March 2016: Postponing pregnancy and more. 
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March 2016

Freeze Eggs, Freeze Time?

Freeze Eggs, Freeze Time?  

Freezing eggs allows a woman to postpone pregnancy to a later age while preserving the health and vitality of her eggs. Dr. Corselli, LLU’s lab director, discusses the considerations and implications of this increasingly popular procedure.
Is freezing eggs right for you?

What’s “Normal” During Treatments?

There’s a lot to keep track of when undergoing fertility treatment, or considering it. LLU’s Fertility Treatment FAQs give you a good idea what to expect.

Get your questions answered

Cheers to our Clinic Staff

Our nurses and office staff provide close and intimate care to our patients in a trying time – all while keeping our house running smoothly.

Difficult Embryonic Decisions

If you’ve completed a final round of IVF, you’ll likely have unused embryos in storage. Now what? Loma Linda breaks down your choices.

What to do with frozen embryos
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