June 2017
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Virginia Belser,  Secretary - Peggy Klinger, 
Treasurer - Susan McCartney, Newsletter Editor - Jill Foster, Resource Officer  - Jill Foster

To promote fellowship among members
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium
To enhance creative painting with pastels
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members

Letter from the Editor

There is still time to send in floral paintings to Anna for the slideshow on the homepage of the website.

The slideshow theme on the website for July/August is "Favorite Subjects".  Send in your jpegs during the last 2 weeks of June to  Be sure that your jpegs are at least 600-800 pixels in height.  

The deadline is approaching for the Bill Hosner workshop.  If you are thinking about taking this workshop, please register right away.  Below  there is a testimonial from Susan Nicholas Gephart about Hosner's demonstration at the Plein Air Convention in San Diego.  Based on Susan's impressions, Hosner sounds like a very talented and inspiring teacher.  

Another challenge will take place starting in August.    Details are still being sorted out.  But for now, we are planning a 10- day challenge...maybe painting abstracts..other suggestions welcome.  All information and further details regarding the challenge will be shared in an email with those who have signed up.   So, if you are interested in taking part in this challenge, email Jill  before July 22nd to have your name added to the list.

Reminder: News deadline is the last Saturday of the month unless otherwise indicated.


Current News

Millbrook Marsh Wrap-up

Despite overcast skies, half a dozen turned up for the paint-out  on Sunday, May 21 at Millbrook Marsh. Photos are on the CPPS website.


Hosner Demonstration in San Diego

by Susan Nicholas Gephart
I had a chance to see Truman Hosner during his pastel presentation at the Plein Air Convention in San Diego. He was well-prepared, very personable, and pleasant to listen to. He first opened up with a joke that connected to his past about where he came from, and how he got to where he was. This talk had a slide show. Before he came up to talk there was a beautiful slideshow of his work. He definitely has great visuals that entice and prepare you before his talk. 

His demonstration at the convention was to be only an hour and a half. He brought a model along dressed and posed. He then did a sketch that he called a drawing, on Canson paper, 18" by 24". He explained his philosophy and connected it to his slideshow and his mentor of his past. The story about his mentor was very fascinating and was also supportive of how he got to where he was now. There was a wealth of knowledge about positioning the figure within a space in a room. He explained how individual personality inclinations would consider different angles. He explained why he chose to do what he did. Basically stating that there are many ways to approach this, but these are some of the sound ways that he finds helpful.

As his demo was concluding, he reminded us that this was only the beginning sketch and preparation for what he wanted to do. He was familiarizing himself with his model and was preparing to go outside with his model to complete a new plein air painting the next day. After his indoor demonstration, he told us that the next day , if we wished,  we could watch him work with this model using the same outfit supporting the sketch and begin a new piece on a sanded surface. I believe it was UArt paper he was going to be working on, but I'm not entirely certain. 

He's a great guy, and if I had the funds to take a portrait workshop with him, I think he would be the one to go to!


by Stacy Mayou

Focus - Part 1

Let’s face it, finding time to painting is hard.  It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time or not at all, have toddlers, teenagers or no kids.  It’s difficult to make time to paint.  To put in the amount of time it takes to actually become a better painter.  No matter what the end goals might be, showing, selling or improving as an artist; none of us feel like we have enough time to paint. Therefore, the time we do get to spend painting shouldn’t be aimless.  Time spent painting should be productive and most of all enjoyable.  With a little focus - forethought and planning - we can make our time painting a positive experience.

Here are a few ideas to help make your time at the easel easier and more productive.

•    Choose a subject and paint it for awhile, sky, trees, fruit, etc; this will save you time deciding what to paint.
•    Paint small, no larger than 9 x 12. Smaller paintings allow you to focus on painting not covering a large area.
•    Have several pieces of paper or board cut to size and ready for painting, you will be ready to paint quickly.  
•    Have several reference photos ready to work with; when you have time to paint look over your reference images and pick one.
•    Take the time to do a few thumbnail sketches before you paint. Work out value and composition; this will save you time and frustration.
•    Choose one or two things to work on when you paint like soft edges or mark making; this focus will help you work on skills important to you.
•    Keep your studio and supplies organized. No one wants to have to clean or straighten before they get to paint.
•    Set realistic goals like painting 4 hours a week or 1 hour a day. Being realistic will help you get to the easel and feel better when you are there.
•    Don’t expect to finish a painting every time you paint; have fun and experiment
•    Most of all have fun and enjoy your time painting.

We all know it is important to make time to create and to continue to improve our skills.  With a little focus it is possible to make the time we do have to paint more productive and enjoyable. 

I would love to hear your ideas on staying focused to take full advantage of your time at the easel. Please email me at 


Tips for Painting Outdoors

by Susan Nicholas Gephart

Like the Boy Scout motto, " Be Prepared", you, as a plein air painter,  must also remember to prepare wisely and to expect the unexpected!   If you enjoy painting outdoors, you must think and plan ahead for your painting trip and carefully choose where you wish to paint and then check your surroundings. 
Always research your location before you pack in order  to understand what types of bugs or snakes live in the locale. Pack a small first aid kit with Benadryl for insect swelling and a sting stick for itchy bug bites. With the serious concerns of ticks, spray long pants and clothing with repellent.   Consider wearing white long sleeves and white pants to easily see "hot spots" and carry a lint roller to remove the ticks from clothing. Leave infested areas immediately!   Know what poison ivy looks like in its different stages and always avoid. Wear long pants around areas it is growing. Know that other people can get "contact" poison ivy from car seats, folding chairs, your clothing, or even a hand shake. (One time I borrowed a sun screen and spread poison ivy all over my arms because I touched the bottle, which had the poison on it!) 

