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What you vibed with in 2021.

Happy New Year!

This edition of Machine Learnings will be a little bit different than the usual. Instead of recapping the past week of AI, machine learning and facial recognition news, we thought we'd highlight the top 10 links that the ML newsletter community interacted with the most in 2021. Let's take a trip down memory lane. ✨

1/ An AI algorithm named Botto sold its first six NFT artworks for roughly $1.3 million. Learn More from New Atlas >

2/ AI-powered search engine raises $20 million to go head to head with Google. Learn More from VentureBeat >

3/ A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI (in 2021) by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code. Learn More from GitHub >

4/ An AI tool lets you enter any address to visualize how climate change will affect different parts of the world. Learn More from USA Today >

5/ Facial recognition helps return a guitar that was stolen 45 years ago. Learn More from Market Research Telecast >

6/ Using GPT-3 to create unique pages built for organic search traffic. Learn More from Mack Grenfell >

7/ Facebook changes its corporate name to Meta as it begins to focus on the "Metaverse", or virtual worlds and communities. Learn More from Axios >

8/ Researchers have placed hundreds of thousands of human brain cells into a "virtual game world" and found that they have the ability to learn how to play the video game Pong faster than AI is able to. Learn More from NewScientist >

9/ Facial recognition and fingerprint devices had been seized by the Taliban. There was initial concern that this would be used against Afghan forces who aided US forces. Learn More from 9to5Mac >

10/ FIFA 22 (video game) used machine learning to take over the animations in its game. Learn More from Polygon >

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