March 2016
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Virginia Belser, Vice-President - , Secretary - Peggy Klinger, 
Treasurer – Susan McCartney, Newsletter Editor – Jill Foster, Resource Officer  – Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members

Letter from the Editor

**7 Day Challenge - I wanted to give everyone a heads up about a new challenge that Kim Gates Flick and I are planning. We really enjoyed taking part in the 30 day challenge in January but, we thought a shorter challenge might also be a good thing to do.

So, we are starting a 7 day challenge beginning on March 1st and ending on March 7th.  This challenge has some definite procedures to follow:  All pieces will be 9 X 12 or smaller (to fit in a Small Works category);  all participants will paint one painting a day;  all participants will email attachments of their work to the challenge group every day; and all participants will comment every day.  Each participant will have 7 completed paintings at the end of the 7 days.  And, because inquiring minds want to know, all but one of the 30/30 challenge group have signed up for this challenge! Oh yes, and any medium is acceptable as long as one painting a day is done (pastel is preferred, of course).

It was suggested at the Sunday quarterly meeting that we might consider having a Small Works Show somewhere after the challenge is over.  This will depend on the wishes of the challenge group, though.  If you would like to be included in this short challenge, please email me before Wednesday, March 1.  Don't miss out on the fun!

**An Exciting New Workshop - A sensational member-led workshop has "popped up" for the 11th of March  This workshop features CPPS members, Kim Gates Flick and Debbie Decker.  In this workshop they team up to pair artistic and creative musing activities with mindful meditative exercises.   Debbie is a certified yoga instructor/ pastel artist and Kim is visual arts instructor and perennial favorite for creative exploration.

It is a day filled with activities specifically chosen for the working artist to cultivate greater creative awareness.  Debbie will help members identify ways they might prevent pain and fatigue in their personal practices through yoga body movements.  In other sessions, Kim will combine art and healing into creative and stimulating art projects for everyone to enjoy. 
Don't miss out on the fun!  Sign up now for the best deal of the year...a WOW workshop for only $35 for the day.  Come to the Harris Township Community Center in Boalsburg with your art supplies, your lunch, your beverage and your "can do" attitude and you'll be guaranteed a great day.  The time is short for enrolling in this workshop, so email Kim right away if you don't want to miss out on a wonderful new and creative workshop.   After you register with Kim , you will be sent the agenda and supply list for the workshop.  
At the light by the church and cemetery on Rt. 45, turn to enter the village of Boalsburg
At the stop sign on the village square, turn left onto Main Street
Go straight until you see the Academy St. sign on your right
Turn right
Go straight until you see the church/community center on your right

**The new member list has been emailed to you.  It is important to know and to remember that our by-laws prohibit the dissemination of our names and emails.  The Society email list is confidential and should not be submitted through forwards, etc. to outsiders.


Current News

CPPS Paint In Planned

The Education Committee has scheduled a paint in on Saturday, March 25th from 9-4 at the Harris Township Community Center in Boalsburg. Bring your own painting materials and subject matter as this is a gathering when members come together to visit, paint and have fun. It will be a potluck, so bring your favorite dish to share at lunch time.  For those of you new to the organization, the Community Center is an old church that is also the home of the Lions Club on Academy Street in Boalsburg, Pa..  The Lions Club sign is in the yard.
At the light by the church and cemetery on Rt. 45, turn to enter the village of Boalsburg
At the stop sign on the village square, turn left onto Main Street
Go straight until you see the Academy St. sign on your right
Turn right
Go straight until you see the church/community center on your right

There is parking all around the sides and back of the building and the 2 side doors will be open.

There is no snow date planned.  Members will be informed by email if it is necessary to cancel.  Email Kathleen at: to let her know you plan to come and the dish you are bringing for the pot luck..

CPPS 2017 Shows

The exhibition committee is planning to hold two shows in 2017.  One will be a member show and the other will be a juried show.  August - juried show at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven - August 11-September 3 and in October - member show - (not juried) at the State College Framing Company 

Juried Show

Location - juried show at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven, 2 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven PA - August 11-September 3

Specific information concerning the Juried Show in Lock Haven below:
Image Entries Due: June 30th Send 3 images to Station Gallery (more info later on the email entry CPPS will design )

Not Allowed: Paintings done in a workshop or under the direction of a teacher will NOT be allowed in a juried show.

Selected Entries: members will be notified by email sometime in July.

