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Awesome, not awesome.

"Artificial intelligence can tell whether it is going to rain in the next two hours, research suggests.

Traditional methods use complex equations and often forecast for only between six hours and two weeks' time.

The AI system can make more accurate short-term predictions, including for critical storms and floods." - Learn More from BBC >

#Not Awesome
"Amazon's new robot called Astro is designed to track the behavior of everyone in your home to help it perform its surveillance and helper duties, according to leaked internal development documents and video recordings of Astro software development meetings obtained by Motherboard. The system's person recognition system is heavily flawed, according to two sources who worked on the project.

Another source who worked on the project mentioned privacy and navigation as chief concerns. "As for my personal opinions on the device, it's a disaster that's not ready for release," they said. "They break themselves and will almost certainly fall down stairs in real world users' homes. In addition it's also (in my opinion) a privacy nightmare that is an indictment of our society and how we trade privacy for convenience with devices like Vesta."

The source also corroborated that Astro's facial recognition abilities perform poorly, which is concerning for a device designed mainly to follow people around and determine if they're a stranger or not." - Matthew Gault & Joseph Cox, Contributors Learn More from VICE >

What we're reading.

1/ The pandemic accelerated the adoption and use of facial recognition technologies from various government agencies, despite known flaws. Learn More from MIT Technology Review >

2/ The Cyberspace Administration of China is hoping to regulate the use of recommendation systems in apps that rely heavily on algorithms. China is hoping to have more control over what content may be curated with these algorithms. Learn More from VentureBeat >

3/ Professors at Syracuse University are developing a machine learning model that is able to aid in the discovery of new smart nano-biomaterials, which help to create some of the world's new consumer products. Learn More from Syracuse University News >

4/ AI can be used to help the military perform more mundane tasks, like vehicle maintenance. Learn More from Nextgov >

5/ AI algorithms are being used to generate community-made NFT art. Learn More from Yahoo Finance >

6/ General Motors announces Ultifi, a new software platform that hopes to unlock "new ways to increase customer loyalty" through features that lean on facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Learn More from The Verge >

7/ A new study indicates that machine learning may be able to predict future viruses that jump from animals to humans. Learn More from MedicalNewsToday >

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