December 2019
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Candace Smith; Vice President - Kim Flick;  Secretary - Jen Shuey; 
Treasurer - Leslie Dyer; Newsletter Editor - Jill Foster

Website:- Anna Crane
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members
From the President's Easel
Greetings and the very best wishes for the winter holidays!
I am hopeful that the year ahead will be a happy, healthy and growing year for all of you. I know it will be a growing one for me!
Reading through some of the online posts I get about art, I came across one that works on many levels, not just art.
“You need enough confidence to believe in yourself and know that you can express yourself through your work. Yet, you need enough self-doubt to be humble and realize the need for constant improvement and learning.”  Keith Bond
With the help of all of you and your wisdom and experience, I am confident we can work together promoting CPPS and continue to develop and refine our goals. Member-led workshops and opportunities outside of our circle are what immediately come to mind as some of the best experiences I have had here.
But I am humble enough to realize how little I know compared to so many of you. Improvement and learning are life-long goals for me in pastel and also in terms of our vibrant organization.
I hope all of you feel comfortable offering me direction, advice and criticism as I navigate the waters of this office. I look forward to working with Kim, Leslie, Jen and Jill as all of us guide our shared boat (apologies for the poor metaphor!).
Here’s to a great year!
Editor's Notes
2020 Dues.  Below, you will find the section of the by-laws regarding paying membership dues.  As you can see, dues for 2020 must be paid by January 1.   Please pay your dues in a timely manner.  By doing so, you make less work for our treasurer.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness.  Send to CPPS, Box 246, Lemont, PA 16851

Dues. Dues will be approved and voted on by the membership at the Pastel Society's annual meeting in November. Dues are currently $30.00 for Full Members and $20.00 for Student Members. Dues must be paid by January 1. New members joining after November 1 will have their dues credited to the following calendar year. Membership will be terminated for nonpayment. 

Termination. Membership shall be terminated for the following reasons: 
(1) non-payment of dues or assessments; 
(2) public behavior that is detrimental to the Pastel Society's reputation; 
(3) defamation of character.

Current News
Update on F+W bankruptcy proceedings:  Peak Media Properties has acquired over 20 fine arts and crafts print and digital properties from F+W Media, focused on the enthusiast quilting, knitting, sewing, sketching, painting and illustration communities.

Peak Media Properties is a new company backed by Macanta Investments and created to oversee the acquired properties, which includes Artists Magazine, Southwest Art, Watercolor Artist and Pastel Journal..

Greg Osberg, who became CEO of F+W Media last June, is now CEO of Peak Media Properties.

Brushstrokes art store in Lewisburg, PA is offering 10% off all pastel materials in their Pastel Land.  Their link is always available on our website under Resources. They prefer email, Facebook or Instagram

