Next Network meeting is at Mt Beauty NH on             24th November
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Stuff of legends!
A tale of CD
Overcoming the tyranny of distance
ALW celebrations
Time lapse video workshops
Bridget's tour

Baranduda has a facelift

URMNHN Strategic Plan
AGMs across the Network
September Network meeting
Ideas and innovations
Coming up
Pangerang Community House Coordinator, Tanya Grant, receives the Local Legend award.
Tania, who is doing a student placement, looks after the kiosk during Adult Learner's Week.

Stuff of legends!

Pangerang Community House was amongst awesome company when the house was awarded Hume Region's Local Legend Award at the Victorian Learn Local Award ceremony on Thursday 17th September. The Local Legend award acknowledges Learn Local organisations that make an outstanding regional contribution to learners and the LL sector generally.

Pangerang is very active in delivering ACFE programs, and considers the funding to be an important tool in their community development activity.  

Did you know that of our 15 Network members, 10 are also Learn Locals (delivering ACFE-funded programs to their communities)?

Community development at work

A little good news story from Trudewind Rd NH - these kinds of things are usually untold and unrecognised, but happen every day! This is what Neighbourhood Houses are all about.

"Jane came in just before one of our art classes that I usually help out with, and asked if I would re-do some details on a painting belonging to a friend of hers. The painting needed a bit more work than anticipated and put me in a bit of a spot because I had also agreed to help Susan with her tax return.
"Problem solved! As it turned out, Jane was a tax guru. She met Susan and worked with her on her tax return, leaving me free to spend time on the painting (much more enjoyable than tackling MyGov stuff!)

"Susan was delighted to get her tax done. Jane was delighted with the work I did to fix the painting and asked how much I charged. 

"'Nothing', was my reply - to which Jane said her friend was will to pay me, but how about she donates it to charity instead? 'Yep, great idea!' I said.

"Win, win, win!"


Tyranny of distance

Corryong Neighbourhood Centre is now the proud owner of a Toyota Coster 21 seater bus to assist with the issue of isolation in and around Corryong.

The bus will be used primarily by young people in the Upper Murray and also to connect people with the wide range of programs. This was all due to a corporate partnership with Jacob Toyota, Hertz, and Cook’s Buses. 


Adult Learner's Week

Pangerang Community House & Open Door Neighbourhood House celebrated Adult Learner's Week by having a promotional activity at the kiosk in the main street in Wangaratta promoting what great things neighbourhood houses do in the community. 

Time lapse video workshops

The Network ran two time lapse video workshops with Will Kendrew from ABC Open in August in Wangaratta and Wodonga. Participants enjoyed seeing what the free time lapse apps on their phones and iPads could do, and experimenting with their own time lapse videos. 
The possibilities for the use of time lapse are pretty well endless. Do you have a craft group that are doing a project? You could record their progress through time lapse and post it on your website or Facebook page. Check out this video that Will took of his wife painting a mural in Shepparton as a great example of what you can do.


Bridget's tour of the region

Bridget Gardner, CEO of formerly ANHLC, took the opportunity for a quick tour of four of the UMRNHN members while she was up in our region attending the September Network meeting.

Starting with Pangerang CH in Wangaratta, then Beechworth NH, Birallee NH and finishing with Trudewind, Bridget was able to see the diversity of NH activity and communities, as well as enjoying a beautiful spring day in NEV. 

She said in a recent email, "it was a real pleasure being up in the Upper Murray. I cam away with so many great ideas for the peak body. Can you please pass on my very best regards." She hopes to see everyone at next year's conference. 

Members appreciated the opportunity to meet Bridget and talk about some of the issues they are experiencing. They were also able to speak proudly about some of their initiatives and projects. 

Renovations at Baranduda

Baranduda Community Centre is about to undergo some pretty exciting renovations over the next 6 months. Some of the rooms will be extended, there will be a bit of a "spruce up" throughout and some pretty snazzy changes to the foyer area.

The renovations will impact on the centre's ability to offer courses and classes for the remainder of this year. However, in the long run it will allow them to offer more and varied experiences at the Community Centre. In the meantime Kathy will be located at Felltimber Community Centre, planning for 2016 and running activities and courses from Felltimber and Belgrade Avenue Community Centres. She also aims to hold regular community gatherings and is looking for volunteers to form the Baranduda CC Advisory Committee. 

Network Strategic Plan 2015-2017

The new UMRNHN Strategic Plan has been endorsed by the Committee. The four strategic pillars are:
  • Resources
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Advice and support
  • Governance
The activity of the Networker will be based around these four pillars. Click here to get a copy of the Plan.

AGMs across the region

I recently attended Annual General Meetings at Yarrawonga NH and Bandiana NH. It's great for me to attend your AGM wherever possible as it gives me a great insight into what your house has been doing over the last 12 months. 

So add the Network Coordinator to your AGM invitation list. Click here - it's easy!

Committee members chat at the conclusion of Bandiana Neighbourhood House's AGM in September

September Network meeting

The Network Committee of Management met on 8th September, before the general meeting. This is where the Committee undertook the  formal governance work, including the Financial Report and Network Coordinator report, leaving the general meeting with more time for discussion.

