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Director's Message for 2015/16
December 12 - Concert Registration Links
Glee Club - Free Trial for new members

Princes Christina Concours - Music Competition for Children aged 4 - 12
ABRSM & Trinity Exams

Special Presentation - 'Cats, Rats & Holy Men'  November 16th & 17th
Interview with a Teacher -
Klára Andrlová

Concert: Symphonie Atlantique - 'The Hague's most beautiful symphonies'


Welcome to the new school year! Having tackled all the challenges that go with managing a tightly knit school, from scheduling through to stocking the coffee; this has seen me reflect (while jogging) on the core values that are essential to any musician, and which should be reflected throughout all aspects of life.
As 'zelf-standige' professionals, no one is watching over our shoulder but ourselves. To this end Discipline and Punctuality are key. The same is true for our pupils. Your instrumental teacher cannot be by your side 24/7 to ensure you are practicing correctly, for the required amount of time, or in the correct manner. Time Management and Self Awareness are therefore essential tools for any practicing musician.
Humility is the second essential virtue in a musicians life. In particular, knowing when to ask for help. In the modern era, no one individual can be a specialist in all fields. Here at Virtuosi we regularly have help from specialist staff, IT, payroll accountant, bookkeeper, social media expert, incasso, to name but a few. A scholar of music is never reluctant to discuss problems and weaknesses openly, or ask for specific help from their teachers and peers. Herein lies our strength. This is what sets us apart from many other professions, however, it is something we can all gain from. I can guarantee you that our professional staff will have no issue with you asking for a deeper explanation or help - be it with a difficult phrase or concept. This is where the true magic of learning happens. All too often we are surreptitiously taught by society to "keep our heads down" and my personal wish is that students at Virtuosi will feel free to stand out and shine on the stage.
Perseverance, Integrity and Resilience. A musician never gives up, never stops learning or growing. A musician keeps his or her appointments and honours respective commitments. A reputation is in one's own hands, and must be fostered and cultivated to nurture both confidence and respect. These are the values we strive to embody as vocational educators. If our pupils take something of this away from us through their lessons in 2015/16, our purpose and mission is fulfilled. We look forward to a fruitful and productive new season! Below are some important dates, announcements and messages... Please read on.
Trevor Howe

December 12 Student Concert

All students are encouraged to prepare and present thier favourite pieces at the Decemeber 12 student concert. Again held in the 5th floor recital space at our HQ, 'Mooof' - Binckhorstlaan 135, 2516BA, Den Haag.

A Concert Manager will be appointed to ensure no sesson exceeds 50 minutes, and see that all sessions run smoothly.

Concert DVD & Digital File

All concerts will be recorded by sound engineer Kendra Borgan (from Dar Production). If you are interested in ordering a DVD or digital file, please pay her directly by transfer in advance, or bring cash on the concert day (10 euro for DVD's or 3 euro for individual digital file). DVD ordering will only be possible up until the concert day itself due to the fast turnover of DAR productions. As such, for late orders (i.e. after the concert date) please be advised these will incur a late fee...

Please come on time so as not to disturb the performers, and other than for emergencies please stay for the entire session for which you have registered for the same reason.

We look forward to seeing & hearing you all in the concert!

Click on the relevant button below to register for a timeslot or pre order a DVD.
Click here to pre order a Digital File or DVD of your performance

'Glee Club' Pop Vocal Choir Starts October 17

 Interested pupils can join us for a free 'try out' on Oct 17th at 15:30.
Mischulaikah's Pop Choir (Glee Club)
Sample from the six week Summer Course, recorded in the stairwell next to lift 2.
Led by professional singer and TV hostess Mischu Laikah, the Glee Club is looking for both passionate singers & kids that want to sing but are still a bit shy to sing in public alone. The Glee Club also warmly welcomes kids with loads of personality that are interested in performing solo and love the stage!

Held on Saturday afternoons, the 90 minute program covers vocal warm ups & drills, before learning repertiore and preparing to hit the stage. We look forward to put a real show together on Dec 12. Prepare to be wowed! We warmly invite any students wishing to join the Glee Club or join the Rock Band which will back them up, for an afternoon of guided instruction in our studios.

Congratulations to Kelby Kuipers and Dhestinee Richardson who have both won a Scholarship to join the 'Glee Club' Pop Choir in 2015/16.

