September 2015

Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Marianne Fyda, Vice-President - Kim Gates Flick, Secretary - Pat McDannel, 
Treasurer – Susan McCartney, Newsletter Editor – Jill Foster, Resource Officer  – Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members

Letter from the Editor

Please send all photo jpegs to and not to me.   Photos will be posted on the website only and not in the newsletter.   All I want sent to me is written material (text) to put in the newsletter.

Anna Crane, our webmaster, has reminded me that some of you have not yet sent 2 or 3 pictures of your paintings to her to post on the Member Page.  She needs your jpegs (see sizes below) along with a brief biography or artist statement.  If you would prefer, she can create a link to your website instead.

More artist member biographies are needed!  Please send your bios to me (email address is at end of newsletter) so we can continue the Meet Your Members column.

Reminder:  The last Saturday of the month is the deadline for submitting news for inclusion in the newsletter.

Current News

Margaret Evans Workshop Cancelled!

The Margaret Evans November workshop is cancelled.  Margaret fell and injured her leg.  She is currently in a wheelchair  and will require frequent  trips to the hospital/doctors for dressing changes for quite some time.  A future workshop may be considered. 

Refunds will be issued to those already registered.

Mike Beeman Summary and Participant Comments

The Mike Beeman workshop was a great success.  It is a testament to how good Mike was as an instructor that we had one person who was scheduled for one day and after the first day, she changed her registration and stayed for all three days.  He shared a lot of really good information and some wonderful paintings came out of the workshop.  We were pleased to have several people who came from out of the area, including New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts, because Mike doesn’t travel to the east coast very often.  Everyone enjoyed the weekend, we had a lot of fun  and learned a lot.

Denise Wagner had this to say.  "I was at the Mike Beeman workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  He is an exceptional artist with a charming personality.  I especially liked his bird paintings.  I bought one he painted at the workshop.  I am getting it framed now."

Marianne Fyda's comments:  Mike Beeman gave us a wonderful workshop.  His demos were amazing and just as beautiful as the images on his website.  Mike does things with Canson paper that I thought were impossible.  Before he begins a painting he makes numerous, usually six,  small color sketches on Canson, trying out a variety of color variations.  He selects his favorite from the sketches and does a quick 6 x 8 sketch on Canson, followed by the finale on La Carte paper by Sennelier.He begins a painting with a few lines, dots, or marks that help him position his image on the paper.  He follows this with massed areas of value, and then color.  He works all around his composition, developing both positive and negative space together.He is an “intuitive” painter, not a painter who starts in one corner and works down.He uses a small piece of foam pipe insulation to blend, subtract, or soften and area.Mike develops the image gently and really know when to stop.

Desmond O' Hagan 2016 Workshop

We are privileged to have Desmond O’Hagan present a 3-day workshop July 22-24, 2016.  Like Mike Beeman, Desmond does not often travel to the east coast to teach.  We have received a number of very positive recommendations from people who have had the privilege of taking a workshop with him or sitting in on one of his presentations.  Check out his website to see his work.  It is exquisite.

Click here for registration form.  

Pastel Expressions" Wrap Up

:The “ Pastel Expressions” Exhibit at SAMA Ligonier was a great success.  PPAL and CPPS produced a fine array of paintings for this exhibit, and juried it well. SAMA did a beautiful job of displaying our work and promoting it online and with their very informative brochure.  I felt greatly honored to be asked to give a brief talk at the Lunch a l’Art event on  Thursday, August 20.  I talked about pastels and why they are such a captivating medium:  how well they interact with other mediums, how wonderful it is to draw with color, how the drawing becomes a painting, and how instantly gratifying it can be to place those beautiful color strokes on the paper.  I came with lots of supplies, papers,pastel and more to share with the very receptive audience.

Marianne Fyda

Webmaster Requests!

 Don't forget,  
Send me Fall painting jpegs if you want to be featured in the slide show on the website.  The slide show will change to  Holiday theme for November and December.
All images submitted for the website must be a minimum of 600px in height.  800px is even better.  I have made the decision that I will not include images smaller than this on the opening slideshow to keep it professional, clean, and uniform.  Try to keep the height under 1500px, as this will help the image load faster on the site.  I also suggest that if you have Photoshop, use the "Save for web" tool.  This will ensure that your images will look their best on various devices.  Follow these steps: File > Save for Web > Preset: "JPEG High" > Save > Format: "Images Only" > Save. 
Send me news!  Send me stories!  Send me anything!  Because right now, the "News" page on the site is just a copy of the monthly newsletter and the same news is boring and redundant.  I can only make the website as interesting and engaging as the information I'm given, which at the moment is pretty much nothing.  There are over 40 people in the group, and if everyone sent me just one thing a month, the website would become so mauch more engaging.  It can be as simple as sending me a link to an interesting, pastel related article. Or it can be about a workshop you attended or a new art DVD you enjoyed. Just send me stuff!  (My Email address is at end of newsletter.)  Be sure to put CPPS in the subject line and where it should go. (ie., "News"  "Members")

