2020 NTX Judo Slam 
Phone: 214-762-2222

SATURDAY, FEB 29th, 2020

A little over a week remains until the registration deadline on 2/25.  Get the registration done today and scratch it off your "to do" list.  

Here's some important information regarding rules for the event:


Judocomp Shiai Rules Modifications

Judocomp tournaments will follow IJF rules with some modifications. The modifications are designed to reduce the number of matches decided by penalties and improve the experience for spectators, competitors, and referees.

  1. Illegal grips - shido for illegal grip will happen only after 1. Warning 2. Second warning with an explanation 3. Shido

  2. Grip breaking - no penalties for grip breaking, including 2 handed

  3. Out of bounds - shido will only happen when a competitor intentionally steps out of bounds to stop the action. Otherwise going out of bounds is "mate".

  4. Ne Waza - "mate" is only called when there is a true stalemate lasting for several seconds where neither competitor is attempting moves. If there is action and attempts for osaekomi or a submission, ne waza should be allowed to continue with no time limit.


Judocomp Newaza Competition Rules

To begin match - Bow on to the mat standing. Bow to opponent from seiza. Start from one knee facing each other.

Osaekomi waza(pins) - pin for 30s ippon, 20s wazari. Any osaekomi less than 20 seconds is a tie breaker.

Shime waza(chokes) - for 13 years old and up. Referee has the discretion to call ippon when an choke has been applied even if the person being choked does not tap.

Kansetsu waza(armbars) - No Novice divisions can armbar. Contestants in non-novice divisions, 15 and older can armbar. In the instant of a 14 year old fighting up, neither can armbar. Referee has the discretion to call ippon when an armbar has been applied even if the person being armbarred does not tap.

Shido(penalty) - intentional out of bounds, any dangerous techniques, non combativity 

Match times - Juniors 3 minute, Seniors 4 minutes

Guard position - closed guards are not allowed. Referee to instruct contestant to unlock ankles

Stalemate - for more than 20 seconds is "mate". Restart from one knee.

Tie score - when time ends without ippon any called osaekomi less than 20s wins. If no called osaekomi a one minute overtime starts. During the overtime any called osaekomi ends the match. If score is tied at the end of OT, referee calls winner by decision based on 1st - contestant who came closest to submission, 2nd - contestant who came closest to securing osaekomi, 3rd - contestant who was most aggressive



Tournament Contact Information
Ken Scialo: 214-762-2222

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