Rochester Fine Art Store has a colorful set of 33 Richeson Violets on sale right now for $69.  Their link is also on our website.
Photos from Member Led Workshop
From left to right:  1. Marianne Fyda; 2. Roxanne Naydan, Leslie Dyer, Connie VanOgtrop, Marianne Fyda, Jill Foster, Kim Flick; 3. Susan Nicholas, Roxanne Naydan, Leslie Dyer, Jen Shuey, Connie VanOgtrop; 4. Anna Crane
The minutes need to be approved at the next meeting.  If you find  any corrections and additions to the minutes, please email Jen Shuey.
November 10, 2019 Quarterly Meeting
Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society
Attendance:  Jennifer Shuey, Connie Van Ogtrop, Marianne Fyda, Leslie Dyer, Candace Smith, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Anna Crane, Jill Foster, Roxy Naydan, Kim Gates Flick, Mary Rohrer-Dann
The minutes of the August meeting were distributed in the September enewsletter.  Motion by Jill to accept, seconded by Connie, motion passed.
Connie distributed copies of the Treasurer’s Report for the period of August 11, 2019 – November 10, 2019.  The current balance is $6,166.80.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Candace, seconded by Leslie, motion passed.
Exhibit Committee – Susan passed around leftover Pastel Passions post cards for members to use in recruiting new members.  The show was beautiful, it photographed well, lots of volunteers, kudos to hanging committee.  However, low turnout and no sales. 
Miniature Show – Jill and Anna are researching platforms for a small works show (8”x10” or smaller).  More information will be presented at the next meeting.
National Artist Workshop for 2020
Karen Margulis is the instructor.  Nine people have enrolled already.  Enrollment opens to the public on January 1.  Location will be Chicory Lane Farm -  August 14, 15, 16.  August 13 at 7 pm will be a demo open to the public.  Susan is not taking the workshop but will plan to document it for us.
2021 National Artist Workshop – Kim volunteered to lead this effort.
Exhibition Venue Survey
Twenty responses to the survey.  Top vote-getters:  Bellefonte Art Museum, State College Framing Company & Gallery, Foxdale, and Elk Creek Café.  Committee members will try booking what is available for 2020 or 2021.  Jen will also ask Kish Bank if CPPS can have a month in 2020.  Leslie will check into the Philatelic Society.
Kim volunteered to review the finances.  There is a checklist that was prepared a few years ago.  Thanks, Kim!
2020 Officer Voting Results
President – Candace Smith
Vice President – Kim Gates Flick
Secretary – Jennifer Shuey
Treasurer – Leslie Dyer
2020 Quarterly Meeting Dates
February 9 – workshop by Kim – Building Better Basics
May 3
August 9
November 8
Membership – Leslie asked how our membership recruitment and retention is doing.  Dues are due by December 31 for the period of January 1 – December 31, 2020.  Make payable to CPPS.  Mail to Central PA Pastel Society, PO Box 246, Lemont, PA  16851.  Anna Crane maintains the membership list.  The names of current members are on our website - and the link is in each newsletter.  Grace Bergin is a new member recruited by Marianne Fyda.
Drawing for pack of sample paper – Jill conducted a drawing for a packet of sample papers left over from last quarter’s activity.  Connie won. 
Special Offers
Brush Strokes in Lewisburg is offering 10% discount on certain pastel products.  Susan is planning a car pool to Brush Strokes for some of her students on November 20.  CPPS members are welcome to join in.
Rochester Fine Art is offering 10% off through November on open stock pastels only.  The Richeson violet set of 33 is being offered for $69.
Website photos – email your photos to Anna -
November – Autumn Scenes
December – Holiday theme
January – Winter theme
Motion to adjourn by Jill, seconded by Kim, motion passed.
The group enjoyed a wonderful member-led workshop by Marianne Fyda from 2 – 5 pm following the meeting.
Online Adventures
Start thinking about painting winter scenes/snow scenes for the website slideshow in January 2020.  Send to Anna by December 28th.
January Challenge 2020:   Information on this challenge is in the Pastellus column below.  The theme is: 20 Ways in 20 Days 

February Website and Newsletter Theme: "Sweets"  Bakery, deli, candy images.  Send images in to Anna and Jill by January 26th

