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WATCH: YouTube Unboxed Connect – how behaviours influence our attention

Aussies are actually watching twice as many ads as we say we do! The good news for advertisers is that 51% of people actually paid attention to the ad on their screen, compared to 25% who claimed to watch ads.
We partnered with Google to find out if people are actually paying attention to advertising across all screens. We used innovative new eye-tracking tech to observe and monitor behaviour in the out-of-home environment (a first in Australia) – comparing eyes on screen, attention and behaviour everywhere from in the home to on the commute.
Check out this cool video to learn more about how much attention consumers pay to their screens, plus what distracts them while  watching YouTube, free-to-air and catch-up TV.
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Plus: Learn about why the advertising multipliers that matter are not what marketers think
Discover effective digital creative best practices from IAB Australia.
LISTEN: The role of neuroscience in consumer behaviour

As we navigate the pandemic, it’s imperative to know how to measure consumers’ deep subconscious feelings and understand how these emotions and feelings drive behaviour.
  • If ads are able to convey those feelings, can they be successful?
  • Which themes are successful and which creative executions do consumers like at an implicit level?
Join Deepak Varma, Kantar’s Global Head of Neuroscience, for this on-demand webinar revealing how ads can be successful by connecting at a deep subconscious level.
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Plus: Read why using neuroscience to pinpoint the ‘a-ha’ moments for your brand and learn more about Kantar's neuroscience expertise
OPINION: Why today’s advertising is just like a supermarket tomato

“The fundamental problem with the average supermarket tomato is that it is designed to travel well and look good but, as a result, it does not taste of much. A similar affliction applies to a lot of advertising today: it is efficient but not necessarily effective.”
Kantar’s Chief Global Analyst Nigel Hollis discusses why an obsession with efficiency has resulted in advertising that is bland and uninspiring – much like a supermarket tomato.

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Plus: Join Nigel Hollis in this webinar to find out the important questions you need to answer in order to successfully guide your brand through the pandemic and how to react quickly to manage disruptions, ensure your brand and communications are delivering, and seize opportunities for growth
NEW: Future of Consumption: Sustainability and commercial success 

This moment in time of a global pandemic and racial justice protests implicates sustainability, too. In this podcast, Kantar’s North American Chief Knowledge Officer, J. Walker Smith talks with sustainability expert Jonathan Hall about the reach and vital importance of sustainability as a business imperative.
They include a detailed discussion defining sustainability – as Jonathan explains, it is more than green products because it takes more than eco-friendly brands to make a genuine and lasting difference for the planet. It takes progress on societal issues as well.

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CX webinar
Learn how to supercharge CX growth with learnings from leading tech, telco and media brands. Register now to view the webinar live at 6pm on 9 September AEST or to receive the on-demand link to watch at a time that suits you.
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