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Trading Events

Etal Village Hall Friday 2nd August 10am-2pm

If you do not know the area the Ford Etal area is worth a visit.

Things to visit in the village the Lavender Tea Rooms

The Black Bull the only thatched pub in Northumberland

Heatherslaw Light Railway

CentrAle Friday 2nd August late afternoon till early evening tasting the two new wines and others.

Alnwick Market Saturday 3rd August 9.00am-3.00pm

Powburn Show Saturday 3rd August 9.00am-5.00pm

Wilde Farm Market Ponteland Memorial Hall Sunday 4th August 12.00-14.00

Etal Village Hall Friday 9th August 10am-2pm

Alnwick Market Thursday 8th August 9.00am-3.00pm

Alnwick Market Saturday 10th August 9.00am-3.00pm

Tynemouth Metro Market Saturday 10th August 9.00am-3.00pm

Tynemouth Metro Market Sunday 11th August 9.00am-3.00pm

Etal Village Hall Friday 16th August 10am-2pm

CentrAle Friday 16th August late afternoon till early evening tasting the two new wines and others.

Alnwick Market Saturday17th August 9.00am-3.00pm

Whittngham Show 18th August 11.00-5pm

Pardon de St Pierre Fishermen’s Festival at Sète

Sète is just over an hour's drive away we visited the Fishermen's festival, they carry the statue of their patron St Pierre.

They also have jousting with boats throughout the summer.

The fishermen take the public for trips on their boats.

The inside market, a lot of seafood here

Sète is known as the Venice of Languedoc because of its canals.

Sète has a very strong local culture, Jean Vilar was born there who created the Avignon Festival and Georges Brassens a singer song writer.

A video produced by the tourist office.

Font du Clos Syrah - Chlorosis

This initially affects the leaves which are gradually losing their green colour turning yellow then drying out and turning brown. If the vine is badly affected all of the leaves will change colour and the fruit bunches will turn brown and go crisp – no fruit. Not all of the vines are affected but a good proportion, if just slightly affected it will delay maturity, which means harvesting later with the risk of weather deteriorating. It will also have an incidence on  the sugar content, our basic payment for grapes going in to the Cooperative is by kilo/degree, weight multiplied by potential alcohol (sugar).


The product that I use to treat this cannot be mixed with another product and if done with strong sunlight burns the leaves and fruit, it is not very expensive. There is another product that I have used which you can use with other products and spray any time but it costs 100€ to treat a hectare once.


I treated this vineyard on four occasions, three stating a 5.00am, the other during the day in light rain and cloud cover (rare here). You normally never spray in rain, washes off the product but with cloud cover and rain less risk of burning and any going into the soil has a slight effect also.

This year I have sprayed 8.5 hectares for chlorosis, all the other vineyards one or two preventive treatments.

After you spray the leaves start to regain their greenness.


Some close up views of one of our pre-pruning machine in operation. i control it by a joystick more recent machines have sensors and open and close automatically.

This is the machine I use to crush the pruned canes which I then plough in the ground for organic matter. It is old 1981 but still performs its task well, there are some design faults which have been rectified with later models, I think it is the oldest in the village others have had to be replaced.

This is the inside of the machine which I have modified, there are four rotating blades I have welded a piece of metal on the end of each blade which acts like a hook pulling in the canes.

Two views close to the base of the vine to see how well the new plough works.

We have finished installing the double wires that support the canes, there are four per line of vines, 3,400 planted at one metre that is 13,600 metres (13.6 km or 8.5 miles).

Two New Wines

Le Sablet Roussanne Blanc and Les Amariniers Mourvèdre Rosé 2018.

We will be bringing them into the UK and offering them for sale this summer, they will be available from CentrAle at the beginning of August.

Unfortunately we have not been able to organise tasting notes but we will do this in the autumn.

We are pleased with both of the wines.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Cook
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