Slideshow Theme: "Motion" Paintings showing motion or action, such as dancers, windy days, etc.
ATC Gallery
Congratultions to Shirley Vogelsong and Kim Flick for entering  A Year of ATCs.  Both of them will receive a special artist trading card mat to frame their work.
Above ATCs by Shirley Vogelsong: Bluebird, Fall Trees, Old Barn
Above ATCs by Kim Flick:  January - Winter's Warning (see below in Workshop/Classes section)February - No Shadow; March - Moon; April - Spring's Messenger; May - Flower
Above ATCs by Jill Foster: 4 Designs on Velour by Hahnemühle
The January Painting Challenge
20 Ways in 20 Days
 Stacy Mayou, Coordinator
Last month I wrote about allowing ourselves permission to experiment, to challenge our idea of the pastel medium. I wanted to explore that more with other artists. I think experimenting with other artists will help generate ideas and inspire us. I am so excited for this challenge. I am hoping it will help us all experiment with joy and curiosity!
  1. Just pastel on white paper, let the paper show – subject matter is your choice, but use the white paper in your composition. We spend so much time covering the white paper, lets see what happens when we don’t try to hide it!
  2. Just pastel on colored paper – same image as day 1
  3. Just pastel on corrugated cardboard covered in clear liquitex gesso – subject is your choice, no underpainting. Use the texture of the corrugated cardboard to your advantage.
  4. Just pastel, blend with sponges or fingers, use pan pastels if you have them – subject is your choice, you can use an underpainting if you’d like. Blend the pastels, smudge them, use whatever you like – do all the blending you avoid in a normal painting!
  5. Your choice day – hopefully the first few days have inspired you, and your head is full of paintings you need to create!
  6. Just pastel, only lines, thick lines, thin lines, cross hatch, outline, a line drawing – subject matter is your choice, you can do an underpainting if you’d like, but try to only use lines in your painting.
  7. Just pastel on the paper of your choice, don’t cover the paper, use it as part of your painting – subject matter is your choice, but use the paper as part of your composition.
  8. Three color painting, pick 3 values of the same color and create a painting – subject is your choice, you can use an underpainting if you’d like, but it might be better to use the paper to your advantage in a value painting. Only three pastel sticks, same color, different values.
  9. Complementary color painting, pick 6 pastels, 3 values of 2 complementary colors – subject is your choice, you can use an underpainting if you want, but don’t add more than the 6 colors, the object is a complementary value study.
  10. Your choice day – we are excited to see your work and hear your comments on your own experiments.
  11. Analogous painting, pick 9 pastels, 3 values of 3 colors next to each other on the color wheel – subject is your choice, you can use an underpainting, but it needs to be in the color scheme you are using. The idea is to create a monochromatic value study.
  12. Shapes only, dissect your reference into shapes, just paint the shapes – subject is your choice, no need for an underpainting, this is literally just shapes. Think about the negative shapes being as important as the positive shapes.
  13. Watercolor underpainting on white paper – paint a fun, bright watercolor underpainting in a mid value and let it guide your painting, leave the fun parts showing and have it be part of the painting – subject is your choice, use as many color pastels as you want!
  14. Watercolor underpainting on beige or cream colored paper – paint a fun, bright watercolor underpainting in a mid to dark value and let it guide your painting, leave the fun parts showing and have it be part of the painting – subject is your choice, use as many color pastels as you’d like. Notice the difference in watercolor underpainting on white vs. cream or beige paper and the choice you make in value when you pick up your pastels.
  15. Your choice day
  16. Gouache underpainting coated with clear ground or liquitex gesso. Create a painting with gouache as complete as you can and then add pastel to see if that improves, changes, or distracts from the original gouache painting – subject is your choice, use any colors you’d like. If you don’t have gouache you could use acrylic paint. The idea is to see how a flat color painting under your pastels affect the pastels and values you use.
  17. Create an india ink value underpainting. Use india ink to layout your painting and create your value map. Complete your painting with pastels on top of the india ink – subject is your choice, no color limitations. Does having a value map help you chose pastels or hinder your creative spark?
  18. Paint on sheet music, newspaper, fun scrapbook paper or other pre-printed paper, coated with clear ground or liquitex gesso or pumice. Does this inspire you, spark your creative streak or drive you crazy?
  19. Paint from your memory or an imaginary scene, no reference photo or still life set up. Focus on what the painting needs. Do you like having to fill in the gaps of your memory?
  20. Your choice day – along with your choice painting, please share what you thought about this challenge, if it sparked your creativity, if you thought the individual day challenges were valuable and if you will use anything you played with during this challenge moving forward.
You can do any or all of these challenges. If you would like to do just one week or 10 days, that is fine. We all understand that the best laid plans often go awry, and some days painting is just out of our reach. The only thing we ask is if you sign up for any or all of this challenge you spend some time each day viewing the work posted and offering your feedback. Your feedback is very important. It helps us all grow.
Suggested supply list:
It is helpful to gather your supplies before the challenge begins. It will save you time and frustration each day.
  • White pastel paper
  • Colored pastel paper
  • Beige/Cream colored pastel paper
  • Pumice, clear ground or Liquitex gesso
  • Watercolors
  • Black India Ink
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Sheet music, newspaper, scrapbook paper or other pre-printed paper
Don’t feel the need to buy supplies for this, if there is something you don’t have substitute with what you do have or alter the challenge to fit the experiment you would like to use.
Have fun with this challenge, experiment, paint with no expectations!
If there is an experiment you would like to try, let me know and we can look at adding it to the challenge.
This challenge will take place on the CPPS website, membership forum, online adventures page. I will set up daily threads we can post images on and comment on each others work.
I can’t wait to see the work and hear all the great feedback from these challenges. I am looking forward to connecting with CPPS artists and learning from the knowledge and experience this group has. CPPS challenges are so inspiring and uniting, it always so beneficial to be a part of them.
If you would like to be join the challenge please email me at and we will make sure you are set up on the online member forum for January1. As always I would love to hear what you think about this challenge and your thoughts and suggestions.
Thoughts from the Studio
Toned or White Paper?
by Virginai Belser

