and artwork pick up. All of these are very labor intensive and time consuming. I am sure many of you have helped with shows in the past, just accepting the artwork during receiving is enough to make any sane person run for the hills, yet you probably stayed to help hang the show – an attempt at taming utter chaos!
An online juried show like the one CPPS is planning keeps the quality high and makes it easier for artists living outside the local area to participate. In years to come CPPS may want to open this online member show nationally, even internationally, and it can be done without worrying about venue size and wall space. By increasing the value and reach of this show, the society could increase membership and membership income for the organization.
An online show does mean we need to focus on publicizing our show, advertising, sharing, and enticing people to purchase. There are many strategies for this, and one of the ways this shows organizers and our board is working on is to ask outlying members to distribute and post flyers within their communities. Reach out via email to see how best we can help them in their efforts.1 Through this show we are able to reach new collectors and art enthusiasts - coming to them instead of them having to travel to a physical location. We can reach out to groups we interact with and organizations in the community. This is good for CPPS, the pastel medium and all the artists with work in the show.
Online shows are good for artists too. Juried online shows means we still have to enter our best work guaranteeing our work is in great company. They save artists the expense of framing their work, getting it to the venue on drop off day and picking it up when the show ends. This means more money for pastels and more time to paint! If there is a commission charged on artwork sold at an online show it goes to the organization hosting the show, not to the venue. Meaning artists are contributing to the success of their organization, while still connecting with collectors and reaching new audiences.
Although I love going to a physical art show, standing in front of beautiful work and enjoying the subtleties that are lost with an online image; online art shows are good for business. They are a great addition to our organizations offerings and I am excited for our upcoming shows success. Of course, this shows success is dependent on what, and how many paintings we enter. It is on us be excited and eager for this opportunity, and use it as a tool for our art and for our organization!
  1. Feel free to email myself, Jill Foster or Anna Crane to receive show flyer and other ways you can help promote our online show. The shows organizers and board are working to find the best strategies for us to advertise our online show.
I would love to hear how you feel about online art shows and the CPPS online juried show! If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know.  
Thoughts from the Studio

CPPS Featured in December IAPS newsletter
The International Association of Pastel Societies has been featuring a member society every month in their newsletters.  Last year, Susan and I were asked to submit an article about the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society for their December 2019 newsletter. 

If you weren't on their mailing list and didn't get their newsletter, click the link below  to read the article.  The article about CPPS is on page 4.


Hi Artists,

There is lots of activity going on at IAPS this month!

We are very excited to share our most recent newsletter with you. Click HERE to download the pdf. Hope you enjoy it!


Artist Spotlight
Images Show 2020

The Central PA Pastel Society gives a $250 award each year for the Best Pastel in the Images show.  I would encourage all members to seriously consider entering this year's show for a chance to win. 

Last year Bill Sweeney won  Best Pastel,  Other winners have been 2018 Kathleen Muffie-Witt, 2017 Jeanne McKinney, 2016 Susan Nicholas Gephart
Images 2020 is open to artists whose primary residence is in Pennsylvania.  Digital images of original work produced within the last three years may be submitted.  The application deadline is May 8, 2020.
Artists will be eligible for at least $1,900 in prizes awarded by Ms. Burns.  In addition to the Best of Show and Awards of Merit, there will be awards for Best Pastel, Best Drawing, and Best Student Submission.
The application may be found online at   CONTACT: Jennifer Shuey, Director of Development (814) 237-3682;
Classes and Workshops

Capture the Skies or Snow with Susan

Thursday, March 12, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Join Susan Nicholas Gephart as she shows you how to transform your favorite sky photo or snow photo into a pastel painting to take home! All levels. Beginners welcome.


Price: $48. Includes art supplies

To Register call: 814-355-1590


Art a la Carte

107 S. Allegheny Street

Bellefonte, PA 16823



Pastel Painting: Exploring All Subjects
Instructor, Susan Nicholas Gephart
Location: Art Alliance of Central PA, Lemont
4-Week Pastel- 9am to 12pm
Wednesday, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8

Contact the office at 814-234-2740 or

Karen Margulis' workshop is now full!
Very Short Waiting List
Karen Margulis  (  will be coming to State College for a three day plein air workshop August 14, 15, 16th next year. Register early to secure your spot working with Karen. Our CPPS website has more details and a registration page.   $100 secures your place in the limited enrollment class. Registration is open to the public.

*Jen Shuey has booked the Interpretive Center at the Centre Region Recycling and Refuse Authority for the Thursday night Karen Margulis demo that is open to the public.   

You can also access the registration form for the workshop by clicking here.
Meeting Dates
May 3, 2020
1:30 pm

August 9, 2020
1:30 pm

November 8, 2020
1:30 pm

Meetings will be held at
Best Western Plus
115 Premiere Dr, State College, PA 16801
Quote of the Month

'Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.'

John F. Kennedy
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