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"Using predictive analytics, researchers developed a machine learning tool to determine how lupus nephritis patients will respond to specific treatment options.

Inflammatory kidney disease occurs in about half of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLM). Additionally, nearly half of lupus nephritis patients will develop chronic and potentially end-stage kidney disease that requires dialysis or kidney transplant." - Erin McNemar, MPA, Associate Editor Learn More from HealthITAnalytics >

#Not Awesome
"A new tool with cutting-edge image recognition AI lets you visualize the future effects of climate change on any place in the world — including your own home.

The project, titled  "This Climate Does Not Exist," lets you enter the address of your current home or your favorite travel destination and see what it could look like years later once climate change has taken its toll.

You can see how Disneyland will look like covered in smog, the way extreme smog blanketed Beijing in 2014. You can see what your childhood home will look like after it is flooded by rising sea levels, the way floods devastated Indonesia in 2020 after widespread deforestation." - Michelle Shen, Reporter Learn More from USA Today >

What we're reading.

1/ Artificial intelligence has helped discover 300 previously unknown exoplanets. Learn More from >

2/ China has agreed to a UN pledge that would ban the use of AI in "social scoring", a practice that China has used for years to score the trustworthiness of its citizens. Learn More from Politico >

3/ Scientists have come to the realization through the use of AI and machine learning that roughly half of the protein components in the human body are unknown to science. Learn More from Science Alert >

4/ Honda is introducing AI-powered driver assistance technology that hopes to help avoid accidents caused by human error. They have an aggressive target of zero fatalities by 2050. Learn More from Japan Today >

5/ An AI-robot named Ai-Da gave a public performance of poetry it created. The robot is said to be able to paint, draw, sculpt, and write poetry. Learn More from Gizmodo >

6/ Former Israeli soldiers have leaked information stating that the Israeli army has been using facial recognition programs to track Palestinians. Learn More from The Verge >

7/ [Discussion] Why is machine learning easier to learn than basic social skills? Learn More from Hacker News >

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