April 2020
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Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

President - Candace Smith, Vice President - Kim Gates Flick, Secretary - Jen Shuey, 
Treasurer - Leslie Dyer, Newsletter Editor - Jill Foster
To promote fellowship among members,
To raise public awareness of pastel as an artistic medium,
To enhance creative painting with pastels,
To offer educational activities that foster growth among members
From the President's Easel
The New Normal and Old Comforts
 These are trying times as the Corona virus continues to expand its way throughout the US.  Working from home, shut out of usual jobs, lock-downs and shelter in place with no end dates – these and a host of other restrictions on being around family, friends and colleagues make life seem surreal at times. The New Yorker Magazine online has a wonderful article about museums, galleries and the plight of artists. I’m paraphrasing some of the article but it is so well done, if you have a chance, you should try to Google it.
Amid the unprecedented uncertainty of this emergency, there is one comforting fact: artists don’t stop making art. Museums and galleries may be closed but online there are “tours” of museums from Google and other sites, free lessons and live streaming demonstrations. Leslie and I watched Marla Baggetta demonstrate a Colorado landscape. Yes, there were tech issues but the video replay should be on her site and she is going to continue doing them! Though the Met is closed indefinitely (along with untold other cities and their museums) it is a monument to that persistence, stocked with 5,000 years’ worth of evidence. The Met and other museums and galleries will survive, however battered and reconfigured. And so will we. You might take shelter from afar, like a time-lapse video of the Egyptian Temple of Dendur which has survived since 15 B.C., that compresses an entire day, from dawn to twilight, into two fleeting minutes. As the scene shifts from tranquil to bustling, it feels like both an endorsement of solitude and a reassurance of collective pleasure. Our upcoming Online Show can be our collective pleasure.
Art offers a refuge in times of crisis. No matter what your circumstances, please try to make art and appreciate art in some form as a gift to yourself. We deserve that.
Stay healthy and create!
Editor's Notes
I hope you are all well and finding time to work on your art and especially something to submit for the Pastel Treasures online show.  The deadline is May 2, 2020.  This is a juried show and Dr. John Bowman, professor of art at Penn State will be our juror.

If you are creating and painting and have lots of things you would like to share during this time, be sure to send photos of your completed paintings to me or to Anna and we will use them in the newsletter and on the website.

Good News for CPPS Members
I asked the owners of Terry Ludwig Pastels if they would consider giving our members a discount on the Karen Margulis Floral Set since she will be our guest artist for the annual workshop in August  Here is what they came up with:
  • They will offer a 20% discount on the 60 Karen Margulis Floral Landscape Set which will then put the  price at $272.00 USD
  • They will take phone in orders from members of our Society only  (Members are listed on our website)
  • They will take credit card numbers for payment
  • They will label each set with a purchaser's name and then send them all together to me, Jill Foster, the first of August.
  • They will cover the shipping cost.
  •  Orders will be taken between June 22nd and June 30, 2020 only!!  The order will be shipped August 1, 2020
  • When the order arrives, I will contact people via email to pick up their order
Current News
The activity for the May meeting will be presented by Anna Crane.  Anna  will lead a 45-minute  discussion/demonstration of how to photograph your art using your phone’s camera. For this activity, you will need your phone and a stylus.  If you don't have a stylus, Anna will have some available at the meeting for $1.00. Because Anna needs an idea of the number to order, email her at to let her know you will be purchasing a stylus from her.    Do this right away as she will need to order them and have them here for the meeting.
The  rubber tipped Stylus Pen comes in various colors and is made with durable, lightweight aluminum.
If the May meeting has to be cancelled, the CPPS president will notify you by email. 

Online Adventures

Send  "Blue" paintings to Anna now.  Paintings with 50% or more of the painting being blue tones

 "Flower" paintings may be sent to Anna now, too.  Flowers of any kind in any setting


Try a New Adventure
The Poetry of Pastels

Paint a picture of a favorite subject. 
Write a haiku
a 4 line poem in the ABAB rhyme scheme
to describe the painting or your feelings about it.

Send painting and accompanying poem to by April 24th.  For each painting you send, your name will be entered into a drawing. Paintings will be featured on the website and in the newsletter, also.