Education Committee

The Education Committee has decided to meet monthly on the second Thursday of each month. If anyone has suggestions, contributions or ideas,please send an email note or attend our work session.  Contact: Virginia Belser, Anne Kenyon, or Kathleen Muffie-Witt

Birthday Party Update

 The party will be on Sunday, November 8 at our usual 1:30 – 4:00 time frame.  RSVPs will be due on Wednesday, October 28.  We are planning food, cake, and giveaways to all who attend, and special door prizes for a few lucky winners.  Come celebrate with us!  Invite a new friend!!

International Plein Air Paint Out

Once again the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society will take part in the International Plein Air Paint Out.  We will be joining artists from all over the world as we participate in this special annual September event .

Marianne Fyda and Pat McDannel will once again host the Plein Air Paint Out West on Friday, September 11 from Marianne's home in Troutville.  They will also provide lunch, snacks, and drinks.  Rain date is September 12.

Denise Wagner is planning the State College Paint Out at Fisherman's Paradise from 10-4 on September 11 with a rain date set for the 12th.  Route 150 (Benner Pike) will take you to the the light where you turn to enter Fisherman's Paradise.  For more complete directions, email Denise or use an internet map program.  Bring your own lunch.  If it is too hot, Denise may not be able to be there.

Meet your Members

Marilyn Bok, Sayre PA

Marilyn Bok does not have a formal art education background.  In 2001 she took her first drawing and painting lessons from Gary Watson, who is a portrait artist and former illustrator with thirty-nine years of professional experience.

She has taken workshops from such artists as Daniel Greene (one week portrait workshop), Alain Pickard (one 2-day and one 3-day portrait workshop), and Robert Carsten (3-day landscape workshop). She has attended two IPS meetings where she has participated in workshops presented by Judith Carducci, Richard McKinley, Albert Handel and Doug Dawson. In addition, she participated in a one week painting workshop held in Oaxaca, Mexico put on by the Concord, MA Arts Society.

What she finds most interesting are people and enjoys capturing and recreating special moments in their lives. Her family members have served as models for her paintings. She especially enjoys doing portraits of children. “Children are so unassuming and give us that sense of wonder we seem to lose as we age,” she says. She looks for those moments that put a smile on your face when you think of your own childhood memories. She believes a great portrait is not only a perfect likeness of the subject, but it also reveals the character, or inner story of the individual and his or her personal style.

She is fascinated by color and the play of light across an image or object. Through her interest in gardening, she has found painting flowers challenging. She looks for inspiration from the flowers painted by Georgia O’Keeffe

Bok’s desire in portraiture is to continue to create the best possible paintings of her models in the tradition and style of the old masters. The uniqueness of a person and her traditional realistic style creates a timeless portrait of that individual and hopefully helps tell their story. 

Bok is a member of the Pastel Society of New Hampshire, Valley Fine Arts Society, the Tioga County Council of the Arts, and the Senior Arts Society. Her work is regularly displayed at the Senior Art Gallery, Towanda Hospital, Marlene’s Flower and Gift Shop, and the Sayre Theater. 


Member  Contributions

Betty Gobeille was invited by CPPS President, Marianne Fyda, to attend the Presidents' Forum at the IAPS Conference in Albuquerque, NM as a CPPS representative.  This is a partial report. 

There are many changes coming to the international Association of Pastel Societies - both in the scheduling and the way the IAPS organization can help the individual societies.
The Forum was scheduled for all day Thursday, June 4th, 9 am - 3 pm. They had a new format - we would break into 8 small groups of 6 or 7 and discuss one of the topics sent out earlier. I photocopied CPPS's by-laws and membership information to use in the discussions. All tables would discuss their specific society's views, they would be written down on large sheets of newsprint paper, and then posted on the walls of the conference room. We were given 45 min. for each of the 4 topics: 
   1. The whys and hows of Signature status; 
   2. Keeping Master status members engaged and challenged; 
      - 15 min. break; P
   3. Attracting and engaging young members/new volunteers; 
   4. Websites and online activities. 
 . The discussion groups were changed by mixing up the participants, so that everyone got a chance to meet each other. My first group included Nicholas Tesluk (President of Pastel Society of NM), Peter Groom (Victoria, Australia), John Milcamp (Ozark, Arkansas Pastel Society), Karen Isreal (President  of the Connecticut Pastel Society. - who lives in my old hometown!), and the President of the Central Florida Pastel Society. Very interesting people!  The process went very quickly and smoothly. A LOT of information was shared and, hopefully, has now been compiled for all the societies to review; and if they want, to change their own rules & regulations. I have been on the IAPS website several times and have yet to see the compilation of the discussions. They are supposed to be on the IAPS website, and hopefully they will be soon. 

