Well we made it through 2020 – a big congratulations to us all. The resilience and commitment of everyone in Australia has really shone a light on the power of the people and it’s wonderful to see how consumer insights – really listening and understanding what is important to Australians – has resonated with the brands we’ve worked with throughout 2020.
This edition reveals some of the key insights from our inaugural study into Australian behaviours and attitudes towards sustainable transformation – something high on the list of all businesses as brand purpose plays a key role in 2021. We also share the key new trends for brands and advertisers to consider in the media landscape in 2021.

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Jon Foged
CEO – Kantar Australia, Insights Division
READ: Top 10 ways the coronavirus will impact brands and marketing in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed and rechannelled the marketplace. As we look ahead, there are new things that brands and marketers must watch out for. Kantar has been keeping a finger on the pulse of the marketplace.
J Walker Smith – Kantar’s Chief Knowledge Officer, North America has taken what we’ve learned in 2020 and built on it, identifying the ten things we believe will make the difference between success and failure in 2021.

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NEW REPORT: 2021 Media Trends & Predictions

Australia’s media consumption and behaviours will be more complex and difficult to decipher than ever in 2021 as we navigate out of the pandemic. Kantar’s global media trends and predictions for 2021 show three main themes are emerging in the media sphere:
  • media pivot 
    industry changes are forcing a change of direction or approach

  • media performance
    the increased challenges of measurement and effectiveness are addressed

  • media people
    where we focus on audience and data.
There are 10 media predictions and trends for 2021 – led by the critical need for creative context to take centre stage and the infusion of data and analytics.

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READ: Brand tracking

COVID-19 has changed the context so brand tracking needs to adapt. Now is the time for brands to be proactive, not reactive. To do this, brands need the latest innovations in brand tracking – find out how to bring all of your brand and communications tracking data together with multiple other data sources, including social, sales, media, and more, to fully understand how your market and brand are performing and what the future holds.

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NEW INSIGHT: Sustainability – The Australian Story

We’ve just completed our inaugural study into what sustainability means to Aussies and how brands can navigate their journey – half of us believe that buying sustainable products will show others what we believe in. Discover all the key highlights and opportunities in this infographic and reach out to our sustainable transformation team for the full report.

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LEARN: Brand purpose

Many brands use purpose to connect more deeply with consumers. Yet with the best of intentions, some brands miss the mark. How can brands avoid these mistakes?

One thing is clear. Good intentions aren’t enough with brand purpose. Effective and successful brand purpose is subject to robust brand strategy development.

Myles George, Global NeedScope Director, reveals how to get purpose right and the three things brands should ask themselves...

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LEARN: Five steps to getting serious about Share of Search

How can brands effectively approach Share of Search? Adele Jolliffe from our UK Brand team reveals a five-step guide including what we’ve learned from years working with search data to inform brand and marketing decisions, and it’s guaranteed to make those three wishes come true.

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