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Hello Everyone,

We received about 2" of new snow last night so the trails continue to be in great shape.  All four groomers are running nightly and will continue to do so until we have a reason not to.  Right now our trails are probably the nicest they've been in years so take advantage of this opportunity to get out and ride.  The bike path remains open down to the lake and to the Barnsider restaurant.  Also, don't forget about the American Legion in Lake Luzerne.  They are located at the end of trail S46 and the trail is groomed right to their place.  It's located on the lower left corner of our trail map and they welcome snowmobilers.  Also, don't forget about the American Legion in Lake George.  They are also accessible by snowmobile and you can get there as you're heading towards the Garrison Restaurant right after you come off the lake by the boat launch.  You will see a trail to your right in a field just before Cedar Lane.  That will dump you into the back of the Legion.    

The section of trail C4A between intersection 37 and intersection 38 (through Mt. Kenyon Campground) is now open but there is a small detour around the construction area.  So you can get to Lake Vanare again on that trail.  Yeah it's still dirt through that section because the plow guy won't cut us a break but its a short run.

The trail down the back side of Prospect Mtn has been closed for a few years now and we have made multiple phone calls and left messages but we can't get a call back from the landowner.  If anyone knows the landowner Jim Peck (logger out of Chestertown) and is friendly with the guy, please do us all a favor and try to talk with him (nicely please).  That trail has been going through there for 30+ years and he cut us off for literally no reason.  He claims we can use the trail again once he is done logging back there but there has been no activity at all this year so we just don't understand why he's taking the position he's taken.  It's really a shame. 

For those of you that want to help the club but can't seem to find the time during the fall when we do most of our work, please feel free to bring loppers on your sled sometime and trim back some of the branches that are hanging into the trail.  The recent ice storm we got caused a fair amount of branches to hang into the trail.  It would be a big help to the club and really appreciated by your fellow snowmobilers and groomer operators.  If you do stop on the trail to do this, please don't stop on a blind corner and pull over off the trail in a safe manner.  Thanks!!    

Now get out and ride!!
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