July 2015
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Marianne Fyda, Vice-President - Kim Gates Flick, Secretary - Pat McDannel, 
Treasurer – Susan McCartney, Newsletter Editor – Jill Foster, Resource Officer  – Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members

Letter from the Editor

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I also need everyone  to send in their individual biographies if the "Meet your Members" column is to continue.  Without text, there is no column!  

The deadline for each monthly newsletter will be the last Saturday of the month.


Current News

Webmaster Request!

When sending jpegs for the website, Anna requests that the height be 600 pixels..  Don't worry about any other measurement at this time.  

If you have any news, been juried into shows, won awards, or have something to share, please send the information along with jpegs to Anna Crane, our new webmaster, at with "CPPS Website" typed in the subject line of the email.  

Wish List

At the last meeting, Marianne asked that members email ideas for improving the society to her and she will include them on a Wish List. The wish list is simply whatever CPPS members “wish the society could do for them, should be doing, or could work to provide”. In Marianne's words:  "We have dreams,  We can all use our imaginations, our creativity, and our little society community to turn our dreams/wishes into a reality."

At the July meeting, we will discuss in what directions we want  the society to move .

Margaret Evans Workshop 

Click here for workshop registration form.
Contact: Judy Leasure

Visit SAMA Ligonier Valley

Anne Kenyon wrote that the "Pastel Expressions" show is beautifully and professionally displayed and the museum has produced a large trifold brochure featuring a dozen color reproductions of members’ paintings.  It is about a 2 hour drive from State College and well worth the trip.  The "Pastel Expressions" show at SAMA Ligonier will close on August 23, 2015.