Delivery: August 6th  between 1:30 - 3:30 PM.  Bring selected work to Station Gallery, 2 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven PA 17745

Dates of Show: August 11th-September 3rd

Reception: August 11th from 6 to 9 p.m.
Note: Reception foods/wine can be supplemented by CPPS member donations

Jurors: Carol Ann Simon Cillo and Steve Getz

Members' Show

Location: State College Framing & Gallery, Hills Plaza, 160 Rolling Ridge Dr, St College, PA 16801

Number of Paintings: 1 to 3 (one being larger 16x20)

Art Delivery Dates: Monday, September 25th to Friday, Sept 29th.  Times: shop hours 10AM- 5PM 
Phone: 814-234-7336

Reception:  Sunday, October 8th, 2017   
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm  
​(​Note: Saturday ​is a ​home football game)  

Pick-Up: First week in November store hours


Rochester Art Supply Visit

Mike from the Rochester Art Supply in Rochester, NY  will be at the Best Western Plus with a dizzying array of pastel supplies from 9-2:00 on Sunday, May 14, prior to the quarterly meeting.  He is open to bringing special request items (non-pastel items, special quantities)  if requested beforehand via email :   Save your pennies, bring a friend, discover new materials.

Paint Around Paintings

Below are some of the painters and paintings done in the paint around that took place before the quarterly meeting on February 12, 2017. Those who participated were: Kathleen Muffie-Witt, Anne Kenyon, Roxanne Naydan, Milt Trask, Suzanne Desarbo, Marianne Fyda, Virginia Belser, and Alice Kelsey.  The photographer sends apologies to Roxanne for capturing only her hand in the picture!

Contact List being Created for Pop Up Events

The education committee is creating a contact list of members interested in taking part in spontaneous events planned a day or 2 ahead. The goal is to encourage painting/sketching together. Events could be plen air, at a member's home or sitting at a coffee shop. Every member on the list would be given the pop up member list and be able to create an event. Only members on the list would be contacted. Please contact Kathleen Muffie-Witt if you would like to be on the list.