Betty Gobeille

Artist Spotlight

Jeanne McKinney's  painting, "View of the Kent House, Monhegan Island, Maine" was accepted into the Degas Pastel Society's 19th Membership Exhibition held from September 5th through September 26th at Place Saint Charles, New Orleans, LA.

Also, Jeanne's  painting "Gull Rock" was accepted into the 2015 Maryland Pastel Society's "Shades of Pastel" Biennial National Juried show. The exhibition will be held from October 5 -28th, 2015 at the Hill Galleries on Capital Hill in Washington DC at the site of the Old Naval Hospital.

The painting "Spring Splendor On The Little Juniata River" by Jeanne McKinney was accepted into the 2015 Art Alliance Juried Show.

Marianne Fyda's painting, "Dahlia", was accepted into the Degas Pastel Society's 19th Membership exhibition in New Orleans, LA held during  September..  Also, one of Marianne's paintings was posted on  the SAMA Ligonier website.

Welcome New Members and Signature Members

We are most pleased to  welcome 3 new members to our Society.  They are:
Barbara Miller from Annapolis MD 
Laurie Cherry,from DuBois, PA
Lisa Regopoulos, from  Fitchburg, MA

No new Signature members to report this month.
See #4 below for information on how to attain Signature membership.

By-Law Summary for New and Current Members

  1. Read the by-laws as they are the rules that govern the Society.  The by-laws can be accessed by clicking on the Member Resource button on our website Home page.
  2. Ask for a current membership list from the president or the treasurer.
  3. There is a 2 month wait before a new member can exhibit with the Society.
  4. Signature membership is attained by having three different paintings being juried into three different shows over a three year period.  As soon as your dues are paid, you are considered a full member and the three year period begins.  Save proof to submit to the president (acceptance letters, show brochures)
  5. Dues are to be paid in November and no later than the end of December.
  6. Meetings are at 1:30 pm the second Sunday in February, May, August and November.  Meetings are currently held in the Best Western Plus, Premiere Drive, State College, PA
  7. Paintings for shows must be properly wired, have a neutral mat and be at least 80% pastel.
  8. Any news you have about yourself being juried into shows or having shows, please share by emailing the webmaster.
  9. The Society email list is confidential and should not be submitted through forwards, etc. to outsiders.
  10. Elections are held during the November meeting.
The above list is a brief summary of some of the by-laws to help you get acquainted.  Also note: group emails are sent out by the president and not individual members.
Welcome to the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

Lending Library

DVD - A Studio Session with Richard McKinley2-disc set  Who has this set checked out?
DVD – In The Cedar Grove At Point Lobos by Albert Handell
DVD – Early Spring by Albert Handell 
DVD - Mystery Falls oil  demonstration by Albert Handell
Very good book ranging from beginner to advanced methods and techniques
PURE COLOR (autographed by Robert Carsten)
A compilation of the best of pastel paintings.
THE PASTEL BOOK by Bill Creevy(autographed by Bill Creevy)
This book covers materials, techniques, strokes, values, etc
THE POWER OF PASTEL by Christine Swann  New!.
This is a book about painting portraits..
Includes a memoir written by his sister-in-law
THE ARTIST'S WAY by Julie Cameron  recent addition
Discovering/recovering your creativity
PAINTING WITH PASTELS by Maggie Price  recent addition
Techniques to master pastels

Contact:  to check out any of these materials. 

Buy, Sell, Trade or Borrow

For Sale:  Seventy-one (71) lightly used pan pastels plus applicator sponges and handles, empty jars and a stack of lids for only $100+shipping costs  These materials originally sold for approx $345.   If interested,  email Judy Leasure

Art Shows to Enter

Arkansas Pastel Society - Entry due September 1.  Go to 

Connecticut Pastel Society - "Renaissance in Pastels" - Entry due September 1.  Contact: 

International Artist - the magazine's editor wrote that the magazine was always looking for new artists to feature and if any artist would like to be considered, contact: Joshua Rose

Meeting Dates

November 8, 2015 (10th birthday party)

Best Western Plus,
Premiere Drive,
State College, PA

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