Wishing you all a Safe and Happy 4th of July!
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Wishing You All A Happy & Safe 4th of July!

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun!

One learns best when having fun.  This week I want to focus on the importance of play.  People, dogs, any animal for that matter - we all learn best when we are having fun.  Dogs are born to play - it takes very little time to make a dog happy.  Dogs are hardwired to be out and about doing a job; not sleeping all day in our homes.  Countless canine behavior problems arise due to lack of activity.
It is our responsibility to spend time with our dogs - and PLAY! When we have fun with them we are bonding with them.  We can integrate play into walks, feeding and even tricks!  Playing with your dog only enhances the special bond between you - and that bond leads to trust. So when you are trying to work on more challenging concepts with your furry friend, they will be more apt to listen to you, trust you and work with you.  But remember, if at anytime you and your dog stop having fun - stop...and regroup later!

By playing games with your dog regularly you will notice that they are more alert, less destructive and in better emotional and physical shape!  Our dogs depend on us for everything - they need us to stimulate their minds and bodies to be in motion. You'll also notice some benefits yourself as you spend time engaging in play with your dog rather than stressing about the future!

Click here to read more information about Dog Games for you and your pooch!

Have a great weekend and have some fun playing in the sun!

Tamara Tokash
Safety First!
Did you know dogs only exchange air through their mouth and perspire through their foot pads?!  Plan their walks strategically around the heat & humidity.  Try early morning / after dinner - keep them off the hot asphalt as it will cause them extreme discomfort and increase the likelihood of heat exhaustion. You can also try cooling them off by wetting their feet :)  Just don't pour cold water on their head, especially if they're hot!  Check out cooling neck collars for your pooch!
Be Kind, Smart & Safe!
Fireworks are not for dogs.  There are several aides available to help your dog through this time of year.  You can try HomeoPetAnxiety available here .  You can also learn more about thundershirts here and how they can help your dog.  Or stuff a Kong!   Use a whole food such as chicken & pumpkin puree & offer it to your dog before the sky show begins. Same applies to summertime thunder storms!  Read more about Kong Stuffing here!
Remember to Hydrate!

Try filtered water and a small treat of watermelon!  It's packed with vitamins and hydration for you AND your dog!  

Pro Tip!  If you are going to be outside during the buggiest parts of the day, use natural bug sprays such as Cedarcide, which you can buy here.
Quote of the week!  

"See the world through the eyes of our beloved dogs. By knowing our pets' perspective, we can build their love and trust."  Ian Dunbar

Click here to watch him speak about Dog-Friendly Dog Training
The latest fetch machine from GoDogGo, Inc.  
Check this out to learn more about how to teach your dog to play fetch
The Importance of Play for Dogs Revealed!

Could the amount of play your dog receives be effecting his behavior?
Find the Genius in Your Dog

The Science is sure to check it out.
Toys & Mental Stimulation for your pooch.

Puzzles?  Mind Games?  Yes!!! There are more games out there than just a stuffed animal or plastic chew toy for your dog.  Check out Nina Ottosson's Tips and Tricks on how to teach your dog to play these wonderful games!
A book by Pat Miller.  Take a closer look at why play is so important and the impact it has on your dog's behavior.

You can buy here!

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