Ready for more HOPE in 2016?!
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It is infinitely better to enjoy the positive than to linger on the negative.
And there is a whole lot of positive to linger on.
Let me help you find it.

Hi Friends!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It's 2016 and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to change some of my old patterns. I'm ready to bring more positivity and hope into my life because ... well  ... isn't it about time we had more hope and positivity in the world?

I've developed a new program that I'm really excited to share with you:



HOPE is a 6-week coaching program for people who want more positivity in their lives.


This is not cheerleading. This is 6 weeks of hard-hitting investigation into why you’re so dang unhappy with where you are right this moment. 6 weeks of learning how to create more positivity for yourself ... and in doing so, attract more positivity all-around.

Over and over I hear people bemoan the fact they "aren't positive" or that they "don't know how to be positive." I hear you. I do. And I know that you might think it's easy for me because I'm a "naturally positive person" or even that I just "can't know what it's like to be you."  I might not know you personally, but I know what you're experiencing.

Positivity and hope? They require work. The good news is: it's work you know how to do. Truly. I believe that you ARE positive. But, I also believe that it is all too easy to forget the things that we came into this world knowing. I believe that sometimes we need help to remember.

More than all that, I believe I can help you remember your innate HOPE and POSITIVITY.  I believe that we can work together to bring fulfillment, positivity and love to yourself (and, frankly, the world)!

The HOPE program includes:
  • 6 hours of group coaching, limited to 10 participants, as follows:
    -- 1 hour-long group phone call per week for 6 weeks beginning
    FEBRUARY 3, 2016 at 2:00 pm EST. Subsequent calls will be on the following Wednesdays at 2:00 pm EST.  Attend live or listen to the recording.
    -- Each week you'll receive guidance and support on one of the 6 keys to building HOPE and POSITIVITY in your life.
    -- There will be "homework" - but you'll WANT to do it because it's all part of the plan to bring you more HOPE and POSITIVITY.
  • 3 hours of one-on-one personal coaching with me. Just you, me and your hopes and dreams. We'll deep dive into the 6 keys to building HOPE and POSITIVITY, tailoring the lessons directly for you and how you're showing up in this world.
  • Access to an invite-only Facebook group where you can seek extra help from other HOPE-seekers.  Private, confidential support from others (and me!) as you move forward and practice attracting HOPE and POSITIVITY.
  • You'll also receive some bonus goodies in the mail from me along the way. Who doesn't love a surprise gift? These will be little things to remind you that we're all in this together. Things to carry with you as you move toward HOPE and POSITIVITY.
I know what you're thinking: THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!
(Well, that's what I HOPE you're thinking).

But you're probably also wondering what the cost is going to be.

And it is true, there is a cost. $750.00.

So, yes. It's an investment. In yourself. In your future. Only you can decide whether it's time for you to return to your innate HOPE and POSITIVITY. If you're ready, I'll help you get there.
If you want more HOPE in 2016, then let's get started!
Still have questions?  No problem.  Shoot me an e-mail and we'll sort it out.


I cannot thank you enough for the magical moments you have given me the strength to experience! You have given me the gift of time with a dear friend and the tools to be supportive of her family.  I appreciate it more than I could ever express!!!” — K.S., Iowa

Jenn's obviously been there, in the middle of it, in her own life. Her insights, understanding, and practical and heartfelt advice will help any one who has ever wondered "what in the world can I do?" — S.F., Alabama

{I’m learning to accept} that I am an inspiration, as much as I have difficulty coming to terms with that…and that being gentle with {everyone around me} is being gentle to me as well. — Nancy, Washington, D.C.
You won't be going at this alone. But, if you want to invite a friend on this journey, use one of the buttons above to share this opportunity.
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