This does mean that general members are no longer seeing reports as they did previously. However, you are very welcome to get a copy emailed to you. For a copy of the financial report, click here. For a copy of the Network Coordinator Report, click here.

Members heard from guest speakers Karen O'Connell from the Women's Health Goulburn North East NILS (No Interest Local Scheme) program, and Bridget Gardner, CEO of ANHLC. Bridget presented data from the annual Neighbourhood House survey, which provided a great summary of activity across UMR.

The next Network meeting is our end of year celebration. It will be held at Mt Beauty Neighbourhood House on Tuesday 24th November. What's a hot topic that you'd like to see on the agenda? Or perhaps you'd like to hear from a guest speaker? Click here to send Trish an email with your idea.


Ideas and innovations

Random Acts of Kindness - this is what "community" is all about! No act is too small or too big - pay for a coffee, help carry groceries, volunteer for a day or say hello to a neighbour. There's a RAK in Albury Wodonga -

Gardening programs in time for spring - Wodonga Library are running a range of interesting programs including Companion Planting, Managing Fruit Fly, Growing Vegetables from Seed, Seed Saving from the Vegie Garden, and Edible Weeds. If you have a patch of ground at your centre that could be used as a demo site, these sorts of programs could be great to run.

Social media to bring people together: The Chiltern's Food Table - Jo Crooks from Indigo North Health noticed through social media that people in her community were talking about wanting to create a food swap type project. Jo invited them all to a meeting where they decided to give it a go. Jo also helped them to create a Facebook page and has since left them to it. This is a great example of how something can really take off if the community wants it (also shows where a bit of Facebook stalking can lead!).  The group swap plants, veges, fruit, baked goods, soil, manure, mulch and so on. It’s also developed into a community hub where people can just come along for a cup of tea, a muffin and a chat. Social media often gets blamed for making us all a lot more socially isolated– it’s good to see that in Chiltern, social media is actually helping the community to get together face-to-face. To find out more email Jo at (courtesy of Brydie Foran, coordinator Local Food Network North East & Riverina)

Bequests to community houses - a group of neighbourhood houses in the Mallee area are considering developing a flyer that highlights the benefits of bequests for neighbourhood houses. Is this something you've considered promoting for your house? It is a way for people in the community to leave a lasting legacy after they have passed away?

Hackerspaces - are the latest in a long tradition of community spaces that offer opportunities for informal learning. Hackerspaces, sometimes called makerspaces or fablabs, are places where people gather to invent, create, learn, and support each other through creative DIY. These spaces are open to anyone who wants to work on DIY technology or creative projects. Check this website for more information. For any houses with access to a Men's Shed or a workshop space, this could be something to investigate.

Coming up

The next UMRNHN Network meeting is on 24th November at Mt Beauty Neighbourhood House. Come and celebrate the end of the year with colleagues and friends, with catering provided by Mt Beauty's cafe enterprise. 

What would you like on the agenda? Click here to send your ideas.

NEVCOP Professional DevelopmentOnline PD session coming up:

  • Inquiry Based Learning: October 7, 4-5pm

Click here to register, or email Sally for more information

Community Garden visits - Albury Wodonga

Several visits to community gardens in the Albury Wodonga area have been arranged by the Hume Murray Community Gardening Collective. 

  • 21st October: Birallee Park NH
  • 18th November: Parklands Bhutanese Community Market Garden
  • 16th December: Bangum Community Garden
Go to the website for more information.

Jobs Australia National Conference

Employment and community services are entering a new era which is marked by a need to be more innovative and collaborative. Click here to find out more about the JA2015 conference, 29-30th October in Adelaide.

Dementia Education session - Benalla

Date: 14th October. Participants will gain knowledge of dementia, learn practical strategies in effective communication and how to provide person-centred care for the person with cognitive impairment. Click here for more information and to register.

The NEXT Generation - improving the future of our children

The NEXT Generation brings together a range of speakers in Shepparton on 27th October to explore opportunities to improve the future of our children. The NEXT Generation speakers will inspire, engage and inform professional working within the community services sector. Presenters will share their expertise and experiences of the influences on children and young people and the impact these have on their ongoing development, well-being and safety. To find out more click here.

Volunteers needed!

The Office of the Public Advocate is in desperate need of volunteers in the Upper Murray region. 

Volunteers are needed to visit people in the who are living in supported accommodation facilities. There are a lot of facilities in the Upper Murray region which house people with disability who are not being safeguarded because we do not have enough volunteers. 

For more information, contact Di Cahill, Volunteer Coordinator, Office of the Public Advocate, (03) 9603 9514, 1300 305291,


Working with other organisations - New Information Hub Guide

Justice Connect (NFP Law) has a number of useful resources. The latest guide, Guide to Working with Other Organisations, is designed to help organisations understand the different arrangements they can use to work together, and the legal issues they should consider before doing so. Click here for more information and to download the Guide.

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