So…. Why would one choose to work on toned paper anyway? As I tried to articulate why I prefer working on paper which already has a color to it. I started by reading what others have already written.  Here are some excerpts of what I found:
While the “Virtual Instructor” is referring to drawing I believe that the same is applicable to pastel painting. Beginning with a mid-value surface makes our job so much easier:
Working…… on white paper means that we mostly work in one direction, from light to dark, since our paper starts us off at one extreme of the value scale. When we paint, however, we begin with a range of values/colors on our palettes. We then make light and dark marks all at once, thus working in both directions on the value scale.
When we start with a white sheet of paper, we begin at one extreme of the value scale. We then have to work to progressively add darker values in order to produce a full range of tone. If we start with a toned surface, somewhere in the middle of the value scale, we only need to push the values slightly lighter and darker. This increases the chances that we will create a full range of value in the finished drawing.
I originally discovered toned surfaces as a way of infusing a tension or energy into my paintings.  In terms of value I found that working on a nearly black surface made the brilliant bits of light colors really sparkle. Similarly, in terms of complementary color temperatures, I learned that a mostly cool green landscape sings when painted on a warm toned paper. Other times, when I’m feeling like truly imbuing a painting with a particular feel, I will select a color of paper which sets the tone of the scene such as a pale blue or grey paper to promote a subdued atmosphere in a misty winter landscape.
Ultimately, I would suggest experimenting with a variety of toned papers…. And if you already have a stash of white paper on hand? Never fear- or you can brush a wash of either watercolor, acrylic or gouache over the entire surface. Some people use pastel with broad strokes and then soften it by brushing denatured alcohol over it…. anything to get some color and value established before beginning to paint. I’ve gotten to the point that when faced with an expanse of white paper I get very nervous. Now I don’t leave home without a stash of toned pastel paper ;)  .
Artist Spotlight
Marianne Fyda was notified that her painting, Arts and Crafts, was accepted into the Degas Pastel Society’s 21st Membership Exhibition. The exhibit was at the Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Marianne's painting received an
 Award of Merit.
in the Degas Pastel Society show. 

Classes and Workshops

Instructor, Susan Nicholas Gephart
Location: Art Alliance of Central PA, Lemont

"Pastel Expressive Color" 
Discover how to see beyond the obvious within the landscape, and use expressive color to capture the essence of mood and atmosphere in sky, water, and more. You will learn how to see the depth of color and create a unique and personally expressive painting. Susan is a product demonstrator for Jack Richeson & Company, and will share her 40 years of pastel experience.  All levels welcome.