Mike Beeman Workshop

Click here for the workshop registration form
Contact: Judy Leasure

Education Committee

The committee has been working on a proposal for the CPPS membership to consider. They request that members read their proposal and then send written comments to the education committee members (Anne Kenyon, Kathleen Muffie-Witt, Virginia Belser) before the July 26th meeting.  The proposal will be discussed at the meeting.
Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society:
Education Committee Proposal
As the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society (CPPS) reflects on the ten years since its inception, it is clear that thanks to several dedicated, energetic and hard-working members the group has achieved a great deal from instructor led workshops to hosting nationally acclaimed pastel artists for workshops, paint ins and paint outs, local group exhibitions, to the current shared show with the Pittsburgh Pastel Society and our ever- growing member roster.
As we look forward to the continued growth of CPPS, the education committee is proposing an educational structure which will satisfy the national pastel society by-laws*, while meeting the educational needs of our members and simultaneously fostering connections both in the CPPS and the local area arts community. Our reasoning is that the more attention we can garner, the more we can contribute towards educating potential artists, and the more energy we share about our collective passion for the medium of pastel, the more members we will attract, thus continuing the cycle and ensuring the longevity of the society.
 With an eye towards sustainability and keeping the programming fresh, we propose that this committee consist of three members, each member serving a three year rotation.  This rotation will always allow for a member serving his/her first year who is learning the ropes, a second member serving his/her second year with some experience and memory and the third member who can provide the experience, knowledge and skill set to effectively mentor the newer committee members.
We envision the educational/outreach program as consisting of 4 key features:
  1. A short program, demonstration, slide show or activity either immediately before or after the standard quarterly meetings. These activities are intended to be informative, educational and are likely to generate a sense of camaraderie amongst the members.
  2. A longer workshop led by members of the local arts community, annually for now, but can happen more often if members at large wish to be involved with the planning and delivery.
  3. A clear goal of establishing and nurturing relationships with other local organizations- whether they be arts or educational in nature… avenues to be explored may include the Palmer Museum of Art, group exhibition spaces on the PSU campus, educational demos/workshops with local youth groups and/or organizations. 
  4. The eventual assumption of the responsibilities associated with the annual workshop led by an instructor of national renown. The CPPS treasurer would continue to be involved with this effort as that individual manages the monies and registrations for the society.
Following are more details with respect to each of the four components of the CPPS educational effort:
Part 1: A short program, demonstration, slide show or activity either immediately before or after the standard quarterly meetings. These informal activities can be led by any member of the CPPS. Ideas and activities include (but are not limited to):
  • Fun learning activities such as the “20 stroke apple” or the 3 values of one color painting.
  • Sharing by membership of current art projects
  • Demo of specific techniques
  • Presentation or demo of:
    • Framing tips
    • shipping of artwork
    • quality photography of pastels,
  • Slide show focused on projects or specific artists
Part 2: A longer workshop (one or two days) led by either CPPS members or members of the local arts community.
The purpose of the Local Artist/Member Led Workshop is to provide both the membership and community with educational based events using the joint talents of members and like minded local artists while simultaneously fostering new interest regionally in the use of pastel as a drawing and painting medium. We have conceived of this component as annual event for now, but it can happen more often if members at large wish to be involved with the planning and delivery.
Our goal for this component is to outline a sustainable process where the education of our members extends beyond what our members’ knowledge base can provide. We see the joining of other artists as an opportunity to enhance the use of pastel as well as introducing watercolors, sculpture, or photography to pastel as a chosen medium.
The procedure calls for a CPPS member with a specific topic, technique, or style to propose a 1 or 2 day workshop based upon the members expertise.
Aligned with the CPPS goals a local artist/educator from the community will be invited to join the workshop as a demonstrator/instructor. For example a watercolor artist under the guidance of the CPPS member would conduct a demo using watercolor describing his/her techniques. Participants will then try the watercolor medium. Next, the CPPS pastel painter would incorporate the watercolor skills possibly as an underpainting to a pastel painting.
Another example might be for a CPPS member to collaborate with an art historian or museum director from the university to conduct a talk on the pastel paintings at the local art museum. The presentation might include a description of  the techniques and materials used (ie: how Degas used the pastel) and an opportunity for attendees to try out those techniques and materials.
Part 3: A clear goal of establishing and nurturing relationships with other local organizations, whether they be arts or educational in nature.
Considering sustainability of CPPS and fostering interest in the medium of pastels, it seems critical that our group consistently reach out to both youth and the community at large. Garnering attention through exhibitions and workshops or demos can only generate interest. Specific avenues to be explored might include:
  • the Palmer Museum of Art
  • group exhibition spaces on the PSU campus and around the region
  • providing educational demos/workshops for local youth groups and/or organizations or events such as:
    • the Kid’s Day at the annual State College Arts Festival
    • First Night activities
    • local scouting organizations
    • Millbrook Marsh
    • Shaver’s Creek 
Part 4: The eventual assumption of the responsibilities associated with the annual workshop led by an instructor of national renown.
In conjunction with presiding officers, and with input from the membership at large, the educational committee would create a comprehensive plan for inviting nationally known artists for the annual workshop. The plan would include a list of several artists for a few categories. Categories would include standard subjects such as still life, portraits, landscapes and abstract and would factor in criteria such as cost, timing, perceived interest by the membership, rotation of category. The CPPS membership would be queried annually for artist nominations and then asked to vote on nominated artists.
National by laws:
Purposes of the Pastel Society: The Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society was
established to:
1. promote, encourage and foster creative painting with pastels in an atmosphere
of sensitivity and helpfulness;
2. promote, and enrich member and public understanding of pastels as an artistic
3. promote fellowship among the members and within the larger community of
professional and non-professional pastel artists;
4. promote educational activities to benefit the goals and abilities of the members.

Meet your Members

Kim Gates Flick, Vice-President

Kim is a mixed media artist, sharing her passion for creativity as a Visual Art Instructor for Penn State through the School of Visual Art and Outreach Programs.  Although her Master of Fine Art degree was earned at The Vermont College of Fine Arts, she is Penn State proud of her BFA and Equine Science degrees earned at University Park.  Born in Bellefonte and raised in the foothills of the Bald Eagle Mountains, she is a native daughter of the Centre region and keeps it local with membership in various community organizations:  The Farmland Preservation Artists, Central PA’s Pastel Society, The Art Alliance and America’s oldest art organization, The Philadelphia Sketch Club. Kim is listed on the Artist Registry with The Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County, The PA Wilds Artisan Initiative and Women in The Wilds.  She promotes and demonstrates sustainable studio practices, supports American-made art supplies, eco-friendly products and artistic projects on a local and national scale.