What now…
Stacy Mayou

I read an article years ago (I am sorry I can’t offer a link to it), that basically stated artists are extroverted introverts. Most are naturally introverted, comfortable among family and friends. Seemingly extroverted when with people they are comfortable with. They care what people think, leaving them open to being hurt, so they tend to stay inside themselves where they are safe. Most artists force themselves to be extroverts because they need to have their work seen, and be validated as artists. Sometimes artists learn to enjoy being extroverts, but they still love and need time alone with themselves.
If that is true social distancing is something many artists do naturally, maybe even look forward to! We know it is going to be difficult for many, but hopefully most of us fall into the above category and are enjoying being alone with our own thoughts and ideas. Reconnecting with ourselves and our personal inspiration; getting lost in our own space and mind. Whether painting, drawing, writing, making music, we have the time and space to do it just for ourselves and with just ourselves!
What exactly can we do? The options are probably endless, so it may be wise to spend a little time planning, setting goals for what we would like to do during this time when the world seems to be standing still.
This could be a great time to paint your CPPS small works masterpiece to enter into our show in May! It is also a good time to prepare for after Covid-19 and the opportunities that will be open to us again. We can produce, uninterrupted, work to have on hand later. We could also use this time to challenge ourselves to try a new medium and/or subject matter. We have time to fall back on our pastels and preferred subject matter to sooth our souls after total experimentation and frustration! We could use this time learn how to use our online worlds to our advantage by connecting with other artists through the numerous social platforms available online, create a gorgeous website or learn about print-on-demand websites that allow artists to upload and sell their artwork, just to name a few.
There are many resources online for artists. Information about events moving online, open facebook watch parties, free courses and challenges to get involved with. Below is a list of several that I hope will help you keep the creative juices flowing and make this time productive.
I know many of you can add to the list below and have ideas on what we need/should be doing during this time. Please share, it is so important we help each other find what we need to thrive right now –

Online art events during COVID-19
Creative Capital

Online challenges during Covid-19

Free online art classes
Product Review
Multimedia Art Board and Art Cocoon
by Susan Nicholas Gephart
Multimedia Artboard New Website to view or place orders:  

New website announced and a 20% off EVERYTHING sale. Susan was given permission to give the discount code to her artist friends and students. They just use promo code: SPRINGMA20  at checkout. The sale is scheduled to end April 4th. 

Susan's Testimony:
I’ve been using Multimedia Artboard for over 15 years and immediately fell in love with it!  Now, the Pastel Artist Panels are my surface of choice and what I recommend to my students. What drew me to it was its capacity to be wet without buckling. This durable light weight archival surface enables me to use expressive brush work in under paintings, and then apply many delicate layers of pastels without filling the tooth. I love the way the white slightly textured surface receives and holds the intensity of a watercolor under wash. It also has enough tooth and texture to do a pastel sketch and then dissolve it with water or alcohol to create the fluidity and set it into the paper.  The pure joy of painting on this exquisite board will surely be a lifetime of experiences!  

Art Cocoon- Website and place to purchase  

Testimony for Art Cocoon from Susan Nicholas Gephart 

This simple light weight two-part cardboard package can be reused for years and stacked with multiple cocoons without the use of protective glassine. I was contacted about 10 years ago and asked to test some free Art Cocoons to use for transporting my plein air paintings. This fall I was honored by them featuring me in their online advertising. To prepare I had to shoot a number of photos while painting for the ads. 

This is what I recently discovered.
I began using Art Cocoons more this summer, transporting my pastel and oil paintings. During my fall and winter classes teaching at the Art Alliance, I began to realize how useful it is to not only protect and transport a pastel, but it is great to keep it in during a demonstration as well as transporting home or to your framer!
Classes and Workshops

Waiting List for Karen Margulis Workshop 

Karen Margulis  (  will be coming to State College for a three day plein air workshop August 14, 15, 16, 2020. Our CPPS website has more details and a registration page.   $100 secures your place in the limited enrollment class.

You can also access the registration form for the workshop by clicking here.
Meeting Dates
May 3, 2020
1:30 pm

August 9, 2020
1:30 pm

November 8, 2020
1:30 pm

Meetings will be held at
Best Western Plus
115 Premiere Dr, State College, PA 16801
Quote of the Month
"Stay alert and sharp when you work.
Serious painting is not recreation or therapy or hell raising.
It is intense creative work, even though it may have all of those other benefits"

Richard Schmid
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