Summer 2015 Newsletter
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Director’s Note:

Many thanks to all for a vigourous year in our new Headquarters. Renovations set the pace – with many contributing to the moving, painting and repair of pianos, setting up teaching studios, through to mural pieces for the walls. Thankfully from this summer we can focus 150% on lessons and getting some well deserved rest in between. The new school year starts again on Monday 7 September. Have a great summer!

Exam News

Congratulations to those who sat Grade Exams, especially those sitting for the first time. Musicians are their own harshest critics, and new candidates can often be surprised by ‘negative’ exam feedback. The nature of performance exams at the highest level is on 
telling you where you can improve rather than praise. As in life there is always room for self-improvement! Should you wish to sit for a Graded Examination please speak to your teacher about the preparation involved, or contact us in the office – especially at grade 5 and above 
additional elements are involved. Our theory classes are designed to cover these, including ear training, history, musical language studies and improvisation, while additional individual tuition & study of music theory is recommended for grade 5 and above. 
Theory - Registration is 10 August - 11 September for Theory Exams taking place on Tuesday 3rd November. Register by Friday 18th September for the next round of Practical Exams in November-December 2015. View ABRSM's new website here.
TBA - Trinity Exams are held at the International School of The Hague, with registration before January 31st, 2016. Check the ISH website for updates. 

Sign up for our Summer Programs

Rock Band – Jam Session & Songwriting 
Daily (Mon-Fri)
14:00 – 17:00
We warmly invite any students wishing to form a Rock Band, for an afternoon of guided instruction in our band studio. Learn a classic rock song then try your hand at recording and songwriting in our professionally equipped studio. Acquire basic session skills on Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard and Vocals. From three to six players. All the equipment is provided, though feel free to bring your own instrument should you wish. Adults wishing to re-live their garage days are also very welcome to hire the facilities at a flat rate of 30 euros per session, unsupervised both over the break and outside teaching hours during term. Contact us for details.

Cost: €30 p.p. per session (3 hours)
Weekly Music Lessons during Summer Holidays (Mon - Fri)
Not going away for all or part of the summer holiday and still want to have some regular music lessons? This is possible. You are welcome to contact us to register your interest and we will try our best to match you with either your regular teacher or another specialist on your chosen instrument. Also can be a great time to ‘scratch that itch’ & try something new.

Taking music lessons during Summer Holiday is flexible, and you will only be invoiced for the exact amount of lessons on the dates you wish to take them during the break. 
Intensive One Week  Summer Course 
July 20th - 24th  (Monday till Friday)
A one week, 3 hour per day course (9:00-12:00) is designed for students from 7 years old, covering Theory, Aural Development, Music Language Studies, Performance Practice and Music History. We have successfully run the Intensive Week previously, and received good feedback from students.

This week distills the essence of the conservatorium experience in introducing pupils to a deeper level of awareness and historical context.

Cost:  €150 (for the whole week, exclusive book fee of 20 euro)
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Interview with a Teacher

This season we interview American lutenist and guitarist Earl Christy. Earl previously studied in the U.S.A.,  Den Haag & Italy,  and is in demand as both a teacher and performer.

Earl, can you tell us what has brought you to the Netherlands? 

When I first started studying lute in the Minnesota, I was at a very small college in Minnesota. I studied there for two years, but there were very few students to play with and it was very isolated. After my second year my Professor thought it was best if I would go study somewhere more diverse, so he suggested that I should go study with his teacher, who taught at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After applying and auditioning I was accepted and came to the Netherlands.
Since when did you start teaching for Virtuosi? 

I have been teaching at Virtuosi since 2011.
Tell us about the most exciting thing that has happened to you whilst working for Virtuosi?

Teaching at Virtuosi there is always a lot of excitement. The move to Binckhorst and MOOOF was very exciting. For me though many of the most exciting experiences are the smallest. I have had many students at Virtuosi and with each of them there are moments where all the practice and teaching come together and there is a “Eureka” moment where they completely understand what they are doing in a new way and leave one difficulty behind to move on to the next. As a teacher it is immensely gratifying and exciting to see a young student who has worked so hard to finally have that breakthrough. I think those moments are the most exciting and rewarding in teaching.
Could you tell us one thing we would not know about you?

When I was in high school I was a very big athlete. I played American Football, Greco-Roman Wrestling (not the crazy one you see on TV ) and Track and Field. For those who know me, it may seem strange, but I still (after 25 years) still hold my High School’s record for the 100 and 200 yard dash.
What do you like to do when you are not working?

Not Working??? When I do have some free time (and even when I don’t) I love to cook.
Do you have a practice tip or advice for students?

Music is a journey, not a destination. It is something I tell all my students. Students frequently get frustrated because they don’t seem to be making progress. They measure themselves week to week. But learning anything takes time. Patience and persistence are the two most important traits for any student. If you don’t seem to be making any progress, don’t look back to last weeks lesson, look back to a lesson 3 months ago. Take the long view and I’m sure you will see just how much you have accomplished. It will make you feel more confident and give you a better appreciation of what you have accomplished. It may be small details, but sometimes the smallest improvements are the most important.
Thank you Earl! Earl's CD ‘Neue Lautenfruchte’ is available for sale at our office, and on concert days. 

Notes for coming School Year 2015/2016
  • New School Year 2015-16 starts back on Monday 7 September.
  • The yearly fee for music lessons will remain the same for 2015/2016.
  • No lessons on days of Student Concerts in 2015/16 so that all can attend & fully focus.
  • For upfront payment at the beginning of the year, 3% discount still applies.
  • If you plan to change your preferred payment method, please notify us before the end of the current school year
  • Move to one Calendar for the Den Haag (MOOOF) location will carry on. For pupils who receive less than 36 lessons due to the Regional Calendar / Public Holidays, fees will be deducted at the beginning of the year to account for this.
  • Theory Classes (10:30 Saturday mornings – Mooof HQ) will be still offered free of charge for continuing students. New students and returning students pay a contribution of 300 euro (yearly fee). Lesson dates follow regular Saturday lesson dates.
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