Member  Contributions

International Association Of Pastel Societies
Betty Gobeille wrote of her experiences while attending IAPS conferences.
Hi Everyone! Greetings from New Mexico!
As many of you know, my husband and I, and our 4-legged family, moved from Mifflintown, PA, to Corrales, New Mexico, a year ago. I had fallen in love with New Mexico; and I can blame it all on IAPS!
Back in 2007, my husband gave me a most wonderful Mother’s Day gift – a trip to Albuquerque, NM, to attend the bi-annual IAPS Convention! We now had an “empty nest” and I wanted to get back to doing pastel work.  I had read about the convention in the Pastel Journal and was dreaming of going. Little did I realize what an eye-opening experience it would be! I had used Canson paper, spray fixative, Rembrandts and Nu-Pastels, mats and frames for years. Suddenly there were sanded papers (no fixatives needed!), new brands of pastels, new techniques. There were renowned artists giving workshops (some before, during, and even after the convention!), hands-on demonstrations, seminars, portfolio critiques, and presentations. There were dinners, social events, a banquet with awards, and the famous “Candy Store”!!!
If you ever want to see products from all over the world, the “Candy Store” (or Trade Show) is the place to go! It’s a room full of companies demonstrating their products and introducing new ones. There are companies and individuals who design easels and other equipment for pastel painters. There are books and videos galore. And then there are all the pastel vendors!!! It’s just like a candy store! From student grade to Henri Roche’s, they are on display and for sale, in sets and individually. And each year the Candy Store grows larger!
One of the favorite activities for many of the IAPS attendees, is the infamous “Paint-A-Round”, held at the beginning of the convention and before the Welcome Celebration Party and Buffet Dinner included in the registration fee. On stage, there are 5 well-known/famous pastel artists. Each starts a painting using their own photo. Much like musical chairs, after 10/15 minutes, they go to the next painting and paint for 10/15 min. And so it goes until they return to their own painting and paint for 10/15 min. About an hour or so from start to finish. The whistle blows and they all must stop. Previously, these paintings were auctioned off at the Sat. banquet. As of this year, there was a silent auction and the highest bidder won the painting. Other small paintings by anonymous artists were also bid on and when the time for bidding ended, the highest bidders got the paintings; and it was then that the ‘anonymous’ artists signed their paintings. IAPS uses these funds for art scholarships.
I personally love to take the workshops, but it’s very easy to over extend oneself and get really mentally and physically tired. It doesn’t help that Albuquerque is 5,000 ft. above sea level! It takes some people a while to become accustomed to the thinner air. And it is high desert, so it’s much drier here and everyone must remember to drink plenty of water.
This year, I missed the registration. So I volunteered (as a member of the NM Pastel Society – the hosting Society) to run the video equipment for Robert Carsten’s Demonstration. (I said hello from CPPS and he said he’d love to come back to do a workshop!) Hel is an excellent teacher.
A week before the Convention, there were cancellations and I was able to sign up for a 1-day workshop and 3 demonstrations.   I really enjoy the demonstrations. They usually are ½ day (3 hrs.) and you can watch 2/day and see how different artists work. It’s a great way to learn. Especially if you want to improve your particular interest, such as portraiture, landscape, still life, abstraction, or non-objective. There are so many choices among artists and styles that one wishes that the IAPS Convention would last a week! But then we’d all be broke and too tired to paint!
Besides all of this, I also met so many wonderful artists – from every ability level! All there to learn! And I must say, that pastel artists seem to be the friendliest group! There were no barriers between the famous and the rest of us! For that we were all so grateful. It made the IAPS Convention “The Biggest Pastel Party On The Planet”!!!
Hope to see you at the 2017 IAPS Convention in Albuquerque, NM! But watch out! You, too, may fall in love with New Mexico!
Betty Essex Gobeille

Artist Spotlight

Virginia Belser is participating in a juried show ("Earth and Environs") with two other artists at the Carlisle Arts and Learning Center. The reception was held Friday June 5 and the exhibit will remain in place for 6 weeks. Here is a link:  

Susan Nicholas Gephart will be teaching a one-day adult en plein air pastel and oil workshop at Millbrook Marsh on  August 15, 2015.  The national art companies that sponsor Susan as a dedicated workshop instructor are: Gamblin Artist Colors, Unison Pastels and  Jack Richeson.