by Stacy Mayou

Successfully Enter an Art Show, Exhibition and/or Competition

The last column of Pastellus focused on what judges look for when jurying a show. This installment will look into things you can do to help your work be accepted. Entering shows, exhibitions, and competitions is a necessary step for those who wish to be considered serious artists. Acceptance into juried shows and exhibitions helps build your resume and lends credibility to your work, allowing your art career and professional development to progress.
Below are items to keep in mind when entering a show. These tips are a compilation of research with the aim of helping you be successful when entering an art show.
1. Make sure the competition fits your artwork.
It is not beneficial for a pastel artist to enter a show geared towards photography. Although your work may be beautiful and meet the landscape theme advertised it will be rejected because it is not a photograph. Keep in mind that most shows receive many more submissions than they have room to show, so making sure that you are choosing shows that fit your art will increase your odds of success.
2. Follow the organizations rules completely.
Read and understand the prospectus. Fill out the application entirely and legibly.  Label your images as requested.  Often images labeled incorrectly will not make it to the jurors for review, so it is critical that this is accurate. Learn how to resize your photos to the organizations requirements. You don’t have to have expensive software like Photoshop or Photo Elements, there are other free programs for this purpose;  for example, and  Spend time learning how to use these programs so your artwork will get the attention it deserves from the jurors.
3. Submit and Present art that relates.
If you are submitting more than one piece, your entries should show a grasp and mastery of one medium and subject. Joanne Fox, an exhibiting artist for 30 years and a juror for such prestigious organizations as the Sausalito Art Festival in California, and the American Craft Council, says it’s critical to submit works that relate to one another. “Even if you do different kinds of artwork, such as watercolor, drawing and collage,” says Fox, “you don’t want to present all those media in one show application.” Fox says that artists need to present one strong body of consistent work for the jurors to be able to judge properly. “Everything should relate visually,” she says, “with similar colors and the same style.”
4. Spend time on your artist statement.
If asked for an artist statement, take the time to write a compelling paragraph that generally introduces your work, inspiration, and medium. There is a wealth of information on artist statements online waiting to be googled!  Jurors do read these statements and it helps them get to know you and your artwork. 
5. Submit the best representation of actual art.
In order for your artwork to be fairly evaluated and judged, the jurors need to be presented with an actual representation of the art you have submitted. This is by far the single most important item when entering a show, exhibition, or competition. It can also be the hardest. 
If possible, work with a professional photographer.  They will be able to capture a realistic representation of the artwork, resize it according to the organizations rules or prospectus and make sure that the photo has been cropped and color corrected. If a professional photographer is not possible, check with the organization you are submitting to, many organizations have directions you can follow to ensure your artwork meets their criteria. If not, follow the general guidelines below.
Take a high resolution photograph 300dpi or higher. 
-Often images are projected on a large screen, so it is important that your photo will stand up to being enlarged.
Do not photograph framed artwork, the glass will interfere with the picture. 
Make sure there is plenty of natural light when photographing your work.
- Natural or indirect light is the best light, it reduces the risk of color cast (yellow or blue whites). Photograph your artwork outside when possible. Make sure there are no hot spots or glare (areas where the color is washed out due to too much light) and no shadows from the camera or photographer. 
If photographing inside combine natural light from a large window with overhead lighting. Take several photos, some as close as you can get and others back a bit. This will allow you to choose a photo that most closely resembles the original artwork.
Once you have chosen a photo, crop it. 
-The jurors want to see nothing but art, crop out any background information. Do not put a white border around your work, the jurors may assume this is part of the piece. Cropping can be done on your smartphone or computer photo program.
Resize the photo to the size requested by the organization
- This is very important, don’t over look this step. Refer to the software information at the bottom of #2.
Submit the photo representation of your masterpiece!
Following these steps should help increase your odds for success when entering shows, exhibitions and/or competitions. 
Once you’re accepted 
If you make it into a show, be certain you display your work in a good frame. When jurors are awarding prizes, Gregg Hertzlieb, director of the Brauer Museum of Art in Valparaiso, Indiana emphasizes that, beyond the quality of the work itself, presentation really counts. “There’s often a jarring disconnect between the work and the way it’s framed,” says Hertzlieb. “Once I sat on a jury that was determining the fate of a really charming folk art painting, but it was surrounded by an elaborate French-style frame. Those two things together canceled each other out.” Hertzlieb suggests that artists find a framer they trust, or at least another artist who’s able to offer a critical eye.
 Dealing with Rejection
After the art show opens, always try to view the art that was accepted into that show and be as objective as possible with yourself (or have an knowledgeable art friend assist you) as to the possible reasons why your work was not accepted. It may not have been the quality of your art, but it may have been one of the other reasons, as stated above. Jurors look for a lot of different things when putting a show together. Often times, the consideration of how a show will “hang together” becomes more important than a juror’s feelings about one particular piece. In other cases, size or media restrictions eliminate pieces that otherwise would be chosen. In the end, there is no way to predict how or why a juror picks specific pieces. Give yourself the credit you deserve for putting your work out there, and don’t ever stop trying! 

Please Note: Paintings done in workshops or under the direction/supervision of a teacher are NOT accepted in  juried shows.
The Pastel Journal Guide to Entering Juried Shows

Future Workshops

Bill Hosner 2017 Workshop

William Truman Hosner, guest artist
"Concepts for Painting the Figure in Outdoor Spaces"
August 1/2/3. 2017
Windmere Hall
State College, PA

Price: Members $500. Non Members $530 (includes CPPS membership).
(Price of workshop does not include the model fee)
$ 100 deposit
There are openings remaining   Sign up now.
Minimum # 10 to 15 maximum # participants

The registration form is now posted.on the website.

Other 2017 Workshops


2 Nicholas Studio 3-Day Plein Air Pastel Workshops

Tue, July 18 – Thu, July 20, 2017, 10am – 4pm

Tue, July 25, – Thu, July 27, 2017, 10am – 4pm

Location:  Studio of Susan Nicholas Gephart, 351 E. Bishop St, Bellefonte PA
Price: $80 per day with 1 day only options
Class Size:  3-4 people
Class description: Each day we will meet at Nicholas Studios for a morning demonstration.  Late morning we will travel in my car loaded with our gear (or car pool) to a local site to plein air paint.
Contact Susan Nicholas Gephart to register or ask questions. 


CPPS 2018 Guest Artists Being Considered

The president, Virginia Belser, has assumed the responsibility of setting up the 2018 workshop with the able assistance of Roxanne Naydan.  At the present time, Kim Lordier and Susan Oglivie are being considered for a landscape workshop.  If you have other suggestions, email Virginia at


30/30 Challenge

Below are paintings done in weeks 3 and 4 of the 30/30 challenge that took place in January.  The challenge was about painting every day, so we decided that any medium was acceptable as long as we were painting daily. Some of the mediums used were water colors, acrylics, ink, gel pens, and Inktense pencils,  Some were used as underpaintings, some were left as is.