Please contact in advance should your child wish to come and try either Glee Club or Rock Band.

Prinses Christina Concours - Music Competition (4-12 years)

To enter 'de Muziekwedstrijd', download the app and upload a video up to four minutes in length. Every week 25 Bart Smit cadeau cards are given as prizes. Categories include 'funniest', 'most beautiful', 'original & 'coolest'. Why not all four at once! Click on the logo below to visit the website.

Upcoming Exams

TBA - Trinity Exams are held at the International School of The Hague, with registration before January 31st, 2016. Check the ISH website directly for updates & again speak with your teacher should you be thinking of preparing as a candidate. Parents can contact the office shoould they require a syllabus or  book for Trinity Guildhall grade exams. 
Registration for ABRSM exams in 2015 is currently closed. Coming rounds for 2016 will be announced soon. Shoud you be interested in your child sitting for a practical or theory exam (compulsory under the ABRSM syllabus from Grade 5) talk with your instrumental teacher or contact the office. View the ABRSM's new website for the Netherlands here.
Search our Photo Gallery by event here:

Special Presentation...

On the 16th and 17th of November Virtuosi will be hosting a special Storytelling and Shadow Puppet Show; Cats, Rats and Holy Men. A plague of vermin threatening your livelihood? A nasty catching cough? Help is always at hand, often when you least expect it. And Holy Men abound both in the heavens and on this earth. Three Crafty Crones, Wendy Dacre, Kathleen van der Weerd and Anna Velthuizen bring glowing seasonal tales in shadow, story, song and music. The show is in English and is suitable for ages 7+. Tickets are 10 euros each, (Virtuosi students and staff get a special discounted rate of 8 euros.) Places are limited. Use the link in the below to reserve tickets.

Reserve Tickets for 'Cats, Rats & Holy Men'

Interview with a Teacher

This edition we interview Czech percussionist and drum teacher Klára Andrlová. Klára previously studied in Brno & Prague, before first coming to Holland as part of the Erasmus Exchange Program.
Since when did you start teaching for Virtuosi? 

I have been teaching at Virtuosi since 2012 and as a regular Drum teacher since 2013. I like working with children and would be interested in not only teaching them drums, but also tuned percussion and ensemble in future.
Could you tell us one thing we would not know about you?

I studied the violin as child. Although i followed a classical percussion education, professionally my focus is on new and experimental music, so I mostly perform with contemporary ensembles.
What do you like to do when you are not working?

When I have free time I like to go to the cinema, make a trip to another city or country, meet with friends, cook or bake.
Do you have a practice tip or advice for students?

Don't cut corners. That means when you are learning a new thing DO IT SLOWLY!

Symphonie Atlantique - 'The Hague's most beautiful symphonies'

Featuring Virtuosi staff and colleagues, Symphonie Atlantique is delighted to present a series of three concerts in various locations in the Hague on 4, 5 & 6 November, 2015. The programme will include music written or published in the Netherlands in the eighteenth century by Mozart, Johann Christian Bach, Solnitz, Hellendaal and De Fesch. These concerts are made possible by the generous support of the Gemeente Den Haag. Click on the picture below for further details.

 - Full Course Offerings in 2015/16 -

ECMA 1-4 yrs - Fri 16:30-17:15 (Mooof - Den Haag) & Sat 11:30-12:15 (Elckerlyc - Leiderdorp)

MP 4-7 yrs - Tues 16:30-17:15 (Frank DAK - Den Haag), Sat 10:30 - 11:15 (Elckerlyc - Leiderdorp)

Music Theory - Sat 10:30-11:15 (Mooof - Den Haag) - free for continuing pupils

'Glee Club' Pop Choir - Sat 15:30 - 17:00 (Mooof - Den Haag)

Rock Band - Sat 15:30 - 17:00 (Mooof - Den Haag)

1-1 Instrumental lessons - Mon - Sat by appointment - all ages, all instruments & styles

Jam Sessions - Outside of teaching hours 5 euro per player per session

Adult Music Appreciation - 4 persons (min) including a concert

To register your interest, or for further information about any of our course offerings in 2015/16 please contact us via our website.
Staff CD's, Recordings & Publications are available for purchase from the Office and on Concert Days. Thank you for supporting independent music!
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