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"MIT researchers have now incorporated certain social interactions into a framework for robotics, enabling machines to understand what it means to help or hinder one another, and to learn to perform these social behaviors on their own. In a simulated environment, a robot watches its companion, guesses what task it wants to accomplish, and then helps or hinders this other robot based on its own goals." - Adam Zewe, Writer Learn More from Tech Xplore >

#Not Awesome
"The idea of artificial intelligence overthrowing humankind has been talked about for many decades, and in January 2021, scientists delivered their verdict on whether we'd be able to control a high-level computer super-intelligence. The answer? Almost definitely not.

The catch is that controlling a super-intelligence far beyond human comprehension would require a simulation of that super-intelligence which we can analyze. But if we're unable to comprehend it, it's impossible to create such a simulation.

Rules such as 'cause no harm to humans' can't be set if we don't understand the kind of scenarios that an AI is going to come up with, suggest the authors of the 2021 paper. Once a computer system is working on a level above the scope of our programmers, we can no longer set limits." - David Nield, Contributing Journalist Learn More from ScienceAlert >

What we're reading.

1/ Google is pursuing a large government contract that would provide its technology to the military, just three years after abandoning work with the Pentagon due to employee discomfort. Learn More from The New York Times >

2/ Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition system as the company moves to the limit the use of this technology. Learn More from Meta >

3/ Zillow to shut down Zillow Offers and lay off 2,000 employees. This program relied heavily on artificial intelligence to accelerate the selling of homes. Learn More from GeekWire >

4/ A new Alphabet company called Isomorphic Laboratories, will use AI to help with new drug discovery. Learn More from The Verge >

5/ The White House is seeking to understand how government is using biometric technologies like facial recognition. Learn More from Nextgov >

6/ Interview: former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes that artificial intelligence may send human history in a dangerous direction. Learn More from TIME >

7/ Deep Dive: A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code. Learn More from GitHub >

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