Stacy Mayou - I am going to miss the daily emails, I feel like we have all connected through this challenge. I have appreciated the feedback, but mostly the camaraderie. I have not been that committed to painting daily ever; I did it as I was being inspired by the group and wanted to be involved in the conversation. I intend to continue painting daily, I can see improvement in my pieces. Can't wait for the next daily painting challenge!

Susan Nicholas Gephart - I've got to say this has been one of the best Januarys I have ever had! Creating art sure does help with the winter blues!

Jill Foster - I had a lot of fun, which was one of my goals.  It was a time of once again  experimenting with pastels and regaining some confidence in the application of them since I hadn't painted in a long time.  I didn't always post every day because my paintings were always in the beginning stages rather than in the ending stages.  I learned that I don't work quickly through a piece and that I like to layer, layer, layer pastel!
Kim Gates Flick - I tried to work from direct observation a little every day; establishing a working palette by identifying local color and inherent values and then selecting a match from the pastels – pushing my selections out of habitual choices.  Working this many days brings about discoveries of ways of working,  too – Occupying the space between drawing & painting within the pastel medium was an affirmation to my personal practice.


Artist Spotlight

Susan Nicholas Gephart is showing 25 pieces of her works February to March at the State College Framing Company & Gallery, Hills Plaza, 160 Rolling Ridge Dr, St College, PA 16801 

Susan Nicholas Gephart
Featured Artist Exhibition with Cyber Gallery: Click link below to view.

Jennifer Shuey has a solo exhibition at Zola Kitchen and Wine Bar from March 6 – April 30.  There will be a reception at a date to be determined.  Watch Jen’s Facebook and website for details,

Susan Nicholas Gephart's painting, "Changing Light",  pastel on UART 500, 12 x 18, created en plein air during the Publisher's Invitational in the Adirondacks,  was accepted into the Juried Combination group show at Station Gallery for the Clinton County Arts council and the Bald Eagle Art League.
The show will be up Feb 24 through March 18, 2017

Jennifer Shuey is the featured artist on wine bottles of Slab Cabin Run Red and Slab Cabin Run White, first of the University Wine Company's special label wines.  $3 from each bottle sold will benefit ClearWater Conservancy’s Slab Cabin Run conservation initiative.  Learn more on Jen’s blog at  The original painting of Slab Cabin Run titled “Confluence” was also the featured live auction item at ClearWater’s Art & Chocolate Winter Gala.

Susan Nicholas Gephart is presenting "Marketing Strategies for the Working Artist" with the Bald Eagle Art League at The Tabor Museum, March 2, 7pm, 2017.  
To find out more:

Thoughts from the Studio

A little tidbit for the newsletter from Jeanne McKinney:

Every artist needs to learn to do a self critique - to look at his or her painting and be able to see what your painting may need to improve or finish it.

This information comes from Kathleen Dunphy's blog. Kathleen is a wonderful west coast oil painter who also paints the Maine coast. I had the privilege of seeing her work when the Plein Air Painters of America exhibited at the Cape Cod Museum of Art a couple summers ago.

Kathleen Dunphy keeps a "Critique Notebook". She records the date, size and location of her painting.

Kathleen assesses how effective a painting is in 5 basic categories:

Paint Quality

Kathleen makes quick notes on ways to improve in each category.

She suggests turning the work upside down.

Look through books to find examples of paintings that accomplish what you are after.

Finally, try anything it takes to make the painting more successful!

I hope this might be helpful for our artists. - Jeanne


Private Adult Pastel Classes being held at Susan Nicholas Gephart Studios located at 351 E. Bishop St, Bellefonte, PA 16823.  Contact Susan to inquire about dates and fee.
Call: 814-360-2116    


Quote of the Month

"Use what talents you possess;
the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."

Henry Van Dyke


February Minutes

The minutes from the February meeting haven't been approved.  Please read the minutes for accuracy and have additions or corrections ready to share at the May 14th meeting.  
CPPS  Quarterly Meeting
February 12, 2017 at Best Western Plus,
State College, PA
At 3:30 p.m. President Virginia Belser called the meeting to order.  Copies of the November meeting minutes were not available, the treasurer’s report, and the agenda were provided. 

An attendance list was floated for those present to sign. Attending were Kathleen Muffie-Witt, Debbie Decker, Anne Kenyon, Roxanne Naydan, Milt Trask, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Suzanne Desarbo, Marianne Fyda, Jill Foster, Virginia Belser, Susan McCartney, Alice Kelsey and Denise Wagner.

