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Hey everyone!

I'd absolutely love to hear any product feedback that you have regarding a new app, Heyday, that I've been working on.

It uses machine learning to boost your memory when you're browsing the web and doing research.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

-Sam DeBrule

Awesome, not awesome.

"A new machine learning system is better at predicting the likelihood of patients with cardiovascular problems dying within ten years than healthcare professionals’ methods, according to a study presented at the EuroEcho 2021, a scientific meeting of the European Society Cardiology.

Unlike traditional methods based solely on clinical data, the new machine learning system also includes results from imaging scans on the heart, measured by stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). During this exam, patients receive a drug that mimics the effect of exercise on the heart and then undergo imaging using a magnetic resonance imaging scanner." - Alex Reis, Author Learn More from European Scientist >

#Not Awesome
"If the Pentagon is going to rely on algorithms and artificial intelligence, it’s got to solve the problem of “brittle AI.” A top Air Force official recently illustrated just how far there is to go.

In a recent test, an experimental target recognition program performed well when all of the conditions were perfect, but a subtle tweak sent its performance into a dramatic nosedive.

But Simpson said the low accuracy rate of the algorithm wasn’t the most worrying part of the exercise. While the algorithm was only right 25 percent of the time, he said, “It was confident that it was right 90 percent of the time, so it was confidently wrong. And that's not the algorithm's fault. It's because we fed it the wrong training data.”" - Patrick Tucker, Technology Editor Learn More from Defense One >

What we're reading.

1/ Facebook has introduced a new AI moderation system that it says can identify problematic content faster than before. The new system makes it possible to automate the enforcement of a new moderation rule in as little as 6 weeks (previously this took 6 months). Learn More from Wired >

2/ The US Department of Defense is creating a new leadership position that will oversee data and AI initiatives. Learn More from FedScoop >

3/ Harvard University launched a new institute that will integrate both neuroscience and artificial intelligence. This initiative is being funded through a $500 million gift from Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. Learn More from The Harvard Gazette >

4/ Researchers at MIT have developed machine learning models that could be used to help identify treatments for Sepsis that may post a higher risk than alternative options. Sepsis is an unpredictable medical condition that currently claims the lives of 270,000 people in the US each year. Learn More from MIT News >

5/ DeepMind peels back the curtains on its new AI model called RETRO (Retrieval-Enhanced Transformer). They say it can match the performance of neural networks 25 times its size while also reducing the time and cost needed to train the models. Learn More from MIT Technology Review >

6/ Police in South Wales are piloting the use of handheld facial recognition cameras that will allow them to immediately identify suspects, even if they are refusing to cooperate. Learn More from Daily Mail >

7/ A survey has concluded that only 16% of adults are literate about AI and its capabilities. Learn More from GeekWire >

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