Welcome to November. An inspiring month that’s brought an easing of restrictions in Victoria and a real spring in the steps of many of us as we look towards planning for a new year – one where sustainability, innovation, CX and brand impact will be key to recovery and new growth.
To that end, I am really excited that we have completed our inaugural local study into sustainability in Australia. I want to invite you to our virtual event on Wednesday 25 November to reveal insights about the value action gap, opportunities to help resolve tensions around behaviour change and learn how your brand can proactively engage with consumers – Aussies are commanding it from their brands.

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Jon Foged
CEO – Kantar Australia, Insights Division
NEW STUDY: Sustainability – The Australian Story

We’ve just completed our inaugural study into sustainability in Australia and found that 16% of Aussies cite sustainability as an important decision-making factor when shopping and a reason not to purchase – and that is unprompted.

Almost half of Aussies have also stopped buying certain products and services because of their impact on society (46%) and are prepared to invest their time and money to support brands that try to do good (47%).  

Please join us for this special Kantar Australia Virtual Event to:
  • hear the key insights from our inaugural study on sustainability in Australia
  • understand the concerns of our society and how behaviour is evolving
  • discover where opportunities to help resolve tensions lie
  • learn how your brand can proactively engage with a nation more focussed on sustainability than ever.
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PLUS: Who Cares, Who Does - Read our global report into attitudes and actions towards living sustainably and reducing waste.
CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Why creativity is underrated

Profitable campaigns rely on great creative. But, are marketers ignoring this? And could better testing improve returns?
The main reason creativity is such a powerful multiplier is that there’s a huge gap between the best and worst ads, both in their ability to drive short-term sales and to build long-term brand equity. Duncan Southgate, Kantar’s Global Brand Director, Media reveals more.

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PLUS: New global analysis on the key factors of advertising profitability is contrasted against marketers’ views of the most important factors – and marketers aren't focusing in the right areas. Learn more
CX: Measuring ROI

Are you effectively measuring the ROI of customer experience in your organisation? Value to the customer equals value to the organisation – but how can CX practitioners make this clear to their organisations? 

Providing great experiences requires investment, and senior leaders often challenge how exactly those investments are going to pay off. Dr Susanne O'Gorman, Kantar’s Global Head of Customer Experience unpacks the three steps to help brands to get started on that journey: 
  1. Establish a compelling business case for CX
  2. Reduce complexity
  3. Utilise technology platforms to link CX to operational and financial data

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BRAND PURPOSE: When good intentions aren’t enough

Many brands use purpose to connect more deeply with consumers. Yet with the best of intentions, some brands miss the mark. How can brands avoid these mistakes?

One thing is clear. Good intentions aren’t enough with brand purpose. Effective and successful brand purpose is subject to robust brand strategy development.

Myles George, Global NeedScope Director, reveals how to get purpose right and the three things brands should ask themselves...

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MEDIA AND DIGITAL: The golden rules in touchpoint planning

When it comes to engaging with consumers across the purchase journey, advertisers have a few challenges. Which media channels do I use for my campaign across which part of the purchase journey? What combination of channels are the most effective for my brand? And what metrics properly reflect that effectivity?
In the largest Connect study ever undertaken by a media publisher globally to better understand how different touchpoints come together to create an effective media campaign, Kantar brought its expertise in touchpoint measurement together with Singapore Press Holdings’ knowledge of media channels and audience engagement to give advertisers a more effective way to measure media channels, called Brand Impact.
Learn the data-driven insights into:
  • how touchpoints impact advertising and audiences along the purchase funnel
  • discover where offline touchpoints are as effective as online ones
  • find out three golden rules for media planners.

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