8-Week Pastel- 9am to 12pm
Wednesday, January 8, 15, 22, 29, 2020  
Wednesday, February 5, 12, 19, 26, 2020

 Capture the Skies with Susan at "Art a la Carte" in Bellefonte

Thursdays, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, & March 5 or 12, 2020, 6:00 to 8:00pm

Here's your chance to give pastel painting a try and paint your very own sunset! I'll provide the art supplies, and you bring a favorite photo of a sunset. All levels. Beginners welcome.

Price: $48. Includes art supplies

To register call: 814-355-1590

Art a la Carte
107 S. Allegheny Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823


Painting the Landscape in Pastel or Oil ~Two-Day Workshop

Friday, February 14 & Saturday, February 15, 2020, 9:30am – 3:30pm
sponsored by
The Art Alliance of Central PA

Work in the medium of your choice and learn how to take your photos, plein air sketches, and studies and turn them into a successful studio painting.

$170 for Art Alliance members and $200 for non-members. Single day option ½ price by request. Those interested in a single-day option should contact the office at 814-234-2740 or

Art Alliance of Central PA
818 Pike St.
Lemont, PA 16851



 Member-led Workshop
Featuring a color activity each hour!
Sunday, February 9, 2020
2 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Instructor: Kim Gates Flick 
(Immediately following our quarterly meeting at the Best Western for members’ convenience)
K E Y   C O L O R   C O N C E P T S
Identifying key concepts for building color relationships within a pastel practice
Color in relation to chromatic value, towards the creation of dimensional form
Color in relation to pastel pigment, specific techniques for mixing & layering color
Color in relation to content, for creating visual interesting compositions
$25 for a 3-hour session
Minimum of five registrants needed by the end of January or workshop will be cancelled.  Workshop will be capped at 12, so register early if you are interested.
An instructor’s materials list will be sent upon receipt of your fee.
Email Jill Foster immediately to reserve a slot.  Make out your check to Jill Foster and send to 151 Sunset Avenue, Pleasant Gap, PA  16823.  When check is received, you will then be officially registered for the workshop.
Contact Person:  Jill Foster

Additional Information: If you use an easel, bring a tabletop easel (NO standing easels, please), pastels, drop cloth for your personal area (tables will be covered), and any other items you use for everyday painting. A materials list will be emailed to each person when they register. You must register and have the fee paid by a week before the workshop so that the instructors will have time to prepare adequate class materials. No fee refund for any reason if you withdraw from Sunday, Feb. 2- Sunday, Feb. 9.
Registration is now open for next summer’s workshop! 
Registration is open to our members only until January 1. 
Be sure to reserve your spot right away.  Workshop is half filled already!

Karen Margulis  (  will be coming to State College for a three day plein air workshop August 14, 15, 16th next year. Register early to secure your spot working with Karen. Our CPPS website has more details and a registration page.   $100 secures your place in the limited enrollment class.

The venue for the workshop is Chicory Lane Farm:
“Every participant is sure to find an abundance of painting inspiration at Chicory Lane Farm in Spring Mills.  The new barn will serve as our home base while the  ecologically diverse site offers vernal pools, grasslands, meadows and forests."
photo of  old house:

Registration opens to the public Jan. 1, 2020.

You can also access the registration form for the workshop by clicking here.
Meeting Dates

February 9, 2020
Meeting 1:00
2:00-5:00 member led workshop
Registration required
Kim Flick, instructor

May 3, 2020
1:30 pm
(Changed because of Mother's Day)

August 9, 2020
1:30 pm

November 8, 2020
1:30 pm
Meetings will be held at
Best Western Plus
115 Premiere Dr, State College, PA 16801
Send Newsletter items to
Deadline last Saturday of the month
Send Website items to our webmaster,  

Happy Holidays
Jill and Anna
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