Susan was honored by Montgomery County Community College as one of  50 outstanding  alumni over the last 50 years.

Jeanne McKinney's painting "Long Lane Vista - Amish Farm" was accepted into the Shirt Factory Gallery Adirondack National Pastel Exhibition 2015 in Glen Falls, New York.

The painting "Reflections On The Little Juniata River" received an award in the other media category at the 87th Annual International Juried Exibition at the Art Association of Harrisburg.

Two paintings: "Spring Bank Amish Farm View" and "Penns Creek Afternoon" were selected to be included in the Best of the 2015 Plein Air Paint Out at the Green Drake Gallery in Millheim, PA. The show runs 6/5 through 8/2/15.

Marianne Fyda now has paintings showing in the "Pastel Expressions" show at SAMA Ligonier Valley and the HUB Gallery at Penn State/.

Welcome New Members and Signature Members

No new members this month.
See #4 below for information on how to attain Signature membership.

By-Law Summary for New and Current Members

  1. Read the by-laws as they are the rules that govern the Society.  The by-laws can be accessed by clicking on the pull-down menu on our website Home page.
  2. Ask for a current membership list from the president or the treasurer.
  3. There is a 2 month wait before a new member can exhibit with the Society.
  4. Signature membership is attained by having three different paintings being juried into three different shows over a three year period.  As soon as your dues are paid, you are considered a full member and the three year period begins.  Save proof to submit to the president (acceptance letters, show brochures)
  5. Dues are to be paid in November and no later than the end of December.
  6. Meetings are at 1:30 pm the second Sunday in February, May, August and November.  Meetings are currently held in the Best Western Plus, Premiere Drive, State College, PA
  7. Paintings for shows must be properly wired, have a neutral mat and be at least 80% pastel.
  8. Any news you have about yourself being juried into shows or having shows, please share by emailing the webmaster.
  9. The Society email list is confidential and should not be submitted through forwards, etc. to outsiders.
  10. Elections are held during the November meeting.
The above list is a brief summary of some of the by-laws to help you get acquainted.  Also note: group emails are sent out by the president and not individual members.
Welcome to the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

Lending Library

DVD - A Studio Session with Richard McKinley2-disc set  Who has this set checked out?
DVD – In The Cedar Grove At Point Lobos by Albert Handell
DVD – Early Spring by Albert Handell 
DVD - Mystery Falls oil  demonstration by Albert Handell
Very good book ranging from beginner to advanced methods and techniques
PURE COLOR (autographed by Robert Carsten)
A compilation of the best of pastel paintings.
THE PASTEL BOOK by Bill Creevy(autographed by Bill Creevy)
This book covers materials, techniques, strokes, values, etc
THE POWER OF PASTEL by Christine Swann. New!
This is a book about painting portraits..

Contact:  to check out any of these materials. 

Buy, Sell, Trade or Loan

No listings this month.

Art Shows to Enter

Maryland Pastel Society -  "Shades of Pastel" - Entry due July 15.  Contact:

SW Art magazine – “Artistic Excellence”   Entry due July 15.  Contact: for  guidelines  (A chance to have your work published!)

Allied Artist of America - Entry due July 18 -

The Pastel Society of the SW - Entry due August 5.  Contact:

Arkansas Pastel Society - Entry due September 1.  Contact: 

Connecticut Pastel Society - "Renaissance in Pastels" - Entry due September 1. Contact: 

Pastel Society of New Hampshire - Entry due September 5.  Contact:

International Artist - the magazine's editor wrote that the magazine was always looking for new artists to feature and if any artist would like to be considered, contact: Joshua Rose

Meeting Dates

July 26, 2015  (new date)
November 8, 2015 (10th birthday party)

Best Western Plus,
Premiere Drive,
State College, PA

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