June 2020
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Candace Smith, Vice President - Kim Gates Flick, Secretary - Jen Shuey, 
Treasurer - Leslie Dyer, Newsletter Editor - Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members
From the President's Easel
Well, now I’m just having a temper tantrum. I feel like I’ve sped through Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s 7 stages of grief - shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance and come right back to anger!

How is it that given all this free time in a wonderful setting – what I begged for in a past life – I have virtually nothing to show for it?

Organizing, reading, that online course, exercise – yeah, right.

And the best intentions for drawing, pastel work and needle felting just evaporated and I can’t really account for the hours or keep track of the days. I DO know some pretty cheap but good takeout places, that you can order gin online (and local, too!), 2 good dark comedy series on Netflix AND that I am eternally grateful that I retired from teaching before this year. I know I would be terrible at using Zoom to teach art and I would fall into the category of ‘first in, first out’ by district standards. By the way Kim, how DID you manage to finish the semester teaching at PSU without going crazy?

I think you probably know the Margulis workshop is cancelled but if she’s willing and the workshop committee wants to pursue her, perhaps 2021 would be possible. More information to come!

The board will be addressing the online show soon.   More information to come!

The sun is out and because I’m basically optimistic and know one has to be grateful for so much and so many, I leave you with my favorite quote from Albert Camus.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there's something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Fondly, Candace
Editor's Notes
CPPS Members
CANCELLED!  the 20% off offer for the Karen Margulis set of Terry Ludwig Pastels has been cancelledThe owner of Ludwig Pastels decided to cancel the offer this time around since we have cancelled the Margulis workshop 2020. 

Multimedia Artboard New Website to view or place orders:  

New website announced and a 20% off EVERYTHING sale. Susan was given permission to give the discount code to her artist friends and students. They just use promo code: SPRINGMA20  at checkout. The sale is scheduled to end in early June. 

Susan Nicholas Gephart's Testimony:
I’ve been using Multimedia Artboard for over 15 years and immediately fell in love with it!  Now, the Pastel Artist Panels are my surface of choice and what I recommend to my students. What drew me to it was its capacity to be wet without buckling. This durable light weight archival surface enables me to use expressive brush work in under paintings, and then apply many delicate layers of pastels without filling the tooth. I love the way the white slightly textured surface receives and holds the intensity of a watercolor under wash. It also has enough tooth and texture to do a pastel sketch and then dissolve it with water or alcohol to create the fluidity and set it into the paper.  The pure joy of painting on this exquisite board will surely be a lifetime of experiences! 
Current News
  • A NEW Contest from Dakota Pastels might interest you.  Here is the link
  • Entries open June 1  for " PURE COLOR", the 4th annual online exhibition hosted by the Pastel Society of North Carolina.  For prospectus go to
Online Adventures
To contribute to the June Slideshow on the CPPS website, continue to send in floral paintings to Anna at

No suggestions have come in regarding what members would like featured in the slideshow.  So, July/August send in paintings of Fruits and Vegetables; September/October send in paintings of Harvest; November/December send in paintings of  Winter Holidays.

Please send in your ideas of what you think might be of interest for the group.
Thoughts on Painting a Portrait

My Pastel Portrait for 'Celebrating Our Women of Achievement'
Marianne Fyda


What a wonderful project to participate in!  I remember the email call from BAM asking for 24 women artists from their registry to do portraits of 24 women of achievement.  I signed up, with just a little anxiety.  I met my Achiever, Charima C. Young, ....on line at first and then in person.

We asked each other questions, shared photographs and ideas,  we both went back to our worlds but kept in touch.  

Then I started on some sketches, some in charcoal , some in pastel.  I like doing portraits but they also terrify me.  I worked on the early sketches in between teaching Fall classes, to figure out just how I was going to do this.  Time passed but I was slowly working on likeness, composition, color palette and more.

My favorite way to work is to work on a series of related or unrelated paintings at the same time, rotating from one to the next....the "volleyball" of painting.  I set a timer, work on a painting, 30 minutes usually, the  timer goes off, and I reset it and move to the next easel for 30 minutes, etc.

I do this for a number of reasons:   It keeps me from getting bogged down, I learn from each piece, it teaches me patience, it helps me get through some really tedious work,  it keeps me from going too far in the wrong direction , and it makes me think more , reflect more, and be more productive.

With Charima's portrait, I had my preliminary sketches but I had only one painting. I was putting all of my 'eggs in one basket', it didn't feel right and my one portrait wasn't quite right....! I was feeling that I just wanted to "get it over with"!  Getting it over with should not be part of my creative process!

I needed to go deeper, learn more , think more , try different approaches ... And hopefully end up with one decent result.

I decided to work on a series of portraits on different surfaces and using different approaches and combinations of photos.  And so it began, with all of the easels lined up, and each painting getting the 30 minute cycle.  

With each one, I learned more and more, I felt like I was taking a portrait workshop.  Instead of feeling fearful, I felt better.  Finally one of the portraits felt very right from the very beginning... It was my favorite.  The others were okay, but just okay.

I was approaching the time deadline; my portrait was finished, framed, and delivered.

I still had not shared a copy with Charima.....that is always scary, showing the portrait to the subject or client.  

I procrastinated.

When the mail arrived with the postcard promoting the Women of Achievement and Charima's portrait was one of the six on the postcard...Wow, that felt good!

And later, the portrait was one of several on the cover of Town and Gown.

I got a call from Charima, she liked it!  

The exhibit itself was marvelous; I hope you were able to see it!

The entire experience was way beyond my expectations and much appreciated!


Classes and Workshops

2020 Margulis workshop! 

All Paid Workshop Fees to be Refunded
Meeting Dates
August 9, 2020
1:30 pm

November 8, 2020
1:30 pm

Meetings will be held at
Best Western Plus
115 Premiere Dr, State College, PA 16801
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