Isn’t it wonderful to see Australia opening up again – and at Kantar we are experiencing an action-packed end-of-year.
I am proud to introduce you to the newest iteration of the Kantar Millennium Monitor
our unique social trends monitor exploring the patterns and implications of change in social values. It provides valuable strategic direction on how to best position your brand for the future – more crucial now than ever as we look forward to 2022.
When looking at social trends, our Finding Financial Freedom research reveals financial autonomy is integral to self-esteem. Don’t miss our actionable insights to help your brand play a valuable role in the financial wellbeing of Australian women as we present the headline act at Mumbrella Finance Marketing Week. This is one of the most important conversations brands can have right now. There’s something to learn for all Aussie brands.
Speaking of brands – we were thrilled to recently partner with Facebook to reveal local and global insights into the next generation of brand building in the digital age. Check out the event on-demand here.
And when it comes to the future of brand insights, don’t miss our exclusive webinar headlined by global Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith. He is sharing critical findings and hosting a panel of insights leaders at cutting-edge global companies who are sharing their experiences on bringing the imperative of imagination to their organisations.
As always, please feel free to email me if I can help you with any insights or information to help your brand understand people and inspire growth.
Have a great November.
Kind regards

Jon Foged
Managing Director – Australia and New Zealand
Kantar – Insights Division

Introducing Kantar Millennium Monitor – Seventh Edition 2021

Kantar’s Millennium Monitor is a unique social trends monitor exploring the patterns and implications of changes in Australia’s social values. It provides valuable strategic direction for organisations, brands or categories on how to best position themselves for the future. 
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Finding Financial Freedom

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