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Awesome, not awesome.

"A fugitive who Justice Department officials say had scammed more than 20 people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars was sentenced to four years in prison on Friday, after being on the run for almost 15 years. Austrian authorities were able to identify Randy Levine, 54, of Boca Raton, Florida, due to a facial recognition system according to the DOJ, after he tried to use an alias to open a bank account, leading to his arrest in June 2020." - Mitchell Clark, Writer Learn More from The Verge >

#Not Awesome
"Williams was jailed last August, accused of killing a young man from the neighborhood who asked him for a ride during a night of unrest over police brutality in May. But the key evidence against Williams didn’t come from an eyewitness or an informant; it came from a clip of noiseless security video showing a car driving through an intersection, and a loud bang picked up by a network of surveillance microphones. Prosecutors said technology powered by a secret algorithm that analyzed noises detected by the sensors indicated Williams shot and killed the man.

Williams sat behind bars for nearly a year before a judge dismissed the case against him last month at the request of prosecutors, who said they had insufficient evidence." - Garance Burke, Martha Mendoza, Juliet Linderman and Michael Tarm Learn More from AP News >

What we're reading.

1/ Facial recognition and fingerprint devices have been seized by the Taliban. There is concern that this may be used against Afghan forces who aided US forces. Learn More from 9to5Mac >

2/ Elon Musk is working on a humanoid robot that will leverage the hardware and software of Tesla's autopilot software. Learn More from The Verge >

3/ Is AI software going to be the norm in grading students tests? A committee from the University of Texas in Austin advises against it. Learn More from The Register >

4/ A new Silicon Valley company has developed the world's largest computer chip in an effort to improve AI. Learn More from The New Yorker >

5/ [WATCH] Top Gun actor lost his voice in 2015 due to complications from throat cancer. AI brought it back. Learn More from CNN >

6/ With machine learning gaining steam and viable applications, will machine unlearning be needed? The initial goal of machine unlearning is to remove a particular person or data from a machine learning system without affecting its overall performance. Learn More from Ars Technica >

7/ Tesla hosted an AI day as it hopes to be seen as "more than an electric car company". Here are the highlights of this highly anticipated event. Learn More from TechCrunch >

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