The treasurer’s report was accepted.  Marianne Fyda moved to approve, seconded by Roxanne Naydan. It was noted that there were 7 spots available for the Hosner workshop.
 Unfinished Business:

The exhibit committee plan on two shows for 2017, one in the Frame Shop for October and one in the Station Gallery in Lock Haven (Clinton County Arts Council) in August. The latter will be a juried show. Dates for the juried show will be Aug. 11 through Sept. 3 with a reception on the 11th from 6 to 9 pm. The jury procedure is out of our hands and typically the gallery handles hospitality but we can contribute to that if we choose. Work done in a workshop setting or under the direction of a teacher is NOT acceptable for entry into a juried show.

The committee has been allotted a $200 budget for the advertising, etc. for the 2 shows.  Roxanne Naydan is responsible for obtaining advertising for the best possible price.

The education committee presented their schedule of events at the meeting.  These are:
March 25th , Saturday, Paint In at Harris Township Community Center in Boalsburg.  It will be held from 9-4 and lunch will be “potluck”, so bring a favorite dish to share. Directions will be in the newsletter.
May 14th, Quarterly meeting after a visit from Rochester Art Supply 9-2, Best Western
May 21st, Sunday, Paint Out at Millbrook Marsh from 9am-12pm
July 31st, Hosner Demonstration
August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Hosner Workshop.  7 spots remaining so sign up soon, if interested. The treasurer will allow monthly payments toward the Hosner workshop.
November 12th, Quarterly meeting at SAMA in Altoona.  Meeting following by viewing 2 shows currently up at the museum.

The education committee will not organize member-led workshops.  Instead, individual members may organize their own workshops, set price, pay for space, etc. and, as a courtesy,  let the education committee know so as to avoid a conflict of dates.

The education committee is setting up an email list of members who would like to be apprised of spontaneously planned events.  If interested, email any of the committee members with your name.
In New Business:

The CPPS president has assumed the responsibility of organizing a yearly national workshop.  Roxy Naydan has volunteered to assist.  Landscape is the theme for 2018 and at present, Kim Lordier and Susan Ogilvie are being considered.

Anne Kenyon and Virginia Belser are awaiting notice to see if they will be juried into the Arts Festival.  If they are, they would like members to contribute small educational pieces that show the pastel painting process from start to finish or other educational pieces that might be appropriate.

The Art Alliance is looking for volunteer(s) to teach pastel “pop-up” classes.  Contact Marie Doll at the Art Alliance, if interested.

The Bellefonte Art Museum has a summer program planned called “Good Libations: Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries and Wineries”. ( BAM members only.)  Virginia brought news that there will be a mid-June event at the Mt. Nittany Vineyard where artists can paint and the pieces will be exhibited. (also BAM members only)
Other Business

Barbara Jaenicke will present a 1-day workshop  in Cumberland, MD on Sunday June 25th from 9-4.  The cost is $150.  
Cumberland, MD - 1-day Plein Air workshop (all media/demo will be in oil)
June 25, 2017 (Sun)
Part of the Mountain Maryland Plein Air event happening June 19-24.
Contact: Chris Sloan,, 301-777-2787

A CPPS Vice-President is still needed.  Any volunteers?

Newsletter—Please send  information about yourself or any interesting pastel information you’ve discovered.  Every contribution makes the newsletter better.  Please send it ready for the editor to copy/paste into the newsletter.

Also, there will be a new painting challenge coming up from March 1st - 7th .  It will be a 7 – day challenge with a small painting completed each day.  Members wishing to join the challenge, contact Jill @  More info will be coming in the newsletter sent out on the 26th of Feb.

Meeting adjourned. 
Jill Foster, Acting Secretary

Art Shows to Enter

Arizona Pastel Artists' Association - Deadline March 7, 2017 - Prospectus online at

 Images 2017, the juried gallery exhibition of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, deadline is May 5.  For more details and to apply, visit

PA Watercolor Society 38th Juried Exhibit  - Deadline May 15, 2017 - entry forms  www.pawcs.comPastel Society of America - Deadline June 13, 2017 - Prospectus at www.pastelsocietyof  

SAMA -Ligonier - Deadline August 2017
For registration or additional information:
(724) 238-6015
NW Pastel Society; Pastel Painter Society of Cape Cod,  
Check out.the OnllineJuriedShows website for other possibilities

Send Newsletter items to
Send Website items to our webmaster,  
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