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This month we have some really inspiring content to share – from how our domestic tourism industry can use cultural behaviours to help facilitate recovery to the immediate growth opportunities for brands.
You’ll also learn more about where to invest in advertising from our new Media Reactions report and the relationship between the behaviours of Aussies and the implications for innovation and creative development.

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Jon Foged
CEO – Kantar Australia, Insights Division
Report – Media Reactions 2020 | Where great ads thrive

We’ve long known that the medium is part of the message and shapes how advertising is consumed and perceived – and that people’s reactions to the context that they see an ad can make or break a campaign.
Media Reactions is the first global equity evaluation of both media channels and media brands among consumers and marketers. It provides a holistic view of the current media landscape and how to navigate it with consumers from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, UK and the US interviewed along with 700+ senior marketers. 
Providing essential guidance for campaign planning, we have released a complimentary report providing an overview of the best channels and brands, along with explanations of their success.
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Why cultural understanding is key to innovating Aussie tourism’s road to recovery 

Widespread consumer behaviour, sentiment and aspirations were being largely driven at a cultural level before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Heightened by the bushfire crisis, Aussies were already asking for simpler lives – and now six in 10 of us see the pandemic as the reset to how we re-evaluate how we are living. 
Travel and tourism expert Kirsty Macmillan talks to cultural behaviour guru Dan Roberson-Jones about how understanding culture and consumer behaviours will drive and innovate the recovery of Australia’s tourism industry.
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Eight brand growth opportunities that Aussie brands can capitalise on right now

Despite the current challenges for many brands, there is some opportunity and upside to be found right now – but you need to know where to look and how your brand can benefit. 
Growth is about knowing how people view your brand, its category and its context. Some much-loved brands will be able to leverage pent-up demand if they can get the logistics and value proposition right and reassure people that they are safe. Other brands will identify new relevance as a result of a changing context or prove themselves better than alternatives. And new tensions will present new opportunities for brands to find purpose, provided they do so in an authentic manner. 

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Report - Understanding the global players of hybrid genre mobile games

In partnership with Google, we are proud to release a new report delivering valuable insights into mobile gaming – a thriving industry with huge growth. Mobile gaming is one of the few sectors rapidly growing through the pandemic with seven in 10 gamers globally using their smartphone to play. In April alone, they spent an average of 4.3 hours playing daily and it’s the ‘hybrid’ genres commanding their time.
Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to talk to gamers aged 18-49 in four key markets (USA, Japan, Germany and Korea) we found that the rapid growth in the hybrid genre is driven by its ability to address the top pain-points for why gamers stop playing other mobile games.

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Observations of new Aussie behaviours and the implications for innovation and creative development

The time to invest in online channels, optimise digital comms and review CX is NOW – and don’t forget about innovation, because now is a great time to launch products with meaningful unique benefits that are different to the competitive set.
As we navigate the pandemic, Ilana Sanborn – Senior Director, Kantar Marketplace discusses why it is imperative that brands are aware of new behaviours of Aussie consumers.

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Converting intention into action: why change in sustainability starts from within

A green recovery is a resilient recovery. Sustainability is key to building commercial, consumer and brand value post COVID-19.
Kantar has interviewed over 20 sustainability trailblazers in the commercial sector, academia and NGOs to identify organisational and consumer challenges that are getting in the way of realising value. 

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Stay tuned for the results of our first Australian foundational study into sustainability - coming soon.
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