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2021 May 24                                                   ILAS-NET Message No. 2343
SUBJECT: ILAS Lectures at Non-ILAS Conferences and General Support of Non-ILAS Conferences and Seminars

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the Society maintains a program of providing some support to non-ILAS conferences. This financial support may take one of two forms (a conference may apply for only one of these two forms):
  • ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. It is expected that ILAS lecturers will be of the stature of plenary speakers at ILAS conferences and may be supported by up to US$1000 for expenses, or in the case of a Hans Schneider Lecturer, US$1500. Reimbursement guidelines may be obtained from the Secretary/Treasurer.
  • General support of conferences of up to $750.  Such support could be used for support of student expenses, expenses for participants from developing countries, or plenary speakers. Refreshment costs are not eligible. You are welcome to consult the President of ILAS about what you may propose.
This is a reminder that there is a deadline of 30 September 2021 for receipt of proposals for sponsorship of ILAS Lectures at non-ILAS meetings and for general support of conferences taking place in 2022. Please note that we will not be able to consider applications submitted after the deadline as it is important to rank all applications in one go. Each proposal is automatically assumed to be also a request for the ILAS endorsement of the conference.

Further details on the guidelines for proposals can be found at the following link:

In addition, ILAS may endorse a Non-ILAS conference, without financial support. Such endorsed meetings can list ILAS' endorsement on their website, and in turn, the conferences are listed on the website of ILAS-Endorsed Meetings:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ILAS is also endorsing online global seminars of interest to the Linear Algebra Community. Application for such endorsement can be done following the same guidelines as for conference endorsements.
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