Think about the comfort of the clothing you'll need and wear layers for the potential cold or lighter clothing for warmer days.  Be sure you have a hat that will keep you cool in the heat and  protect you from sunburn, heat stroke or dehydration. 
Most importantly, pay attention to the"false" sense of safety within us. Remember, that in our modern world of "Smart Phones", sometimes there is no reception or there are dead spots and no contact can be made for outside help.   Know where you are going, take a buddy, tell a friend, and always have extra water! ~So many things to think of!


Artist Spotlight

 Clinton County Arts Council Exhibit Committee member, Susan Nicholas Gephart shared a pre-convention Newsletter, and announces her re-invite back as Faculty for PACE 2018 to be held in Santa Fe.  Newsletter Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Susan Nicholas Gephart and Pastel Experimentation. The 6th annual Plein Air Convention & Expo, San Diego, California,
PleinAir Magazine's Newsletter Outdoor Painter.  Link:

Fine Art Connoisseur Newsletter Fine Art Today. CPPS member a Susan and father, Tom Nicholas mentioned in this featured art link. Link:

Thoughts from the Studio

No  contribution this month.

Future Workshops

Bill Hosner 2017 Workshop

William Truman Hosner, guest artist
"Concepts for Painting the Figure in Outdoor Spaces"
August 1/2/3. 2017
Windmere Hall
State College, PA

Members $500. Non Members $530 (includes CPPS membership).
(Price of workshop does not include the model fee)
$ 100 deposit due 1/15/17.
Preference to CPPS members until Jan.15 and then the workshop will open nationally
Minimum # 10 to 15 maximum # participants

The registration form is now posted.on the website.


Other 2017 Workshops

July  Workshops 

Tue, July 18 – Thu, July 20, 2017, 10am – 4pm

Tue, July 25, – Thu, July 27, 2017, 10am – 4pm

Location:  Studio of Susan Nicholas Gephart, 351 E. Bishop St, Bellefonte PA
Price: $80 per day with 1 day only options
Class Size:  3-4 people
Class description: Each day we will meet at Nicholas Studios for a morning demonstration.  Late morning we will travel in my car loaded with our gear (or car pool) to a local site to plein air paint.
Contact Susan Nicholas Gephart to register or ask questions. 


Saturday, August 5, 2017 10am – 2pm ~PASTELS only: 

Saturday, August 12, 2017, 10am – 2pm ~PASTELS only

Location:  Station Gallery, Lock Haven, PA (Clinton County Arts Council)
Price: $35.00 CCAC member or $50.00 non-member 
Class Size: 10
Class description: In this short 4-hour class, learn the basics of soft pastels, and how to take your photos or sketches and use them as inspiration for a pastel painting. Some supplies will be available to use and a supply list will be provided. You are encouraged to contact the instructor and discuss your personal plan and what materials will be needed before the class.
Contact Susan Nicholas Gephart to register or ask questions. 


CPPS 2018 Landscape Workshop

The president, Virginia Belser, has assumed the responsibility of setting up the 2018 workshop with the able assistance of Roxanne Naydan.  They are in the final stages of selection and hope to have someone booked and confirmed very soon.
Meeting Dates
August 13
November 12


CPPS Show Information

The exhibition committee is planning to hold two shows in 2017.  In August, a juried show will be held at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven and in October, a member show (not juried) will be held  at the State College Framing Company  

The CPPS exhibition committee is planning to hold two shows in 2017.  One will be a member show and the other will be a juried show.  In August, a juried show will be held at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven and in October, a member show (not juried) will be held  at the State College Framing Company  
The dates are spaced so you can use the same works in both shows, if you want. Carpool options are being prepared to enable our distant members participation. These shows are for you to shine! Please take note aand save the upcoming dates . Questions: (814) 360-2116

Juried Show Submission Form

Location - juried show at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven, 2 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven PA - August 11-September 3

Specific information concerning the Juried Show in Lock Haven below:
Image Entries Due: June 30th.   Send up to 4 images to Station Gallery (more info later on the email entry CPPS will design )
$15 entry fee for up to 4 paintings

Not Allowed: Paintings done in a workshop or under the direction of a teacher will NOT be allowed in a juried show.

Selected Entries: members will be notified by email sometime in July if their painting has been juried into the show.

Delivery: August 6th  between 1:30 - 3:30 PM.  Bring selected work to Station Gallery, 2 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven PA 17745

Dates of Show: August 11th-September 3rd

Reception: August 11th from 6 to 9 p.m.
Note: Reception foods/wine can be supplemented by CPPS member donations

Jurors: Carol Ann Simon Cillo and Steve Getz

Members' Show Submission Form

Location: State College Framing & Gallery, Hills Plaza, 160 Rolling Ridge Dr, St College, PA 16801

Number of Paintings: 1 to 3 (one being larger 16x20)

Art Delivery Dates: Monday, September 25th to Friday, Sept 29th.  Times: shop hours 10AM- 5PM 
Phone: 814-234-7336

Show dates:   October

Reception:  Sunday, October 8th, 2017   
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm  
​(​Note: Saturday ​is a ​home football game)  

Pick-Up: First week in November store hours

Art Shows to Enter

St. Augustine Art Association - "Nature and Wildlife Exhibition" - Deadline: June 5, 2017. Apply online:

Pastel Society of America - Deadline June 16, 2017; Prospectus -

Connecticut Pastel Society - deadline August 4  - prospectus

SAMA -Ligonier - Deadline August 2017
For registration or additional information:
(724) 238-6015
 Check out.the OnllineJuriedShows website for many possibilities

Quote of the Month

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

Bob Ross, artist
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